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<b>Health:</b> -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap<br>
<b>Health:</b> -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap<br>
<b>Essence:</b> 5<br>
<b>Essence:</b> 5<br>
<b>Commitment:</b> 16<br>
<b>Commitment:</b> 8<br>
<b>Personal Essence Pool:</b> 23<br>
<b>Personal Essence Pool:</b> 23<br>
<b>Peripheral Essence Pool:</b> 58 (42 after commitment)
<b>Peripheral Essence Pool:</b> 58 (50 after commitment)
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Totem, Harmony: Feral Soul Instincts (Alpha)<br>
Totem, Harmony: Feral Soul Instincts (Alpha)<br>
Totem, Harmony: Terrible Argent Regalia<br>
Totem, Harmony: Terrible Argent Regalia<br>
Totem: Lunatic Aegis<br>
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique<br>
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique<br>
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique<br>
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique<br>
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=== Combat ===
=== Combat ===
<b>Base initiative</b>: 9<br>
<b>Base initiative</b>: 9<br>
<b>Soak</b>: 16B/12L/4A (Long Coat, 4L/5B, -0 Mobility, 1 Fatigue)<br>
<b>Soak</b>: 11B/8L/0A<br>
<b>Dodge</b>: 16<br>
<b>Dodge</b>: 16<br>
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=== Experiance ===
=== Experiance ===
Total:  680<br>
Total:  680<br>
Spent: 562
Spent: 571
Performance 3 - 9exp<br>
Performance 3 - 9exp<br>
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Society, Culture: Forsaking the Blood Posture - 9exp<br>
Society, Culture: Forsaking the Blood Posture - 9exp<br>
Society, Pack: Brotherhood of Lake and River - 9exp<br>
Society, Pack: Brotherhood of Lake and River - 9exp<br>
Totem: Lunatic Aegis - 9exp<br>
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique - 9exp<br>
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique - 9exp<br>
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique - 9exp<br>
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique - 9exp<br>

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  • The Dream is a somewhat confusing little dream-sequence with Moon that occured completely off camera sometime after the events in Spire. Not the best bit of writing ever made, but it helps flesh out parts of Moon's background a little.

Character Description

Name: Seventh Moon
Caste: Full Moon
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Bravo
Totem: Husky
Concept: Kid from the Bronx, Lunar God-killer

Appearance: From head to foot, Seventh Moon makes no pretenses at being anything what he is, the hard and rough product of the streets. He is well built and strong, the lines of his muscles can be traced with the naked eye and ripple like living bands of iron bellow the touch of his skin. Brown hair dangles out to either side of his face from beneath the black bandanna he wears to hide his Caste Mark. What could be a beautiful shade of earthly brown is butchered by a hack-knife cut and washings by harsh soap, leaving it rather uneven and frayed where hangs out beneath his bandanna.

The Lunar is darkly handsome, even exotic by the standards of locals. Moon's skin is oddly dark for a northern, a dusky-golden hue that speaks of southern blood somewhere in his linage. The silvery tattoos of his Caste twist and dance across his arms and chest, while scars and bruises nick the places between them like badges of honor. His brows are thick and arching, setting his expression into an almost constant scowl that gives him a violent look even in his most gentle smiles. Moon is also clearly something inhuman. His eyes are strikingly pale blue, not so unusual for the northlands, but seeming to glow against the field of his burnished skin and his teeth bare bestial fangs that glint silvery whenever he smiles.

Seventh Moon dresses well for what he can afford, but functionally as much as he can. He favors the muddied, dark tones common in the Boil's working men, rather than the flamboyant colors worn by other youth gangs. Stiff, dark leather work boots with thick steel toes and a heavily worn leather coat lined with warm sheep skin are staples of his outfit, giving him a handy place to hide a knife or the ability to deliver a particularly viscous kick in a brawl.

