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Distant dreams

Come my child sit at my knee and I will relate to you the tale of an ancient time so old even the so called princes of the earth do not truly remember it. It was like yesterday to me though and I remember it equally both with fondness of my innocense at the time and hatred for my weakness.

For you see it was when the ancient sun born ruled the earth that I clawed my way from my mother's womb and took up the mantle of a squire to a mighty chosen one. In time I was blessed with power beyond even my lord's own and ascended to the ranks of Luna's beloved and that is where I first met him.

Yes I knew the Lunar who was later to be called the first Kivsungai and we were like brothers at the time. he was a masterful wroker of our mother's blessed metal, in fact my own mighty batons were made for me by his hands, and many weapons of war marched from his factory in Moonsilver to be used on our enemies. Behemoths, Raksha, rogue exalts all were laid waste by his genius. But then something happened to him.

Oh I see you wish to know what it was that made him take up the path of heresy. Very well I will satisfy your curiosity though I will ask a favor in turn. As the century of our second life wore on age seemed to settle over the great exalt faster than the rest of us. No drink could refresh him, nor mating, nor even prayer atop the blessed spire. Only when he saw the golden children at play with did he smile and show interest in life again. It was then he stopped obeying the directorates of the deliberative and become rogue himself. He came to me the night before he left and told me of his plan and his visions from Luna. Mark this well young warrior for it is important.

"Luna has shown me the deliberative in flames and treaachery will come to this place. I can no longer turn the gears of deathas I once did. So flee with me to the wyld places and together we will make a new world."

As two lvoers in a bard's tale we fled into the night leaving our lives as the pampered playthings of the solar chosen behind and only following his visions for a decade. But then he changed more

The second heresy

MMM yes closer my friend for the night is cold, the fires dim, and the story long. Do not think it a sign of weakness to draw heat from another in the cold for only a fool does not recognize his limitations and foolishness breeds weakness. Now where was I?

Ahhhh yes our journey to the wyld. For decade by my reckoning we lived as beast in the wyld places not caring for the world that was falling part around us and being reborn at the same time. Though often I would catch him looking towards the lost city and losing himself in thought I never thought it would lead him towardss the madness he gave into. Then one day he dissapeared without a trace into a sea of chaos and never returned...I assume he perished theree for I have smelled his scent on three others since then, Two of whom I have slain.

So the days turned to years and the pact came for and fixed my role in existence again marking me with the holy metals and blessing me in Luna;'s eyes again. This time though we looked out upon a world without the nescecarry thumb of the deliberative and saw only sickness and decay. So seeing this I took it upon myself to lead an expedition back to my homeland and recover what I could from Moonsilver.

Now is the time where lesser men wept for those who know our history know what I encountered there. yes there were ruins, bodies, and ghosts. Yes there was much to grieve over finding that much ahd been lost in my absence but then I discovered two things. First was that the holy manses beneath the city as well as the mines, the holy moonsilver mines, had all been sealed by the magic of he who I had considered closer than any lover or partner could ever be. Worse were the race of degenerate creatures I found hoveling in holes crying like babes when my horde began to scavenge the ruins taking what was ours by right.

Then a lone creature stepped forth to oppose me. You might think this brave but remember what I said of foolishness, and this heretic was indeed a fool. For you see he dared call himself Kivsungai, he dared demand I leave his city, and he dared demand I not devour his people like the herd animals my former mate had made of them. So I slew him

RAGE! RAGE against the treachery shown to me that day! For though I slew the ignorant fool I was cursed by an unknown power to never enter my beloved city again. instead I was cast to the west and the north.

Yet though my body was smashed by the winds as I lay upon the rocks that had been my pillow upon landing I persevered and returned to my lair here. It was here I had my revelation.

The Hunters are born

I gathered together the best sorcerors, breeders and woodsman I could lay my claws upon and set forth them a task. Bring to their god the strongest most verstaile and adaptive animals of creation starting with my totem, it being the best choice after all, and build me an army to wipe the vile degenerates of Moonsilver from the face of creation. And so for two centuries they did until my horde shook the ground as it walked.

I sent the best of my people to war against the lapine, the vile disgusting creatures of a heretical parentage, and asceretained of my victory turned towards important matters such as keeping my territory safe from others of my kind, and new threats. Then the survivors returned a decade later and brought news to me of my Kivsungai's final blessing from Luna and how it had turned against them in their time of ultimate vistory over weakness.

OH how I howled and tore myself under Luna's gaze for a fortnight as I sought her guidance in this puzzle! How, how could these miserable monsters perplex me at every turn? Quick quaking my dear warrior I will not harm you and it is unbecoming in one who will serve under me when the war resumes.

Weakness or strength?

