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Evening all. I'm English, so any spelling mistakes you find are probably just British English. I also have a habit of building a framework and then filling stuff in later at my leisure, so any broken links you find are intentionally that way. Well, except for the ones I miss. :shrug: Feel free to read through my stuff and make comments. Just keep it constructive and we'll get on fine.

We all know what goes here. NPC ideas and egomaniacal stuff about my own characters.

Look, a Most Deadly Glove Of Blazing Death From Heaven!

Charms and Sorcery
As usual. Lots of martial arts forms.

Two shiny hearthstones, sitting on the wall, etc.

For stuff like story ideas, and the Golden Pact.

Just like it says on the tin.

The Build-a-Charm Challenge!
It's a challenge... where you, like, build charms. And stuff.

Caught you. I hope you didn't think you were being subtle.  ;) It took me maybe an extra minute to figure out who you were since you weren't in the UserPages; very clever.
And I caught some typos in your pages, too, so I get to mock you now.
~ Shataina

Falcon - I was just angling to waste more of your time. And maybe get a quicker response than by email. :P
Did you fix the typos? Or was finding them just as exercise in laziness? :)

You mean an exercise in laziness?
Was that purposeful, or actually ironic? (And / or part of your latest cunning plan?)
I would have fixed them, but later when the Wiki was postable again, I, to be honest, couldn't find them again. Someone else must have fixed them.
I'll try to be better about the email thing. You should, meanwhile, suck it up and get AIM.  :P
~ Shataina

Falcon - Oh, shut it, you. ;)

So you're one of 'Taina's friends.
Makes sense.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

"Makes sense?" And exactly what does that mean?
~ Shataina
PS: Falcon, you do know that canonically, Sidereals can't have any more Charms besides those in the books, right? Are you planning on ignoring this or getting around it somehow?

Not a god damn thing. :)

Falcon - Evening, Braydz. And canonically, "The only characters in the setting capable of designing new Sidereal Charms are the Maidens ... The Storyteller can define additional Charms and assert that they already exist, and lost and secret Charms may be out there." (Sidereals, p128, first column, second paragraph). So there. ;)

In other words, players can't design new charms, but GMs can. And I plan to GM.

Well, I guess you showed me. <grin> Have fun GMing Sidereals. Man they suck as PCs.
~ Shataina

I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman