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Official Charm

This still needs to be inserted ...

thinker's version

Retrieve the Fallen Weapon</b>

<b>Cost: 2 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min. Melee: 1
Min. Essence: 1
Prereqs: None

Using this Charm the character calls to their hand any weapon in their line of sight that is not currently being wielded by another. This can include weapons from the floor, hanging on walls and even in other people’s belts, just not their hands. It does not work on weapons that are attuned to other people no matter where they are.

Vote Tally

Official version

  1. Ikselam
  2. Blaque
  3. MetalFatigue
  4. Domon

thinker's version

  1. thinker
  2. BrokenShade
  3. Quendalon

Personally, I don't think the weapon-summoning Melee subtree is broken at all. RTFW needs to be there in order for Iron Raptor to make sense, and I see no reason to power it up. Thinker's version also steps on the toes of Magpie's Invisible Talon. -- Ikselam

I don't think it steps on Magpie's talons ... that Charm is not noticeable, where this one is quite obvious. And broken or not, the tree does have speedbumps. ^_^ -- BrokenShade

I don't think speedbumps are the Great Satan many people seem to make them out to be. The only Exalted who don't have speedbumps are Sidereals, and their trees just stop three or four Charms in. (Numerous false claims to the contrary, Abyssals do have speedbumps -- almost as many as Solars. The difference is that their speedbumps are slightly less noticeable, not that they aren't there.)\\ _Ikselam

I think this Charm is fine as is. Its Call the Blade that annoys me, which I already stated on. Its a logical branch-off for Iron Raptor, and does what it does for its level well. Its Charms after it that annoy me. And stuff. Blaque

Thinker's version is basically, "As written, except that you can call weapons you've never wielded before, and you can't call a weapon attuned to someone else." This doesn't seem unbalanced or too far off from the original intent, makes it occasionally useful over and above Call the Blade, and can allow for some amusing stunts. - Quendalon