Having lost my number I turned to the last trick a fox has and which kivsungai had taught to me early in my second life. That of the velvet glove and a loving touch. For you see the Lapine males lead a strict and protected lifestyle and this leaves them open to certain....tactics which my generals employ. For the Lapines oft deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh and in a young male rabbit this leads to much frustration or so my advisors tell me. To this end I have sent my greatest students to coerce as much of the population to our side as possible. Then when they lack the population to breed properly, and weakened by my lieutenant's continued intervention in their affairs I will send forth the horde I am rebuilding to finally crush these weak beasts.

The current Kivsungai

yes you do bring up a point I did mention that I have smelled kivsungai on three others in my time. Two of them I slew with my oiwn claws. yet the third, well the third perplexes me. I have encountered him once when I took one of my journeys down to the boundaries of the curse that forbade my entrance to Luna's blessed metropolis and set several board upoin a young lad to test his spirit. I gnash my teeth in frustration when the boars forced him into his second life and I immediately recognized the scent of my old friend. Before I could slay him though he dissapeared form every sense I possessed and nothing I nor any of my sorcerors did could find his location. To this day I suspect one of my equals in interfering in that event depriving me of further vengeance against the depraved heretic.

yet my spies have told me many things of this child king. They say the rabbits prepare for war. Rumours run rampant around some horde camps of lightnign raids in the night that leave vmarauders dead in massive numbers no....grass eater could account for. worse of all is the news that he now travels with a sun chosen reborn and two of the weak princes of lookshy.

But this is no bother for he is still young and potentially unaware that I have Luna's favor this time....though I know not yet why the elders of the pact have come to me. They have promised to lift the curse and let me rule over the city as I see fit if I can capture the heretic and his friends alive and divine their ultimate purpose.

NAME:Nine tails laughing devil CASTE:changing moon TOTEM:Fox TELL:Nine fox tails) STR:8(12) DEX:9(1 STA:8(12), CHA:6, MAN:8, APP:6, PER:8, INT:5, WITS:8 Merits:Tactical instincts(1), ambidexterous(1), Legendary attribute(3 DEX), jack of all trades(4), hidden manse(2) FLAWS:barbarian(1), Rival(4)(He who cheats fate), Known anathema(5) ABILITIES:FAVORED(Survival 8, martial arts 8(Hook swords 5), Brawl 8(fighting sticks 5), Thrown 8, dodge athletics 8, awareness 8, melee 6, endurance 7, resistance 8, prescence 7, socialize 8, stealth 6, lore 6, medicine 4, Craft(war) 5(raids 5), linquistics 5 BACKGROUNDS: Manse 5, artifact:5, horde 5, cult 5, Heart's blood 5, heart's blood human(5), influence 5, backing 5, contacts 4, allies 4, renown 5, resources 5 CHARMS:ALL CHARMS BUT SORCERY DBT*8(+4 str, +4 sta, +9 dex, lightning speed, fluterring wings(jumping), resilience of nature/wound knitting power, bestial reflexes*2, terrible beast claws/savage moonsilver talons, enhanced senses)

Artifacts:batons of smiting(as hooked daiklaves of dual prowess only using batoin stats with the option of doing lethal OR piercing damage MANSE:choose one level five manse(preferably gem of perfect mobility or the gem of incomparabel wellness(whether you want him whuppin butt or playing Freddy Krueger oin your PCs)

Other statistics Cult consists of anyone who sees the fox as a symbol of cunning, repspect, daring and/or bravery. But approximately 8000 dwwellers in the east near the marukani allaince are his "children"

His horde consist of 3000 able bodied human extras, 3500 beastmen(as per the main book, 1200 essence wielding beastmen(see he who cheats fate's stats), 700 remainging members of the fox tribe(see stats in another post, 55 warstrider piloting beastmen(as essence wilderis but equipped with 48 common, 5 noble, andf 2 royal warstriders and all points in DEX), 1 sky manta with a medium implosion bow mounted on the keel, 200 beastmen piloting the most beatific armor of Luna ascendant(as the essence using beastmen), 12 work striders As with He who cheats fate all the warstriders are in poor repair and suffer a -2 penalty to attack and dodge rolls until brought to full working order

average Fox tribe diplomat STR: 2 DEX:4, STA:2, CHA:2, MAN:3, APP:2, INT:3, PER:3, WITS:3 Merits:Mutation(fur, eye color, enhanced smell and hearing)(5), breed true(2), awakened essence(5), FLAWS:unusual appearance(2), barbarian(1), enemy(the cult of kivsungai)(2),

ABILITIES:FAVOREDstealth 4, melee 3, thrown 2, archery 1, survival 3, endurance 2, athletics 2, socialize 3, performance 3

BACKGROUNDS:patron 3, artifacts 3,

VIRTUES: compassion 2, temperance 2, conviction 3, valor 2


ESSENCE: 2 19/____

CHARMS:Finding the spirit's shape, DBT(+2dex, +1sta fluttering wings(jumping), bestial reflexes)

artifacts: moonsilver reinforced breastplate, shockpike, collar of Dawn's cleansing light