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House choices
House Ledaal Child of Ledaal Jynaru
House Cathak Child of Cathak Vanal or Cathak Tabius
House (?) Cicada Child of Cicada (youngest house)
Other House? Student or Child of Immaculate V'neef Tala
Adopted Child? not considered outcaste.

Outcastes not allowed. Must be a child or student as above, though not necessarily of that house, they are who you refer to as your dominant parent. There are other brothers and sisters and cousins that are not dominated, but those are not acceptable character concepts.

Aspects: Any (Ledaal - wood, Cathak - fire, Cicada - Air, Tala - Water)

Anima Effects:
Earth Soak L w/ whole Stamina or Essence (whichever is higher)
Wood cannot ignore bashing damage

Aspect Markings: Note similiar to tell. Use Ess/Breeding whichever is higher. You do not gain breeding motes by increasing your essence above your breeding, but it does increase your breeding up to 5 with respect to children. Roll Per + Awe at a difficulty of 7-Breeding or Essence, whichever is higher. This can be disguised with mortal disguises, no matter what it is (even a wind or constant dripping) roll int + larceny as a disguising roll.

Age*: 12-20 Younger or Older children, 18 years passed since end of campaign, but permiable continuity (most ages are fine, you might have someone else from the same parent with a similiar age who is not a twin? Will try to avoid this.) You will probably die of old age near the end of this campaign, so this isn't really important. Younger the better.

Nature: Any (Custom Nature?)

Attributes: 7/ 6/ 4 - Only one at 5

Abilities: Required Suggested (I will call for these checks when appropriate from everyone)
Thrown/Archery * Endurance
Brawl/MA/Melee * Resistance
Athletics * Survival
Ride *
Lore ** Sail *
Performance * Awareness
Presence * Investigation
Socialize ** Linguistics (Rivertounge) - see note on languages

35 dots (up to 3)
13 from aspect or favored abilities
10 required abilities
3 favored abilities
3 free specialties (1 per ability, only aspect/favored ability)

Charms - 7
Perm. Essence - 2 (2 + WP + Breeding) & (8 + WP + two highest Virtues)
Virtues - 5
Willpower - Sum of Virtues
Backgrounds - 15

I changed my mind on how backgroudns work. The prelude will explain why you have no backgrounds to begin, though you should have stuff in your preludes. You may suggest things for you to get with these backgrounds and I will try to get you what you ask for.
Connections Broadly defined areas... use more like the solar background with same description.
Backing If connections is not appropriate use this. Backing is considered a Connection.
Command troops you must train yourself.

Henchman reset to 3

Bonus Points (20)
Attribute 4 up to 3
Ability 2 up to 3
Caste/Fav Abi 1 up to 4
Background 1 2 if above 3
Specialty 2/1 Max of 2 per ability. All specialties must be different (eg. sword, daiklaive, specific daiklaive). They may not stack unless the range is narrower (eg, no stacking dodge while jumping/with armor on/when on panty raid unless one requires the other) maybe only stack 2? Not get all worked up, just keep it in mind.
Virtue 3
Willpower 2
Charm 7/5
Essence Not Allowed
Spell Not Allowed
(Immaculate) Not Allowed

Low Realm / High Realm - you may speak LR without taking it as a seperate language from HR, but are not fluent and generally sound stupid.
Old Realm - Useful to those interested in the Occult/History as usual.
Seatounge / Skytounge / Flametounge - very little use
Rivertounge - Game will start in the Realm and move to the Scavanger Lands. You must eventually learn this language, but I discourage taking it at character creation unless it is acceptable to your character concept (probably not).
Barbarian Languages - each dot gives 4 languages (unless Int 5), you may take it early in order to be able to learn barbarian languages without downtime (int + linguistics roll, diff 1 is a week, diff 6 is less than an hour)

I do craft by occupation and material.
eg. carpentry and shipbuilding are both wood, so you would be able to use your ability for one.
Gadening, Farming, and Husbandry are all life, so the same
Blacksmithing and Weaponmaking are both metal. Magical Metals are covered under Occult.
Pottery and masonry are both stone.
and so on.... it is not really important, but if you twink I will stab you :)

Marital Arts
No celestial martial arts. You may eventually learn a Celestial MA, however I discourage it.
Terrestrial martial arts are allowed. White Jade Style is already included in the game (look for it in fiat's directory)

