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Character Creation

Lunars have three Caste Attributes. They must pick three Favored Attributes. They do not favor Abilities.

Trained Lunars

  • 9/7/5 for Attributes. 9 always goes for Caste Attributes, 7 for Favored ones.
  • 30 Ability points. Must have at least ** in Survival, and at least *** in a combat ability.
  • 10 Backgrounds
  • 13 Charms. 6 must be spent in Caste or Favored Charms.
  • 5 Virtues
  • Essence **
  • 15 Bonus Points
  • They have the Moonsilver Tattoos, which protect them from all Shaping effects, any manner of external Shapeshifting.

Untrained Lunars

  • 8/6/4 for Attributes. They have no Caste or Favored Attributes.
  • 25 Ability points.
  • 7 Backgrounds
  • 9 Charms.
  • 5 Virtues
  • Essence **
  • 15 Bonus Points
  • Their Caste rotates with the phases of the Moon.
  • Personal Essence Pool
    • Essence + Willpower x2
  • Peripheral Essence Pool
    • Essence x4 + Willpower x2 + Highest Virtue x4

Bonus Points and Experience

  • Favored and Caste Attributes cost 3 Bonus Points, or Current Rating x3 in Experience to increase.
  • Lunars pay only 8 bonus points to increase their Essence. And Current Rating x9 to do so with Experience.
  • Lunars pay 5 Bonus Points for Favored Charms, and 6 for Unfavored Charms.
  • The experience cost for Lunar Charms is of 10 experience points for favored ones, and 13 for unfavored ones.
  • Spells count as Intelligence Charms. Lunars never favor Martial Arts Charms.