Merits and Flaws

Merit: Past Lives - 1
Moon feels things. He cannot always place them, can rarely understand them. They're more than simple instinct from his totem. Deje vu is a constant companion whenever he is in the presence of Father of Crows, a haunting sense of memory that lays just beyond grasp. In his dreams, he will sometimes find himself momentarily in places he has never seen yet scream with familiarity, only to have them melt away into backdrops more familiar moments later. It never frightens him, as the sensations are rarely bad. They merely leaves him perplexed and puzzling over what he has seen or felt.

Merit: Mutation - Berserker
It's his repression that makes it manifest. Being half a beast has never settled well on his shoulders. He keeps the hound within him on a short leash and it strains for it. The few moments he's given it leave to vent itself in joyous instinct have been few and so it's impatient anger grows. Seventh Moon is hesitant to unleash his inner animal completely, but there are times when his own rage mirrors it's own enough to manifest in a far different fashion. Under such red-rages, Moon has achieved his most shockingly brutality moments; tearing men and spirits apart with his bare hands. These sit little better with him than the alien, animal thoughts of his hound, but he at least can come to terms with these moments far easier than the times he lets his inner-beast slip free completely.

Merit: Signature Style [Wholesome Violence]
Few would agree to his description of it, but there is little Moon likes better than good old fashion wholesome violence. The musical slap of a fist to the jaw. The wuff of air as a knee slams into a gut. The clean snap of an arm breaking under pressure. Swift, effortless, and hard; that's the way the Pack always plays it and Moon exemplifies every dubious virtue.

Merit: Eidetic Recall: Scent
As Moon draws closer and more at peace with his animalistic totem, the sense's once denied to him by his efforts to keep his distance begint to awaken. Moon's sense of smell has grown more acute as the Hound within binds deeper within his soul. Able to shift through odors and instinctively label them with a name or a sensation, it has become a simple matter for him to indetify a single scent.

Flaw: Permanent Caste Mark - 2
It was Father of Crows doing, though not intentional. The ancient Lunar had learned the rights and ways of the new generations of Luna's Chosen, the need to lock their ever-changing Caste's in place before they slipped into madness. For having never done it before, Father of Crows succeeded in locking Seventh Moon's Caste remarkably well. The boy's sanity preserved and his powers taking shape. His technique was far from perfect, however, and the old Lunar's mistaken assumption about how to scribe the caste mark onto the new-born Lunar's flesh left Seventh Moon's Caste mark permanently visible upon his brow, even when he employs Charms that hide all others. It is easy enough to cover and Seventh Moon wears a bandana at all times to do just that, yet his nature is still always one loose knot or stray blow away from being reveled to the wide world.

Flaw: Known Anathema - 1
Within the Boil, it's a public secret. Everyone knows, though no one really talks about it. Even before the many-faced Goddess made him one of her Chosen, he bore the stigma of the Anathema. No one had ever differentiated between the powers he had unwittingly inherited from his barbarian father and those which came only after he was reborn as a Lunar. The word of his existence has yet to spread far, no further than Whiteshield City itself, and a the Immaculate Order has been strangely disinclined to make prolonged visits to little nation, the presence of an Anathema employing his powers in the open has not yet reached the ears of the Wyld Hunt. Never the less, it would only take a brief furlough within the city by one of the monks or their agents for the rumors to reach them.


Caste Strength 6, Charisma 5, Perception 5
Farvored Dexterity 6, Stamina 5, Wits 3
Neglected Manipulation 3, Appearance 3, Intelligence 4

Awareness 5 (Scent & Sound +3)
Athletics 4 (Breaking Things +3)
Brawl 5 (Smashfists + 3)
Dodge 5
Endurance 5
Larceny 2
Occult 3 (Northern Deities + 3)
Presence 2
Resistance 3
Stealth 3
Survival 3 (Tracking +3)

Backgrounds: Followers 2, Mentor 5, Artifact 3, Totem 2 (War Dog: Husky)

Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 1, Valor 5
Virtue Flaw: The Curse of the Raging Bull (Valor)

Willpower: 9
Health: -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Essence: 5
Commitment: 8
Personal Essence Pool: 23
Peripheral Essence Pool: 58 (50 after commitment)

Concealment, Hide: Thieving Magpie Prana
Concealment, Hide: The Spider's Trap Door
Concealment, Hide: Labyrinth of Mist Technique
Conflict, Battlefield: Crouching Tiger Stance
Dreams, Chaos: Wyld-Sensing Instincts
Dreams, Chaos: Thorn of the Silver Empress
Dreams, Chaos: Harmony with Reality Technique
Dreams, Chaos: Ritual of Lunar Stability
Essence, Spirit: Spirit-Scenting Technique
Essence, Spirit: Devil-Restraining Grip
Essence, Spirit: Spirit-Maiming Essence Attack
Essence, Spirit: Breath-Drinking Executioner Attack
Excellence: Ascendant Charisma
Excellence: Ascendant Dexterity
Excellence: Ascendant Intelligence
Excellence: Ascendant Manipulation
Excellence: Ascendant Perception
Excellence: Ascendant Stamina
Excellence: Ascendant Strength
Excellence: Ascendant Wits
Excellence: Feral Strength
Excellence: Feral Dexterity
Excellence: Primal Charisma
Excellence: Primal Dexterity
Excellence: Primal Intelligence
Excellence: Primal Perception
Excellence: Primal Stamina
Excellence: Primal Strength
Excellence: Primal Wits
Excellence: Triumphant Dexterity
Excellence: Triumphant Strength
Grace, Grace: Stalking Cat Style
Grace, Grace: Foe-Driving Attack
Grace, Grace: Spreading the Wyld Roots
Grace, Grace: Sinuous Striking Glance
Grace, Guard: Feline Guard Technique
Grace, Guard: White Tiger Block
Hunt, Killing: Eyes of the Hunter
Hunt, Killing: Deadly Wasp Strike
Hunt, Killing: Artery-Severing Atemi
Hunt, Killing: Deadly Claw Blow
Hunt, Killing: Blinding Claw Strike
Hunt, Killing: Lightening Stroke Attack
Hunt, Tracking: Blood on the Wind
Insight, Empathy: Blood-Kin Sense
Interaction, Emotion: Terrifying Lust Infliction
Might, Destruction: Obstacle-Breaking Method
Might, Prowess: Feather-Weight Technique
Might, Rage: Relentless Lunatic Fury
Might, Rage: Red Wolf's Rage
Resilience, Harm: Ox-Body Technique x5 (-2, -2, -2, -2 x5)
Resilience, Harm: Bruise Relief Technique
Resilience, Harm: Halting the Scarlet Flow
Resilience, Harm: Endless Body
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Tattoo Cutting Wisdom
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Form-Fixing Method
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Essence Hardening Mark
Society, Pack: Brotherhood of Lake and River
Totem, Harmony: Divine Beast Liberation
Totem, Harmony: Feral Soul Instincts (Alpha)
Totem, Harmony: Terrible Argent Regalia
Totem: Lunatic Aegis
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique
Totem: Soul-Sculpting Knife
Totem: Celestial Behemoth Apotheosis
Wild, Territory: Boundary-Marking Meditation
Wild, Territory: Watchful Spider Stance
Wild, Territory: Grandfather Spider Majesty

Devourer of Heaven: Spirit-Maiming Essence Attack, Blinding Claw Strike, Primal Intelligence, Triumphant Dexterity, Triumphant Strength, Feral Dexterity, Feral Strength

Cerberus Assault: Feral Dexterity, Feral Strength, Triumphant Dexterity, Triumphant Strength, Artery-Severing Atemi, Deadly Wasp Strike, Blinding Claw Strike, Foe-Driving Attack

Pack-Persuading Words: Primal Charisma, Ascendant Charisma

Wyld-Slaying Way: Ascendant Intelligence, Primal Intelligence, Ritual of Lunar Stability

Kin-Seeking Stare: Blood-Kin Sense, Primal Perception, Ascendant Perception

Scent of the Seasons: Ascendant Manipulation, Terrifying Lust Infliction


Base initiative: 9
Soak: 11B/8L/0A
Dodge: 16
Fist: Speed 8 Accuracy 12 Damage 5B Defense 12, Rate 5
Kick: Speed 5 Accuracy 12 Damage 8L (Steel-toed boots) Defense 7, Rate 3
Smashfists: Speed 14, Accuracy 17, Damage 12L, Defense 16, Rate 7

Expanded Backgrounds

Followers 2 - Half-Moon Howling Alley Pack
Dwelling within the basement of Madam Vivian's House of a Hundred Heavenly Delights, within the realm of gang-politics, the Half-Moon Howling Alley Pack are the undisputed masters of the Boil's red-light district. Once claiming a turf that only encompassed a handful of streets within the infamous pleasure district, the Pack's adoption and raising of Seventh Moon became their blessing. Many gangs within the city were ruled by the bastard children of mystical beings, yet Seventh Moon's heritage was far more powerful than most and the Pack recognized it well enough to let him step forward to claim leadership when their eldest were all hanged in one of the garrisons "cleaning seasons."

Championed by a Moon-Born during a time when there were almost no other God-Blooded among the gangs in the city to oppose them, the Pack's strength and influence began to expand. Neighboring gangs, still attempting to recover from the mass-executions, were crushed or absorbed, and where the howling cries of the Pack could once only be heard from shadows of the Half-Moon Alley, now the silvery cry echoed through-out the city. Had resistance from other gangs not stiffened and the garrison not dared numerous arrests, it might have been possible for the Pack to have gobbled up the Boil entirely in those first tumultuous years of Seventh Moon's leadership.

Matters have by far become quieter since then. The short-term peace forged by the siege of the city has lead to a drawn out uncertainty. The gangs of the city had received the first command from Father of Crows in living memory. The event was unprecedented, but then their shadow-lord, the one even worshiped by some as a living god, had gone silent. The Half-Moon Howling Alley Pack had answered the call as readily as most and been left as confused as any when the orders were reversed and the city handed over to the Deathlord.

As Seventh Moon quietly slips out of the city under the direct order of Father of Crows, much rumbling can be heard from Pack. Questions about Father of Crows have begun to arise and speculation towards their own place in the world, now that their very way of life may be under threat. Yet for the doubts about the Under-King, they remain loyal to Seventh Moon himself. As Father of Crows is the living-god of many gangs, Seventh Moon is seen as the very avatar of the Pack. Known far too long and too closely for them to worship him, but held in more respect and higher regard than even the unseen Father of Crows, the Half-Moon Howling Alley Pack await their friend and leaders return and will serve him just as loyally as before once he comes back.

Mentor 5 - Father of Crows
Enigma and legend surround the name Father of Crows. It is a name is known by everyone within the Boil and by many far beyond, a name which has been linked to the city since as far back as the memory of even the Exalted can recall. Father of Crows is a popular topic within the mining city. Everybody has an opinion. God, Demon, Anathema, Ghost. He could be many men. He might not exist at all. And while all criminals within the city claim to serve him, few will make the claim to have seen him. He is the Under-King of the Boil and master of the shadowy realm where dark men ply their trades - the seedy gambling dens, the smuggler hideaways, the camps of bandits and highwaymen in the hills and forests, even the lowly young thugs who live on the streets.

While many believe otherwise, Father of Crows is very real. He is Anathema, a Lunar of the First Age who's life and destiny have been inexorably linked to that of the Boil since the first stones were laid for it's foundation. His control over the criminal network within city is as absolute as many rumors claim, tighter even. Figures of wealth and power sit unknowingly within his pocket. Rulers rule only at his consent. The threat of death and the promise of great reward maintains the certainty of his control, yet he exercises little direction over their actions and the orders he gives come down as enigmatical and bizarre.

