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Stumbling Introduction 2.0!

I'm an a-typical nerd-boy from Seattle, Washington who got into Exalted mainly cause of online friends. I�m a part time pet-care specialist (aka dog-walker, but the other one makes me feel more important) and work the night shift at a local Pet Pros on the side. In my free time, I ramble about nothing in particular to online friends and occasionally hammer something somewhat interesting out of the results.


  • The Empyrean : Divine servants of a child-like Primordial. A very slow moving attempt to bring angels into Exalted.
  • The Boil : A dirty, foul industrial city in the north. Created for the "Dance of Angels" campaign. Somehow even almost finished.
  • The Amiliki : Highly trained mortal agents of the Gold Faction.
  • Agony in Existance Path : A set of Charms for use by demon-blooded characters which focus upon pain and suffering.


  • Forlain : Would-be warrior scholar disillusioned with the Realm.
  • Rika Sanjuro : Lady of the Blade Misra, Rika of the Divine Bow, Ash Spear Rika, ect... very famous and very retired God-blooded swordswoman.
  • Seventh Moon : Infamous Lunar punk from the Boil.
  • Undire-Oh-Nagi : Amnesiac Demon-Blooded Blasphamy, healer and sworn protector of Four-Roads
  • Nick Lorand : Young God-Blooded Scavenger Lord



GoldenCat - Colapso, Delwyn, Daniel... whatever he wants to be called this week, he remains one of the most creative and passionate people I know. ^^
Kraken - Kraken recently joined Dance of Angels, GoldenCat's mixed-Celestial group game set in the north, so I am compelled to add him. Plus, he's a really swell guy. ^^


Welcome! Enjoy your stay, Grey :-) I'm taking your ideas in a bit of a different direction, myself. -Xeriar

Thanks for the welcome, Xeriar. ^_^ I'm interested to see what you'd do with 'um. - Greymane

*does a little dance* ^_^ Welcome to the wiki and stuff. - Kraken

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