Customized Magic

Sworn Brothers' Oath - p. 161
you are all considered to be under an brotherhood spell, and practically never notice it.
The Loyalty section is entirely in character, though simple conviction/compassion/etc checks will still be rolled, but has nothing to do with this spell - none of your characters don't care about the other... but you might be stupid enough to do them harm.
Devotion Dice Pool is equal to 10 dice. This will reset whenever you get a story bonus XP award which is not all that often.
Familiarity only works if you make your essence roll at diff 1 even within range. A failure means you don't know where they are, a botch means you don't know they are there. Outside of range, less detail is given with less successes, though you might be able to increase the detail with occult rites (roll occult and add successes in dice, and also dice in specialties that apply directly)
New members may be inducted into the Sworn Brother's Oath, but requires a group Int + Occult roll at diff 10. They may be bound by Loyalty, but then, so must you be bound to them.

XP: Xp will be handled in a new way. You will start with 30 xp. You can spend this right away, but listen first. You wiil be given XP at the end of game depending on how much I liked how you RP'd. This will vary, and be 5 when i'm lazy, 1-5 when i'm actually paying attention.

In addition, you will get 1/10 of the current XP at the beginning of the game, rounded down. So, if you get 5 xp at the end of the first game, and don't spend any, you will get another 3 xp, for 38 xp during the game. You cannot spend XP for the game after you get this bonus. You cannot ever get more than 50 xp, except for story awards bonuses, so you will want to be careful about how much XP you have.

That means all charm buying negotation should be done sometime during the week or after the game. It's just too much work to argue over buying custom charms at the beginning of the game for me to accept that. After I accept a charm or other purchase, the XP is removed from your pool and you begin to learn it. After the downtime you may stunt at any time to get it in the game, at what point you gain a extra WP back for it.

On Stunting: You may only stunt once a turn, so don't waste it. Yes, that means if someone attacks you before your initative, and you don't want to give away your action, you can't stunt. However, if you're willing to declare your attack *NOW*, you may include your attack in the stunt. Also, If you take more than a minute to declare your action and stunt, then you hold your action until the end of the turn, or until somebody is willing to let you cut in line (But only if you have decided on your stunt!). You get either 1, 2, or 3 dice stunts. 1 gives you 1 ess, 2 gives you 2 ess or a WP, 3 gives you 3 ess or a WP and an ess. You need a "cool" stunt to get a level 2 or higher stunt, and an awsome stunt to get a level 3 or higher stunt. Don't argue with me about stunts, and if I give you a stunt and reserve the right to say "that doesn't work for the action" if you are trying to do the impossible with a stunt and I don't think you're doing it impressively enough.

On Downtime, the times listed are the time in game, no matter what you do to speed it up or slow it down. You may purchase on category of thing concurrently; eg one charm, one ability, one attribute, one specialty... this allows diversification and is probably necessary with the way I run games.

On movement and jumping: HOW you move is irrelevant. This applies to jumping. Unless the Jump is shorter than you can walk, it takes your full action for the turn, to multiple turns to do it. Also, jumping requires a dex + ath check on landing - this is not reflexive, you must split your pool. This should balance jumping against other forms of movement, such as running. If you somehow have a multiple action charm, you can be midair and attack at the same time, but it's not going to make you jump any faster, unless you're making lots of little jumps. Chams can be made to increase your air velocity but I must decide this on a case-by case basis. If it doesn't explicitly add to distance, it doesn't - you may not roll superhumanly roll on an athletics roll to jump farther than your maximum distance.

Air - Linguistics p. 177+

Lore is required to break codes.

Thousand Tounges Meditation
Cost: 4m + 1m/2 persons

You may spend 1m to allow 2 people to understand (but not speak) any language you can understand via this charm. Spending limit of your Linguistics in people, but you may chose to give everyone in the brotherhood the ability to speak by paying for them, but then you may not give people outside the brotherhood the ability to understand with this charm.

Wind-Carried Words Technique
Cost: 0, +1 mote per additional sentance, +1 mote (double) per distance

assuming one sentance and essence 2 (just add one mote per sentance)
1 m - 200 feet
2 m - 2,000 feet
4 m - 20,000 feet
8 m - 200,000 feet
16m - 2,000,000 feet

With One Mind
Cost: 2 motes/ dots
Also adds to Brawl
Specialties count as with other group dice adders

Lore p. 180+

Elemental Concentration Trance is generally only useful during downtime because I rule that it takes 24 hours to use it; Obviously you will be tired (halve all attributes and abilities) after using it unless you use the anti-falling asleep charm.