Father of Crows had seemed to have taken a vested interest in Seventh Moon well before the young gang member had Exalted. In the guise of a well known apothecary named Shadow Eyes, the Chosen of Luna had slipped into the boys confidence by opening his doors to the Half-Moon Howling Alley Pack, tending to their wounds and illnesses, performing several abortions upon lovers or female gang members, advising on their troubles. Then, having earned the trust of Moon-Born, he went a step further, offering tidbits of knowledge and training, helping the violent half-caste nurture and focus his budding power.

And on the night Luna came to Seventh Moon as he pulled himself bleeding through the rain-washed streets and snarled his defiance at the numbing death which tried to claim him, Father of Crows was there as well. He took Seventh Moon further into his confidence, casting aside the guise of the mortal savant and reveling the secret few within the city knew, but all wondered. Their training became more vigorous and involved after Seventh Moon Exalted and under such steady guidance, the young Lunar's power flourished as few would.

While he knows the secret of Father of Crows identity and has spent more time in direct contact with the ancient No-Moon than anyone else knowingly has, Seventh Moon knows no more about his mentors plans or past than any one else in the city.

Artifacts 5+
Treasures of a Lost Age
Ebb and Flow were products of the First Age, created for a young Dragon-Blooded knight who once proudly served Ravenï's Dower. The Child of Daanda had been a loyal servant to the Raven King during the war against the Primordials. Spirited and brave, she stood at the fore-front of every charge and was the voice for Vendetti's command among the other Terrestrial captains. Had the Raven King not met Lunecia during the war, it would have been entirely likely that he would have taken the Dragon-Blooded knight as his bride. But even as the intelligent and talented Twilight woman claimed her place in Vendettiï's heart, it never drove the emotion he felt for his favored captain out completely. While she would never become a queen, the Dragon-Blooded officers loyalty was rewarded after the Primordials fall with the elevation from a mere captain to that of general of all Vendetti's forces and the appointment of High Guardian in the Raven King's fledging city-state.

At her appointment, Vendetti and endeavored to create a gift for her worthy of her new station. A powerful martial artist, the High Guardian was nearly able to stand along side Celestials on merit of her prowess alone, but lacked an edge in combat which could have thrust her into the realm of a legend. Crafted specifically for her style of elemental combat and to further her natural prowess, the fluid natures of black jade and moonsilver harmonized almost perfectly to create a simple yet potent artifact.

The smashfist gauntlets were but the first of many gifts and rewards heaped upon the Dragon-Blooded knight by her masters, and while arguably the least of these gifts, they became the most recognized symbol of the High Guardian of Raven's Dower. The Black Fist even came to adorn her personal standard in battle. Many questioned the level of attention the Raven King paid to his favored officer and even cast suspicious glances towards their obvious closeness and camaraderie. Some went so far as to spread rumor of jealousy on the part of Lunecia towards the affection her husband clearly held for the lowly Terrestrial. The truth was nothing of the sort, as the Phoenix Queen had cheerfully accepted the High Guardian into their bedchamber and shared her husband's deep fondness for the valorous officer.

The High Guardian never lived long enough to take part in or stand against the Usurpation. She fell on the field battle against an army of the Fair Folk long before the Dragon-Blooded had begun to grow restless or the Solars cruel. Her death became marked with a day of mourning in Raven's Dower and her tomb, a lavish construction of heart-breaking beauty, one of the most visited sites within the city. While her most powerful artifacts had been entombed with her and summarily looted by the righteous armies of the Usurpation, Ebb and Flow had remained with the Raven King as a personal memento of his friend and lover.

