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As any Celestial Exalt of reasonable age will tell you, the heirarchy of heaven is not one to go without documentation. With hundreds upon thousands of gods shuffling papers for their very livelihood, and another hundred thousand least gods of paperwork being generated each day, there is absolutely no shortage of knowledge in heaven. The difficulty, then, is not if something has been written down, but instead where something has been written down. And as with all things, a top-notch artificer set out to find a solution. As the years crept by, clever though said artificer was, they still couldn't quite get a design right. The starmetal-based design would almost get things right, most of the time, unless there was a snarl anywhere in fate, in which case, it was just as likely to return "a duck" as "The Mask of Winters". Employing the natural characteristics of orichalcum, it was quick enough to work out something that was simply correct. All the time. About everything. That is, if there was enough information to deduce the answer - the characteristics of orichalcum allow for perfection, not breaking the laws of the concept of secrets.