Elemental Empowerment Method
Use 2x Lore per WP instead of just Lore per WP.

Elemental Bolt Attack
Type: Supplemental
You may not activate this charm before your initative.
You may only activate this charm a number of times equal to your Essence.
Use your normal Dex + Ath pool and split it in order to gain more attacks.


Elemental Bolt Attack
Type: Simple
May be comboed with archery or athletics ability charms

Elemental Burst Technique
Type: Reflexive
Do one attack with a range of ess * 20 yards
Also effects everyone within essence yards when the charm is activated
Damage is 1L / 1 mote
Can only be activated once/turn

Dragon Vortex Attack
Damage is Aggrivated and ignores armor

Occult: p. 182

Spirit-Grounding Shout
You do not need to know a spirit is there, but if you want it to affect a specific spirit, then you must be able to percieve it somehow, like if it is using a charm on you or you have a spirit detecting charm. If you really want to risk wasting essence, you may have it effect all spirits in range.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Your characters may not start with this charm.

Stealth: p. 184

Feeling-the-Air Technique
Remember this is not REALLY a awareness charm. There exist awareness charms for the purpose of blind fighting. If used in a Feeling the Dragons Bones has examined, there are no penalties for perciving objects floating in midair, however, you may not detect those things hiding in the waters with this charm unless it is near the surface or if you are actually in the water.

Zone of Silence Stance
Cost: 4m + WP + 1 mote / additional yard

Dragon Shroud Technique
Cost: 3m / autosux up to half your Stealth (consider specialties)

Thrown: p 186

Vengeful Gust Counterattack provides a free parry attempt at Dex + Thrown + Spec. This may be combined with a normal parry or dodge, however remember that you cannot parry or dodge the same attack twice. Normal limits for dice adders apply.

Persistant Hornet Attack may be part of a combo despite being a non-instant charm.


Awareness: p. 189

All-Ecompassing Earth Sense
Cost: 2m + 2m/person
ensures that you do not fail the perception check when you are ambushed. You may not be targeted with an unperceived attack, meaning that you may dodge/parry/otherwise avoid any attack. Also works against natural effects, eg. traps.

Entombed Mind Technique
You only need to roll the Manipulation + Presence or Performance roll. If you make this roll, you will distract the user for the necessary 5 minutes.

(Sense)-Riding Technique
You may take any combination of the last two charms.
Hearing & Smell Hearing & Taste Touch & Taste

(Sense)-Destroying Method
Same as above. Penalty remains -1/extra sux, even if the sense is completely disabled.

Essence Disruption Attack
You must be able to destroy all five senses, no matter how many (Sense)-Destroying Method charms you learned.

Craft : p. 192 No Changes
Endurance: p. 193 No Changes
Martial Arts: p. 197 No Changes
Resistance: p. 200

Strength of Stone
Scene duration. Adds Essence/2 dice, rounded down, instead of 1.

Impervious Skin Meditation: limit is in mote cost = essence, not soak = essence

(Element) Protection Form
Is not weak to essence.

Defense-From-Anathema Method
Works against any charm, even spirit and demon charms.


Athletics: p. 202

Effortlessly Rising Flame
All effects that add dice to athletics do not increase jumping distance unless a specific multiplier is listed. Two dice are added for any athletics roll involving jumping or keeping balance.

Falling Star Manuver
This charm cannot be used at all without a stunt.

Incense Smoke Ladder
You may not run down vertical surfaces, but if they have even a slight slope, the you can.

Phoenix Mate's Lament
Adds to whatever is relevant, be it dice or soak.

Swift Legion Technique [Alternate]
Cost: 3m/fang
Must remain in formation.

Dodge: p. 204

Threshold Warding Stance
You may dodge unless YOU are putting someone else in a clinch or hold. You may dodge if you try to escape the clinch/hold with a stunt. Also allows you to dodge without making an athletics roll (if, for instance, on a narrow ledge)

Hopping Firecracker Evasion
Only distance modifiers that specifically add to jumping distances (eg. air aspect anima power) add to this distance.