Ebb and Flow were originally given to Moon by the Father of Crows, who barely even remembered the High Guardian that once meant so much to him. These gauntlets served Moon well for a long time, but after he aquired the Wyld-artifact Silent Dream, it became evident that the gauntlets would not be up to task for facing the trials that lay ahead. Seventh Moon requested that Jaom Ironweaver have the gauntlets reforged, which the elder Lunar graciously agreed to. The two were combined into one single object, their story and history rewoven to something more suiting the Lunar punk.

Tchico, Black Hound of the Boil
Artifact 4 Moonsilver and Black Jade Armored Sleeve
Commitment: 8
Speed +6, Accuracy +3, Damage +7L, Defense +3, Rate 7
Tchico is a legend of the Boil, one of many. It is said he is a black hound who has haunted it’s streets for hundreds of years. Once the loyal pet of a city bailiff, both master and hound were true to the city, but eventually betrayed by it’s politics. The daemon-dog was beheaded beside his master for crimes against the city, false accusations and excessive punishment. That day and every day hence, they say Tchico still dwells within his masters old haunts and walks upon the execution fields outside the town. Savants claim that dogs have no souls, yet people claim to see his apparition every Cleaning Season. Many wonder if it is not the dog, but actually the spirit of the master, still trapped in the city and looking for revenge against those long since passed beyond the reach of it.

Less known to the citizens of the Soiled City is that the Bailiff’s Hound is seen by their unliving ancestors as well. Among the dead of the Boil, the Black Hound is a creature of terror, unbound to anyone’s will and forever stalking the shadows of the cities dark reflection.

When Abolone reforged the smashfists Ebb and Flow, he spun the story of Tchico through the very fabric of the new weapon. Though not made of the black hound, it was made in it’s image.

Once guardian to his master, the original Tchico kept at bay those criminals who would not submit to justice. So too does this Tchico. The sleeve automatically expands into a shield against incoming blows and adds +2 to the difficulty of all attacks made against Moon. This is independent of the Lunar’s will, costing nothing and functioning even if he does not wish it to.

The Black Hound too tracked and held down those who would escape from his masters justice. In reflection of this, Tchico flows to hold people better. Seventh Moon adds his Essence in dice to any clinch attempts. For five motes, Moon can free himself from the gauntlet’s grasp once he has hold of a foe. Releasing it’s hold from his arm, the armored sleeve will half-take the form of a skull-headed hound and take over the clinch from Moon, employing his dice pools. Moon can still channel Charms through the artifact, but Tchico can only maintain a clinch, not inflict damage or otherwise act upon it.

The Tale of the Black Hound is a lesson not just in loyalty, but in persistence. Even when his quarry has long since passed from life, Tchico still hunts for them – through life and death, he never ceases his hunt. If the barrier between those worlds cannot stop the Black Hound, what hope has any other? When Moon strikes a blow, he can attempt to maintain it. The longer he holds his fist in place, the more powerful the blow becomes as the gauntlet flows and hammers against it’s target. Every turn Moon commits a full action to maintaining a blow, he automatically deals a number of damage dice equal to his Essence + 1 per turn, on top of a new damage roll against the target. Non-artifact shields are crushed against his strikes almost instantly and armor can only hold up a number of turns equal to it’s Resource value before being permanently destroyed. This power is best employed against inanimate targets. Against human or otherwise mobile foes, he must make a Dexterity + Brawl roll every turn he wishes to hold the blow steady and his foe can attempt to dodge or parry this at will.

