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Little Silver Lie

It is named The Chained Heart.
Its cover is scarlet and ebon, fractal designs that seem to go on forever.
It is not bound in leather or paper, or anything else one has a name for.
Its cover feels liquid to the touch, colors shining like gems.
It is something important, something that feels like destiny in one's hands.
Its pages look like a shadowy sky, starlit with heavenly bodies colored burning red.
It is written in some sort of astrological code.
Its existence is a most well-kept secret.
It has fallen into the hands of a specially-gathered group of Lunars.
Its pursuers have marked their very existence, and they must die, wether or not they hand over the book.

Hunted, with all the forces that seek to destroy them over the coded knowledge under the Chained Heart's pages, a group of shapeshifting gods with the silver lady's blessings must breach the little silver lies that hide in the shadows of the sanguine night... or accept the death that comes at them from a thousand different directions.

What is it?

Is a Lunar game using the rules countained in SilverMasks!

It uses Power Combat as written, my House Rules and Magical Materials.

Character Generation rules are those found here, but all characters start with Essence 3.


  • Fangs-of-Winter - Become a terror greater than your nightmares, and never fear again.
  • Gin - Your looks will carry you only so far, if you don't know how to use them.
  • Myria - A bardess with the voice of an angel, and a body to match.


Little Silver Gathering
A Circle of Lunars gather on a party in glass... and learn of the Chained Heart.

Little Silver Glass
A Manse of Glass. Arrows of Glass. Heart of Glass. Carmine stalks silver, and one falls...

Little Silver Fangs
Fangs-of-Winter and Seven Leaf Sorrow face the Red Dawn!

Little Silver Howl
Within Sudoku village owls love kittens, and a howl stirs them all!

Little Silver Water
Surrounded by water, a Circle is formed... and an objective is set!

  • Winter and East
    Fangs is winter come to the East... and her trip is anything but uneventful.

Little Silver Bridges
The Lunars come upon the Aquamarine Crossing... an example of enterprising spirit and of celestial corruption.

Little Silver Pies
Wrynn Diermidis and Snowy Silver Night see the other side of the Aquamarine Crossing...

Little Silver Whispers
Gin shows just how devious and alluring one of the Nine Companions can be...

Little Silver Morning
A robbery like only two Lunars could ever do!

Little Silver Waves
They gather... and the ripples of their movements in the pond are felt. They made the waves... and now control them.

Little Silver Claws
Snowy meets her teacher, Anja Silverclaws... and learns very, very much.

Little Silver Play
Wei-Lai terrorizes the Aquamarine Crossing and faces off Fangs-of-Winter as Gin's plans finally come to fruition...

Little Silver Return
The makeshift Circle reunites, and plans are made...

Little Silver Wedding
Gin celebrates a Royal Wedding... and the Red Dawn crashes the party!

Little Silver Questions
The surprising interrogation of Sienna and Amara!

Little Silver Thorns
Sienna wants a new body... and nothing will stop her!