Virtuous Negation Defense
This is the only way to dodge for another character. You may not emulate this charm, even with a stunt. You may parry for someone else at diff 3 and they do not get a chance to parry themselves.
Leaping Distance is the same as Hopping Firecracker Evasion.

Flickering Candle Meditation
This charm can buy a pool up from 0

Smoke Obscuring Effect
This charm has no effect on the user; however, multiple uses of this charm by multiple DBs will work up to normal dice adder limits (Attribute + (Ability + Spec) x2 ). Each use only adds Ability + Spec

Safety Among Enemies

This charm may not be supplemented with Flickering Candle Meditation without a combo. SOE has no effect. This charm does not require a dice action; it provides Dex + Dodge + Spec dice automatically.

Arrow Consuming Flame Defense

Destroys any projectile not made of metal or stone. Stone weapons are uneffected by this charm. non-ranged weapon attacks give a soak bonus of +2. Additionally, if an unarmed attack is made, the attacker suffers 3L fire damage (rolled and soaked)

Smoldering Karma Strike
Cost: 2m

Melee: p. 207

Dragon Graced Method
Min Essence: 1

Water: imagine watery chains or some such effect. -4 to init
Wood: +2L to damage and roll stamina + resistance against a diff 2 posion that inflicts 1B if the roll fails or -1 to all dice rolls for the next turn if it is successful.

Ghost Fire Blade
Cost: 1m
Min Melee: 2
Min Ess: 2
If you cannot see the immaterial, you suffer -4 dice to attack and you must stunt.

Refining the Inner Blade
Min Melee 3
Min Ess 3

Portentous Comet Deflecting Mode
Min Melee 4

Deadly WildFire legion
This is the only way for DBs to add dice to their melee parry.

Threshing Floor Technique
Min Melee 4
The interesting thing about this charm is that you don't have to have any movement left; as long as you are within the radius, and under the effects of this charm, you may attack the target.

Ringing Anvil Onslaught
Also roll Specialty

Presence p. 209

Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde
less martially aligned characters may prefer a non-soldier horde, for some truly bizzare appirations

Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration
Cost: 3 motes/scale

Glowing Coal Radiance
Duration: Essence Turns

Warlord's Conviction
Deals in net successes.

Moth to the Candle
distance of 20 yards

Socialize: p. 211

Prereqs seem odd. Alternative prereqs may be suggested within this tree.

Sweeten-the-Tap Method
Works with other things than just alcohol - for instance, at a musical performance, or a soccer game. In any case, the Exalt must approach the source of the party.

Seizing the Tounge Technique
This charm and other reroll charms need not be part of a combo; but if used outside the combo, you must pay all costs of the combo again, even the WP and out-of-aspect costs.


Brawl: p. 213

Drowning Embrace
Minimum Brawl: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Duration: Turn
Type: Reflexive

Riptide Method
Minimum Brawl: 2

Pounding Surf Style
Duration: Turn
Cost: 1m
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 2

Fist-Spinning MaelStrom
Cost: 2 motes / attack
Minimum Brawl: 3

Blade Deflecting Palm
Provides Brawl + Spec dice for a parry action against a brawl, martial arts, or melee attack (not thrown or archery).

Become the Hammer
Duration: Essence in Turns
Type: Reflexive
Can make or parry lethal attacks with bare hands. Weapons can use Bashing damage rating to do Lethal if it is higher.

Flow Past Defenses
Cost: 2m + 1m/additional turn
Can be combined with Drowning Embrace. Does not count as charm per turn after it has been activated.

Bureaucracy p. 215

The prerequisitie lists for these charms are largely changed. New Ability and Essence requirements are next to it in the form of (Ability, Essence); eg (2,1) for 2 ability, 1 essence

Confluence of Savant Thought (2,1)
-> Benevolent Masters Blessing (2,2) -> Geese-Flying-South Administration (3,2)
-> Thrashing Carp Serenade (3,3) -> Curse of the Saffron Mantle (5,3)
-> Testing the Waters (3,2) -> Thoughtful Gift Technique (4,2)

Benevolent Master's Blessing
Duration: Special

This charm may be considered to act as Bestow the Saffron Mantle, but the dice cost is 1m/2 dice, as BMB. The Perception + Buracracy roll may be replaced by some other attribute, with a stunt.

