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By CrownedSun

Games of Divinity, Act IV

Act IV, Scene 1

(The scene opens on a barren stage empty of all players.)

(Enter Darkness When All is Light. He is dressed in loose black robes, concealing soulsteel armor. A daiklave rests in his left hand, and a book under his right arm.)

Darkness: I call thee forth, ancient spirits. I bind you to the name, to the book. Come forth.

Echoing Voices: He calls thee, he binds thee!

Darkness: Come forth.

Echoing Voices: The bearer of the book, the speaker of the name.

Darkness: Come!

(Enter Spirits, three in total. One is female, a veiled figure with hair as black as the void. The others are men, one armored and armed for war, the other a thin skeletal figure dressed in robes.)

Veiled Spirit: You have called us.

Warrior Spirit: We have come.

Sage Spirit: We are bound by the Name, and the Book.

Darkness: I speak to you, Veiled Maiden. Tell me of the one upon whose name I bind you; tell me of his lusts, and his crimes.

Veiled Spirit: I am bound, I obey. I was one of the Sacred Daughters of the Unconquered Sun; blessed servitors and priestesses of our lord, sacrosanct and forbidden to all earthly desires and pleasures. The one called Zael Light-Bringer was a being of greatness, and power, but cursed with dark lusts that he could not sate -- but sate them he did. I was taken, by force, and then killed to hide his shame and regret at having broken the ancient compacts.

Darkness: What burden do you carry?

Veiled Spirit: I carry the Light-Bringer's shame and guilt.

Darkness: I speak to you, Knight of Sorrows. Tell me of the one upon whose name I bind you; tell me of his rage, and his crimes.

Warrior Spirit: I am bound, I obey. I was bound to the one called Zael Light-Bringer; brave companion and steadfast servitor, an association held sacred in the eyes of the Unconquered Sun. My master was a being of honor, and power, but cursed with horrible rage against all those who stood between him and that which he claimed. I was one of those who stood between him, when he wished to betray the Deliberative and set himself up as a God-King. I was betrayed, oaths cast aside, to be given pain and then death so that he might ignore my words and do as he wished.

Darkness: What burden do you carry?

Warrior Spirit: I carry the Light-Bringer's disgrace and pride.

Darkness: I speak to you, Sage of Forgotten Lores. Tell me of the one upon whose name I bind you; tell me of his crimes.

Sage Spirit: I am bound, but I cannot obey.

(Darkness When All is Light pauses for a long moment.)

Darkness: I command you on the name, and the book! Tell me of Zael Light-Bringer's Crime, and the Burden you carry!

Sage Spirit: You may command me all you wish, on any name and any book. I cannot and will not obey, by the bindings of most ancient sorcery and glamour that command me, until you pass the test and prove your worth.

Darkness: ...very well. Tell me of this test.

Act IV, Scene 2

(The scene opens on a stage, wreathed in mist. It is empty, for several long seconds.)

(Enter Cailus, dressed in the Raiment of Zael Light-Bringer.)

Cailus: Where am I?

(There is silence, then a Small Whispering voice -- vaguely familiar -- sounds out through the mist)

Voice: You are dreaming, young Cailus.

Cailus: This...does not feel like a dream.

Voice: It is not an ordinary dream, but it is still a dream. Do you remember what brought you here?

Cailus: I...I was following a great golden Lion. He presented me with a book...

Voice: Very good. That is Hannuk`Dur. He was once your friend, in your last incarnation as a Chosen of the Sun.

Cailus: I had felt that he was a friend, but I did not treat him as one. confused.

Voice: That is only to be expected. You are incomplete.

Cailus: What do you mean? How am I incomplete? I do not feel incomplete -- I feel as though I have never been more complete in my life, as if I could strike down at all those who dare to face me. I feel as though I were the most powerful being on Creation, the pitiful wreck of it that remains. That I could, that I should rule it all -- or destroy it.

Voice: Yes, I know.

Cailus: Then tell me, strange voice, what do you mean? How am I incomplete?

Voice: You are missing the part of your soul that keeps you separate from the memories of the past, the memories that remain within the soulshard that blazes through your soul.

(Cailus is shocked into silence, standing in center stage. The voice continues.)

Voice: I removed that part of your soul long ago, before you were born. I have been planning this for a long time.

Cailus: Why? Why did you do this to me?

Voice: (amused) It's a secret.

Cailus: Wait; your voice is familiar to me. I have heard it before... It resonates through my mind, through my soul, down into the blazing spark of fire that perches in the lower reaches of my animal soul.

Voice: Who am I?

Cailus: Jupiter, the Maiden of Secrets.

(Enter Jupiter, the Maiden of Secrets)

Jupiter: I realize that you don't know all this stuff, but you're supposed to kneel at this point.

Cailus: ...I kneel before no one.

Jupiter: You kneel before me, boy.

(Reluctantly, Cailus kneels...)

Jupiter: Good, good. This is a good sign. Perhaps it is not as hopeless as I thought. I have a task for you, Cailus -- Zael, if you prefer perhaps. It is of the utmost importance. One of the books into which your virtues and vices were imbued has been stolen, taken to a place even I cannot see. You must recover this book, at all costs. The importance of this is beyond any you can imagine. If you decide to preserve or destroy creation, that is yours to decide, but you must recover this book first of all.

Cailus: Why is it so important?

Jupiter: Sssh, do not argue with me. I am a god; you listen to gods, and obey them. Just as you kneel to them. Leave now, back to the waking world. Follow my bidding.

(Cailus slowly stands -- pauses for a bit, and then takes a deep bow -- prompting Jupiter to smile back at him. Exit Cailus.)

Jupiter: Are you satisfied?

(Enter the Unconquered Sun)

Unconquered Sun: Does that matter? It is better than I expected; I do not see why you had to talk to him. He is my Chosen, after all, not yours. Let us hope that he finds the book...

Jupiter: Indeed. Let us hope.

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