Lunar Castes

  • Full Moon Luna's Warriors, the greatest predators to ever walk on Creation.
    • Caste Attributes: Strength, Charisma, Perception
    • Sobriquets: Children of the Burning Moon, The Silver Blades, Luna's Warriors, Nightfangs
    • Associations: The season and the element of Fire, the color White
  • Anima Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: Flesh of Thorns: The Children of the Burning Moon are killers. Destroyers made to hunt and kill. Their bodies are their weapons, and they always know how to finely hone them to better destroy their target, adapting to the situation and shifting subtly to exploit any possible weakness. The Full Moon always adds half(round up) her Essence to one statistic of her natural weapons, and may change which statistic is enhanced by taking a dice action.
    • Celestial Prowess: Predator's Pace: Predators without peer, the Silver Blades move with unparalleled grace, and make sure that nothing in Heaven or Earth can evade their pursuit. The Lunar may spend 5 motes to attune her anima to her physical shape, doubling her flying, running and leaping distances for a scene.
  • Waxing Moon Luna's Priests and Courtiers, the fairest beings to ever walk on Creation.
    • Caste Attributes: Stamina, Appearance, Wits
    • Sobriquets: Children of the Crescent Moon, The Silver Lights, Luna's Courtiers, Nightpriests
    • Associations: The season and element of Wood, the color Purple
  • Anima Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: Unparalleled Beauty: The Children of the Crescent Moon are the most beauteous creatures to ever walk upon Heaven or Earth. Their magic shifts their body to its perfection. To gaze upon them is to gaze upon Luna up close, and to know all is right in the world as long as such a beauty exists. A Waxing Moon always adds her Essence in dice to any and all rolls involving the Appearance attribute. This is not an actual increase to the attribute.
    • Celestial Prowess: Lunatic Devotion: The Silver Lights are Priests, knowing instantly and instinctively the right prayers and offerings for any deity they come across. This religious knowledge fills them with a Lunatic Devotion - when channelling their primary virtue, they may spend 5 motes to make a Lunatic Roll, instead of getting the Virtue in dice - The Lunar doubles his total successes on the roll, but any 1 rolled takes a success away, before it is doubled - the overzealous have a greater chance of catastrophic mistakes.
  • Half Moon Luna's tacticians, strategists who craft perfect, misleading plans, able to adapt to any tactical situation.
    • Caste Attributes: Stamina, Charisma, Intelligence
    • Sobriquets: Children of the Setting Moon, The Silver Crystals, Luna's Strategoi, Nightminds
    • Associations: The season and element of Earth, the colors Gray and Brown
  • Anima Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: The Flow of Conflict: The Children of the Setting Moon are unparalleled tacticians; No one else is so deeply in control of the battlefield around them. It is their natural gift to understand, and know how to use every little prop in the scenario, every little shift on the ground beneath them, always on the move, always ready to blindside their foes. When entering combat, their bodies shift constantly to account for minor changes in the terrain, to account for every movement of their opponents, constantly giving the Half Moon the edge. The Half-Moon's adds her Essence Score to her initiative rolls at all times.
    • Celestial Prowess: Crystal-Etched Stratagems: The Silver Crystals possess cold and calculating minds, serene like the night they shine upon. Their tactical knowledge is such that a few whispered words, a few signals from their hands are enough to place their allies on the right places, to maneuver their enemies to the wrong places, and accomplish any goal she sees fit. It is their Celestial right to create such flexible and clear plans. Once a day, The Half-Moon may spend 5 motes to instantly make a plan, which includes a number of entities equal her Intelligence; She gets a pool of automatic successes equal to her Intelligence, which can be added to any action on the plan by any of the entities whenever the Half-Moon sees fit. When they are depleted, it is gone until the Half-Moon crafts another plan.
  • Waning Moons Luna's spies and tricksters, masterful illusionists who walk anywhere and everywhere unseen.
    • Caste Attributes: Dexterity, Manipulation, Wits
    • Sobriquets: Children of the Dancing Moon, The Silver Mirrors, Luna's Tricksters, Night-thieves.
    • Associations: The season and element of Air, the color Teal
  • Anima Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: Muted Presence: The Children of the Dancing Moon are naturally at home in the flesh of others. As Luna stepping into the shadow, they only allow part of them to be seen, and hide all they do not wish others to see, shaping their bodies in such a cunning way so as to hide any tell-tales of their existence. Thus, the Waning Moon adds half her Essence(rounded up) to the difficulty to spot her Tell in all forms, at all times.
    • Celestial Prowess: Wicked Smile: The Silver Mirrors are tricksters beyond compare, as great as Luna herself, able to make even the Fair Folk walk away empty-handed and with a smile on their face. Grace, poise and wit given to them by Luna, they may trick or hide, but Luna has decreed - those they wish to fool will be fooled. The Waning Moon may spend 5 motes to add their Essence to all rolls to deceive another for a scene.
  • No Moons Luna's Mystics, lorekeepers who know anything and everything.
    • Caste Attributes: Dexterity, Manipulation, Intelligence
    • Sobriquets: Children of the Hidden Moon, The Silver Shadows, Luna's Chamberlains, Nightwitches.
    • Associations: The season and element of Water, the color Blue.
  • Anima Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: Soul-Fire Shapers: Others see the shifting of their shapes as physical things or to shape the remains of their true self... but only the Children of the Hidden Moon see that there is more to the body than that. All is Essence, the bodies of all beings, including themselves. The No Moon Caste are able to shift their internal geomancy as they shift their shapes, turning laborious works of essence into effortless tricks. The No Moon may ignores up to 1 willpower from the cost of Intelligence Charms twice per scene.
    • Celestial Prowess: Heaven's Lorekeepers: The Silver Shadows remember everything. All the knowledge under Heaven, everything ever gazed under the Moonlight is their to know. They bask on it, and simply know all there is to know, as the tales of a thousand past generations go through them like the essence they breathe and the thoughts their minds conjure. Once a day, a No Moon may spend 5 motes to access that knowledge and find out what needs to be done, where she needs to go and who to talk to to find any particular information. This may seem vague for Lunars who do not have the bigger picture - a No Moon who needs to ask something on the Golden Barque of Heavens, but has no knowledge of the Celestial Bureaucracy and Yu-Shan would not know what to do with the words, even though they would be crystal clear to one who knew about those places, as the wording is always precise.
  • Casteless Those who have not fixed their Castes, circling through them at the turn of the Moon.
    • Caste Attributes: None
    • Sobriquets: The Forsaken, The Moon-Mad
    • Associations: The period of Calibration, the color Silver.
  • Anima Powers: The Casteless possess the Celestial Prowess of the Caste that corresponds to the current phase of the Moon. They do not possess the Shapeshifting Mastery, for that requires an innate, intrinsic knowledge that the Lunar only possesses when he has his Caste locked, and its fundaments made part of his being.

