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We need a link logo, plain and simple. Any submissions will go here. Just use more-or-less standard sizes. Do try to make sure it scales well enough. :) I look forward to seeing the submissions.


The Submissions

Hi - where should we email pics to? - Voidstate

- Probably to the man himself. - tld

Sent in a pic. - FourWillowsWeeping

Err, about this.

People have sent me pics, but I'm in a really, really tight spot, and have been for about 2 months. Right now I'm effectively homeless (although I've got more money in the bank than I've ever had before and I'm living in a hotel). I'm trying to secure an apartment or condo near my new job.

Once I am done with this, this will go into motion. I'm really pissed at whitewolf, and while I like the product, I want to stick it to them by not using their logo.

I'll probably rant on my weblog about my recent woes with white wolf, they had to do with the null thread fiasco on the forums, and the way the aftermath was handled.

Sorry I've been so inactive of late. Life has been dealing me lemons, but I've almost got enough sugar to make one hell of a tasty lemonade. With strawberries, even. :)

-- DaveFayram