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Official Charm

This still needs to be inserted ...

thinker's version

Call the Blade</b>

<b>Cost: 3 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Reflexive
Min. Melee: 3
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Retrieve the Fallen Weapon

Using this Charm the character calls upon the secret name of the spirit of a weapon to allow them to wield it even if broken. The weapon does not have to belong to the character for this Charm to work, but they must have wielded it in combat at least once. The weapon called by this Charm must be within Essence x 10 yards or at least the majority of the pieces. The constituent parts of the broken weapon fly together in the Characters hand when this Charm is activated and float magically in their proportional locations as if the weapon was whole while this Charm is in effect. The weapon functions just as it had been repaired, but falls to pieces again the moment the fight is over. Note: This is the Charm that Yshev used against Holok in the Trilogy of the Second Age.

notsoangrydave's version

not fully written out, but i like the idea of retrieve the fallen weapon and call the blade being one Charm, scalable depending on the essence/melee of the character, and which version they want to use. keep all the prerequisites for both (except RtFW as a prereq for CtB). That way, it allows characters the better use if they're willing to sacrifice the extra essence, or the cheap version if they don't think they need the other version, or just want to conserve essence.

Blaque's version

I think just deleting this Charm is the best solution. Then rearrange it to look like the Abyssal tree. Makes things work out just fine I think. Its a simple solution, balances the tree more with the Abyssal version, and all that. Y'see, I don't think summoning weapons is a thematic thing that fits the "kills hit better" motif better then the Solar way. As such, I think Solars should only have to put as much xp and starting points as their counterparts. Or something.


Morpheus' Version

Allow the blade to be summonable up to Melee x 10 yds

BillGarrett's Version

In addition to its usual effects, Call the Blade opposes attempts to disarm the character or deattune his weapon. In any opposed roll, add the character's Essence as bonus dice to resist the attempt to disarm or deattune, which explicitly stack with any other dice bonuses, regardless of source. Where an attempt does not involve an opposed roll, double any Essence cost and add a cost of 1 Willpower to any Charm that would disarm the user or deattune him from the weapon. This benefit is a permanent effect of learning the Call the Blade Charm, and does not require any activation on the user's part.

Vote Tally

Official version

  1. Ikselam
  2. MetalFatigue

thinker's version

  1. thinker
  2. BrokenShade

notsoangrydave's version

  1. notsoangrydave

Blaque's version

  1. Blaque
  2. SilverMeerKat
  3. Domon
  4. Lipperman
  5. CrownedSun
  6. Mask of Winters
  7. NatalieD

Morpheus' Version

  1. Morpheus

Weapon breakage happens really infrequently. Thinker's revision's only purpose is to defeat a couple of offensive Charms, and to allow you to make infinite HGD parries (and the like) with a regular weapon. -- Ikselam

I got a red pen and crossed this Charm off the Charm tree, screaming "you're the weakest link!". Then I made Summoning the Loyal Steel the prereq for Glorious Solar Saber. To be honest, I kept hold of my red pen for a long time, and completely reordered that Charm tree.

Speedbump charms piss people off, but by God, you need 'em once in a while. Retrieve the fallen weapon is so great when you're disarmed, despite its simpleness. They never see it coming. Call the blade is simply amazing. I mean, if it's even in the villian's hands, 20+ yards away, you can call it. I think that up to 50 yds is a bit more necessarily impressive, but still, you want your sword, so this charm rocks. And Summon the Loyal Steel is just insane. This is what being a solar is all about. I mean, :0 You don't need to carry your sword at all. You can barely be disarmed. You can make your weapon vanish. Nobody will ever find it. It's 1 mote, and, and, and, it's reflexive. I mean, you can perform a combo without a weapon. Really. - Morpheus

I have no objection to speedbumps. --MetalFatigue

"You are the weakest link!!!!" Lmao! Whoever wrote that, I want to bear your children. I just got this beautiful mental image of someone hopping around on foot, with the Core in one hand and a marker in the other, screaming things. It was funny. Don't look at me like that.\\ Also, there were bunnies and kittens.\\ I had about exactly the same reaction, actually, except it was someone else's book, so I didn't get to have any red-pen-fandango fun. But yeah, I agree with Blaque's version - SilverMeerKat

I really like the original just fine. I mean, I have no reason not to go with Morpheus's math, but I don't see what's wrong with this charm or the tree. CtB isn't as bad-ass as StLS, but it's a 2nd tier, 2/2 charm.\\ Wadda you want for nothin'? Rubber biscuit?\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

I'm totally with Blaque on this one. Call the Blade is a worthless speedbump and should be deleted. -Mask of Winters