The first function of this charm is a group dice adder. In addition to whatever beuracracy dots are added, the addee also gains access to all of the adders specialties. This can raise the total specialties above +3 but no more than 3 dice from specialties may be applied to any roll.

All Temporary help has a Beuracracy rating of one dot but since it is unlikely that this will ever be necessary, if this charm is used then as long as the others can find each other they do not need the supervision of the Exalt.

Geese-Flying South Administration

Because Exalted does not use hard coin, what this basically comes down to is this:
A difficulty 5 roll will provide an additional dot above and beyond what should be given. Anything less or more than 5 sux simply is the number of times you can buy something at that resources value and that resources value not decrease. If 10 sux is reached than two dots are added. This cannot increase something above 5 dots background representation.
5 sux is about 5-10%, 10 sux is 10-20%, so actually this probably makes the charm much more powerful than it was before. However the essence will probably be committed for a prolounged duration.

Bestow the Saffron Mantle: This charm no longer exists, being taken over by Benevolent Master's Blessing and replaced by Curse of the Saffron Mantle.

Thrashing Carp Serenade likes stunts similar to modern day Fillabustering :)

Investigation p 217

Scent of Crime Method
Type: Reflexive

Revelation of Associates Hunch
With three or more successes, this charm will reveal the people you know first.

Homeward Trail Discovery Method
If you roll perception + investigation, then you might be able to discover other "primary" residances, however never anything they consider a secret hiding place. But if one of their public places is known to you, this will be revealed as well. If their primary residance is private, then this charm will allow you to roll against a difficulty of their permanent essence to find out where it is, though you won't know what, exactly, it is.

Larceny p. 219

Resetting Tumblers Technique
Cost: 3m ( +WP )
In the case of any reroll charm, the activator of the charm can chose to cancel the use of this charm by spending a WP.
This means that if somebody rolled 5 sux, and then activated this charm for 3m, and rolled 2 sux, they could then spend a WP and get 5 sux.
The total cost of using this charm would then be 3m + WP.

Window-in-the-Door Technique
Duration: Essence Turns
This charm explictly works on clothes and, if desired, the human body and any of their posessions. It might even be useful in surgery or medicine, however the area of the transparency does not change.

Space-Crossing Theft Technique
This charm can explicitly be comboed with Window-in-the-Door Technique
Weight limit is changed to Essence * 5

Sail p. 221

Fine Passage Negotating Style
"Hazard" is pretty wide here. "Hazard" might be going to slow. So, you can always use this charm to add to your sail roll.
3 dice is also rather small; instead it acts as a Sail doubler for the scene, including the specialty.

Study Bulkhead Concentration
Additionally, this charm will ensure that no matter what damage is done to the boat by a single hazard, it will be serviceable, and the boat will not immediately sink when the charm ends, though if it has no health levels left it will still sink pretty damn quickly.
Immediate attention must be given to the damaged area. This effect does not work if people are idlying sitting by with their thumbs up their ass.


Archery p223

Harvest of the Hunter provides Archery + Spec in arrows, but only if the Specialty applies to the arrow type.

Life Swelling Sap Strike adds Essence to damage against common zombies and hungry ghosts, but not intelligent undead.

Dragonfly Finds Mate is a reflexive charm that provides a Archery + Spec parry against any arrow aimed at himself. This can be used as a dice adder to supplement an action.

Seven Year Storm Volley stacks with Dragonfly Finds Mate and Sparrow Dives with Hawk but it must be done on a per-attack basis. Seven Year Storm Volley is, of course, compatable with Spring Follows Winter. The one mote cost can also be used to protect up to a fang of mortal soldiers.

Sparrow Dives at Hawk can be used with any combination of charms, being reflexive. This is a counterattack and thus cannot be countered.


Infection-Banishing Prana will work on all of the target's wounds, and can be used on herself. If this is used before the wounds are infected, it prevents the wounds from being infected until they heal.

Dread Infection Strike: The difficulty is the Exalt's essence. A reminder: All diseased and poisonous attacks must do a single level of damage to take effect.

Disease-Banishing Technique is a perfect effect and will work on any disease, however magical ones will cost the target a HL to cough up.

Wound-Closing Touch requires only Infection-Banishing Prana. If only staunching bleeding, it does not require a willpower.

