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Hamlins’ Rapier Wit
A light blade, with a smooth metal grip encircled with a spiral of moonsilver that glistens in the spotlight.
“So this end is the jabby part…” - Hamlin

Speed +0/+2
Accuracy +1/+3
Damage 3L/3L
Defense +0/+3
Artifact •••
Min Str 2/2
Min Per 0/3
Optional Commitment 7

This mundane performance sword is crudely balanced and should never be used in a an actual fight. Those trying to use it will find it is no substitute for a real sword.
But when attuned to the blade PC can use full Dexterity + Performance dice pool to parry any attack she is aware of, so long as it has physical component and is not noted as being impossible to block. If the wielder has no performance the sword works as a simple straight sword with no bonuses.


I assume the power means that that effect is always on, and as such acts like a persistant defense. The commitment seems a little low, not sure why, but I'd put it to -at least- 5. I know the sword stats are not exactly world-shaking, but the power is very nice, and the stats are hardly useless either, being comparable to a reaper daiklave.
-- Darloth

Exactly, Darloth, I was trying to make a powerful sword for performers, and a defense that would at least give them a chance against characters with melee charms.And yes the defense is always active, how would I express that the commitment is for using the amazing stats, I mean otherwise it's just a straight sword, Resources 2, should it have an activation/trigger cost - Jarons20

You could always make it so that the effect only occurs WHEN you've committed essence to it, enabling mortals to wield the sword as a normal one without even knowing it's true power.. .. I like the idea of it being passed on through generations of mortal performers, never knowing why it's such an heirloom. FluffySquirrel

I am writing a first age story this relates to, the blade is nothing special except in the right hands, simple steel with pieces of moonsilver in the handle, it's the shape and the balance that really give it the bonus to those who use it like it is supposed to be used. But yes, moonsilver is the magical material, but not in the blade.Jarons20

Oh, I agree completely with the intent, and I like it. I just think the commitment cost -for- that power and the stats are too low. Togeather, they're at least worth the artifact 3, and artifact 3 is typically commit:8. Now, you can make it lower than that, but artifact 2 is commit 5, and it seems wrong to go below the next lowest catagory. If you're intending that the reflexive block should apply to everyone, commitment or not, then that's probably artifact 4, because mortal-usable artifacts that have a nice, solid and really useful effect like this are few and far between (but that would leave the commitment at around 4ish, yes.)
-- Darloth

No mortals can't use it- Jarons

7 seems much more reasonable for me. I now think it is cool!
-- Darloth