Changing Moons
In a game using the Changing Moon Caste - the Lunar's canonical status quo, with only three castes - the attributes are adjusted accordingly (with Full Moons having all the Physical Attributes as Caste Attributes, the No Moon receiving all Mental Attributes and the Changing Moon, all Social Attributes; However, they would retain their three favored attribute choices), and the Changing Moon receive the Waning Moon's Shapechanging Mastery, in addition to their own Veil of Illusion Celestial Prowess. Changing Moon are also always able to buy Fair Folk Charms as if they were Favored Charms.

Merits and Flaws

Ascended Wrath
5-Point Flaw
When the Lunar takes on an Ascended Form, he becomes an inhuman, primal, divine thing. It is such a great power that his Tell must become grander just to maintain the Lunar's identity. For some Lunars... this is not enough. Those that possess the Ascended Wrath Flaw must possess the Ascension Charm. When Ascended, he acts as if he was into the Curse of the Berserker Anger limit break - he destroys anything that comes close.

The Lunar may channel Compassion to avoid attacking his loved ones, but needs to do so every time they approach him. A Lunar with this flaw feels the Ascension burning and raging within him at all times - whenever he finds himself cornered, backed against the wall, or sees something terribly revolting, he must make a Temperance roll at Difficulty 2 - if he fails, he Ascends. He will only revert to Human Form when there are no more enemies, and when the Ascension Form stops to rest.

Any Lunar may buy Ascension with this Flaw attached at any time during the campaign for 0 Experience Points.

Limited Forms
Variable Point Flaw
For some reason, the Lunar may not use the most of her shapeshifting prowess - unlike the rest of her kind, she is denied shapeshifting mastery.

  • Mark of the Beast (1-Point Flaw): The Lunar with this Flaw is most likely not sure enough in her identity to become one so close to her original form - she can become any number of beasts, but is unable to mimic humans by drinking their Heart's Blood. She can drink, but gain no benefit from it, their blood wasted on her lips. She may not take any Heart's Blood Form more humanoid than a monkey.
  • Walk With Your Own (1-Point Flaw): Due to some mishap during Exaltation, the Lunar with this Flaw is tied much more tightly to her petal in the Lotus of Life, and it colors her shapeshifting abilities according. The Lunar with this Flaw may only take the shape of animals in the same Class as her Totem(reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, arachnids, etc.). She may still drink their Heart's Blood, but nothing happens. If she has adjusted her Totem and it is somehow chimeric(such as a Gryphon) then two or more Classes might count, but other Lunars, especially those of the Pact, will be uneasy around such Lunars.
    • Shadow of the Totem (2-Points Flaw): The Lunar is tied intrinsically with his Totem. The Totem is more than it is for most Lunars... as it does not allow the Lunar to access the mastery of shapeshifting, instead becoming the totality of his shapeshifting ability. The Lunar with this Flaw may only take the shape of animals in the same Family as her Totem(felines, canines, spiders, butterflies, etc.). This flaw is an enhanced version of Walk With Your Own, and they may not be taken together. The Lunar may still take the Form of other Humans, however, and may take Mark of the Beast as well.

Disharmony with the Inner Beast
2-Point Flaw
The Lunar is not in harmony with his Totem. Perhaps some twist of fate has made it impossible for him to come to terms with it. Perhaps he has been overpowered by it. But whatever is the case... the Lunar can always hear the Totem whispering in rage on the back of his mind. When the Lunar shifts into his Totem, he loses his mind. He becomes as an animal, with simple instincts. It may have some loyalty to his allies or enmity to his enemies, but it will do as it wishes, and act as a non-sentient being. The Lunar may spend a Conviction channel to try to force it to do something towards his Human goals. The beast will not turn back unless someone wins contested rolls of their Charisma+Presence or Socialize against the Lunar's Willpower by a margin greater than the Lunar's Essence, to try to touch the spirit within the beast...

A Lunar with this Flaw will always revert to Totem Form when his Willpower reaches 0.

Some Lunars receive this Flaw during play, as some particularly shocking or scarring events might make a Lunar take refuge in an atavistic state of mind...