Grievous Wound Alteration Energy requires 3m + 1 WP per agg HL converted.

NOTE: After you have learned this charm you may learn Mind-Over-Body Meditation without a tutor (DB page 260). This charm cannot be used on other people until it's prerequisites have been met - a wood dragon stylist does not need to learn Grievous Wound Alteration Energy in order to heal other people with the charm.

Please note that the main reason I am not allowing Celestial Martial Arts at the start, is because I will have to go through them and edit them like I am editing the normal charms. This will be the first style I do, and I will probably not allow the other non-DB celestial styles at all.

If one completes all the Medicine Ability charms, they may self-teach themselves the Wood Dragon Martial Arts without a tutor, up to the form charm. To learn the form charm and every charm thereafter, one must train with a mentor who has completely mastered Wood Dragon Martial Arts.

Remember that I consider martial arts mastery to be the Form charm, so this means that in order to teach, you must have the mastery charm (Soul marking strike for wood style)

Performance p. 228

Dance of Flashing Swords: Defeated enemies may have their essence decommitted, and if new enemies show up, essence can be spent on them. However, some amount of essence may be committed; this is the number of enemies that can be faught at once; those enemies not visible or who have been defeated do not count towards this limit, and it may be simple for enemies beyond this limit to expose the character for what he is.

Also, forget the deal about non extras not being useable with this charm - if they wish to break the spell, they must make a simple Performance roll (the dice pool can be split) against the character's refleixve Performance roll. The winner determines what happens. The performance must be acted out, however, for this to work. However, for this effect to activate in the first place, an additional WP must be spent per non-extra that they wish to include in this show.

Protective Performance now does it's job. For the remainder of the performance, they will be protected entirely from non-magical ranged attacks. Magical effects are at a difficulty of the Dragon Blooded's Essence and the DB's Performance + Specialty is added to their soak. It has no effect on hand to hand attacks. It does not have to be sorcery - it may be charm or any other magical effect.

Protective Performance will work on anyone listening to the performance - that includes the performer, other exalts, and even enemies. Those who listen may be doing other things, though this charm provides no special ability to be heard over a battle.

Ride p 229

Scattered Pearl Hoof Falls - this charm increases the abilities Ride Ability in all ways for their essence in turns, and the speed. The speed increases by adding Ride * 5, not Ride * 1. Also, the mount will not tire while this charm is used.

This charm may be used on other people at a cost of one mote / person. This cannot more than double their ride ability, and it does not garuntee the behavior of the steed, but it does increase the speed by the same margin as if the Exalt used it herself.

Heaven-Gracing Leap - more successes will let the rider jump farther, however, the leap will take multiple turns and an additional ride check will be called for when they land. A botch will almost certainly result in the death of the mount.

Cloud-Harnessing Method - cost reduced to 3m, duration increased to essence in turns.

Charge of One Hundred Generals must have at least 4other riders. As long as they charge, they cannot be destroyed; the weapons of the enemy will shatter and their foes will fall to the ground, stricken, as they pass. Furthermore, while this charm is active, consider all members to be under the effects of Bottomless Depths Defense - they cannot be harmed by any physical attack so long as the charge continues.

Anyone with an Essence higher or equal to the one who activates this charm is not affected at all by this charm and may try to stop them, as he may if he activates an initative winning charm.

Great Heart Companion: Duration is at least Essence in Turns.

Dance of the Jade Bridle: If this charm succeeds, the animal may become a familiar. This charm does not work with the other charms in this tree - you cannot increase your charisma or ride with these charms. However, you might try sorcery, if it is your intention, or buy another charm after this one. There is an example charm. If this charm fails, and the animal is viscious, it will try to kill the character, and this charm will not work again on them unless the character survives without wounding it and seeks the mount out again.


Forgiveness-Of-Nature Invoking Prana since a reflexive reroller can be used outside of a combo, adding it to a combo ensures that you do not have to pay the price again.

Quarry Revelation Technique - allows the tracking of those using charms to disguise their passage.

Trail Concealing Measurement - Cost, 4 motes. Does not work on Lunars. Also, anyone may be given the effect of this charm at the cost of 2 motes, so long as they travel with the character and do not wander away.

Shelter Creation Technique - Cost is 5m + 1 per person over 6. Duration to one day.