Silent Dream, Heart of Mahabali
Artifact 5 Wyld-Artifact
Commitment: 8
Reality is but tissue thin to the kartar's point. A stab or a cut and the mere desire to be elsewhere pierces effortlessly through the fabric of the Tapestry. A ragged hole, tattered and fraying at the edge like a carpet worn thin, opens between one place and another to let people and objects pass through. By spending 10motes, Moon can tear a hole in reality up to 100 yards away from where he stands. It lasts for but a few moments, the Pattern Spiders almost instantly working to seal it closed, but in that time the Lunar and others can pass through the opening to some other place. This can be used to capture fleeing foes as well as transport others, ripping a hole into the air before them and depositing them back at Moon's feet. Or even to redirect ranged attacks, turning them away harmlessly or against another. Both of these actions require a Dexterity + Melee roll from Moon. People he is attempting to move forcibly may attempt to dodge the hole opened before them. To redirect a ranged attack, he must roll more successes on his Dexterity + Melee roll than was made by the attacker. If he fails to, the attack continues unimpeded.

Dreams are the Realm of Memory and Memory the purview of Creation. Like the ocean, the Wyld has no memory, though it longs and hungers and sometimes even starves for one. Mahabali knew this hunger when he sent Sangoful into Creation and the raksha coaxed a thousand memories out of the Creation born to gift to his creator. These are lost now, as broken as the Unshaped to took them, but Silent Dream can still draw forth memory from the minds of the Creation-born. Mortal, god, or Exalt - it matters not. As surely as the blade pierces the cloth of the Tapestry, it can whittle at the corners of the mind. Silent Dream is more apt at this task than perhaps any others, requiring only 5motes of Essence to open the gateways of memory and reach within. Seventh Moon must know a specific moment or piece of information he wishes to take from his target and focus upon it intensely. The memory will emerge as a ring-shaped dreamstone, just like those that compose Silent Dream's chain. Once taken, they're lost forever to who they once belonged, unless they are able to crush and consume the dreamstone that contains their memory.

Though it's shape now is that of a weapon and it's powers shifted to those more suited to it's shape, Silent Dream was once a flute, a thing of music and artistry and creation, rather than destruction. It pulsed with the beat of an Unshaped heart, a sound to the ears of the Creation born more sweet than a thousand Exalted symphonies. Silent Dream remembers what it was like when once other hands used it to craft sweet songs, the memory of those tunes still sprinkling off it's edge in pastel notes. As well, it can still make music, music whose soft embrace swaddles the mind in clouds of fleece and draws those who hear it inexorably down into a deep and restful slumber. By spending 6 motes and one Willpower, Moon can cause Silent Dream to play. Anyone within Moons Essence x 10 yards of him who hears this song not who is not immediately engaged in combat against him must succeed in a Willpower roll with Difficulty equal to one-half of Moon's Compassion or be drawn into deep and restful sleep. Their dreams are pleasant and their sleep extremely restful. They will sleep for up to single hour, awakening only in response to serious physical stimuli (such as a hard shake or kick) and upon awaking may immediately make a Conviction roll to regain Willpower, doubling all successes on this roll. Those who succeed in the Willpower roll are never the less rendered extremely drowsy and at ease, their alertness faltering as their eye lids grow heavy. They receive a penalty to all Perception rolls equal to Moon's Compassion for the next hour.

Through Silent Dream Moon can bring a nightmare to someone in the waking world, twisting reality around them into and endless hall of illusions. Everything they fear seems to rear up from the world – harmless physically, but harrowing to the mind. Their enemies become unstoppable horrors. Their friends laughing caricatures. Even their own reflection, a loathsome creature stripped naked of all defenses and left pathetic in the streets. The target of this power must make a Willpower roll at difficulty equal to Moon’s Valor or be overwhelmed by these images, requiring another successful Valor roll every turn to take any action beyond self-defense and suffer from a dice penalty equal to Moon’s Valor. Even those who succeed receive a penalty to all dice-actions equal to half of Moon’s Valor for the remainder of the scene. Creatures with the power to see through illusions are immune to this effect, though not those who cannot physically see them, the Harrowing is in the mind as much as before the eyes.


Total: 680
Spent: 571

Performance 3 - 9exp
Strength 6 - 15exp
Dexterity 6 - 15exp
Charisma 5 - 12exp
Intelligence 4 - 12exp
Manipulation 3 - 6exp
Essence 4 - 27exp
Essence 5 - 36exp
Concealment, Hide: Thieving Magpie Prana - 9exp
Concealment, Hide: The Spider's Trap Door - 9exp
Concealment, Hide: Labyrinth of Mist Technique - 9exp
Dreams, Chaos: Wyld-Sensing Instincts - 9exp
Dreams, Chaos: Thorn of the Silver Empress - 9exp
Dreams, Chaos: Harmony with Reality Technique - 12exp
Dreams, Chaos: Ritual of Lunar Stability - 12exp
Essence, Spirit: Breath-Drinking Executioner Attack - 9exp
Excellence: Ascendant Manipulation - 12exp
Excellence: Primal Charisma - 9exp
Excellence: Feral Strength - 9exp
Excellence: Feral Dexterity - 9exp
Excellence: Triumphant Strength - 9exp
Excellence: Ascendant Strength - 9exp
Hunt, Killing: Eyes of the Hunter - 9exp
Hunt, Killing: Deadly Wasp Strike - 9exp
Hunt, Killing: Artery-Severing Atemi - 9exp
Hunt, Killing: Blinding Claw Strike - 9exp
Hunt, Killing: Lightening Stroke Attack - 9exp
Grace, Grace: Sinuous Striking Glance - 9exp
Grace, Grace: Foe-Driving Attack - 9exp
Grace, Grace: Spreading the Wyld Roots - 9exp
Insight, Empathy: Blood-Kin Sense - 9exp
Interaction, Emotion: Terrifying Lust Infliction - 12exp
Might, Destruction: Obstacle-Breaking Method - 9exp
Might, Rage: Relentless Lunatic Fury - 9exp
Might, Rage: Red Wolf's Rage - 9exp
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Tattoo Cutting Wisdom - 12exp
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Form-Fixing Method - 12exp
Shapecraft, Tattoo: Essence Hardening Mark - 12exp
Society, Culture: Herd Reinforcement Posture - 9exp
Society, Culture: Forsaking the Blood Posture - 9exp
Society, Pack: Brotherhood of Lake and River - 9exp
Totem: Lunatic Aegis - 9exp
Totem: Adamanthine Flesh Technique - 9exp
Totem: Tongue of the Wild Technique - 9exp
Totem: Soul-Sculpting Knife - 9exp
Totem: Celestial Behemoth Apotheosis - 9exp
Wild, Territory: Boundary-Marking Meditation - 9exp
Wild, Territory: Watchful Spider Stance - 9exp
Wild, Territory: Grandfather Spider Majesty - 9exp
Combo: Cerberus Assault - 20exp
Combo: Pack-Persuading Words - 3exp
Combo: Wyld-Slaying Way - 7exp
Combo Improvement: Devourer of Heaven - 7exp
Combo: Kin-Seeking Stare - 6exp
Combo: Scent of the Seasons - 6exp


07-16-06: And yet another rewrite, though this time just because the game started using GoldenCat's own version of Lunars. I'm getting tired of changing this poor boy though. ;_;

07-09-05: Seventh Moon just recently under went a ground-up overhaul that changed a lot about him. His previous incarnation was... well, I'll let it speak for itself for the most part: Old Moon. It's suffice to say that Moon wasn't made very well and encountered a great deal of difficulty avoiding near-death at the hands of everything from mook-ish undead assassins to a large magical deer. Under the strict eye of GoldenCat, the New Moon has hopefully been built with a bit more ass-kicking ability.

Though that was important, I helped more to ease the identity crisis - he was more of a Brawler, but not well at it, and that was fixed with lots of transformation which didn't really fit you in your vision, and never really used it much aside from that survivability matter... so he was not really a brawler, not really a shifter. I was trying to help you focus him and make him more niche-y - our kickass spirit-killing brawler. Hope it went well, and some oaths might make those attributes soar well enough... ^^ - GoldenCat