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Exalted Thaumaturgical Cinema 3000

In Technicolor

Xeriar: Greetings everyone, and welcome to Exalted Thaumaturgical Cinema 3000. My name is Xeriar, and I'll be your host-
Sophia: Who put you in charge?
Xeriar: I did. This is Sophia-
Sophia: His imaginary girlfriend.
Xeriar: [Expletive Deleted]
Sophia: I love you too, dear!
Xeriar: Why!?!
Sophia: There's a reason they call me Rosy. And shouldn't you be telling the audience what's going on?
Xeriar: ...fine. I made the mistake of taking a hiatus from Exalted, working on my own thing-
Sophia: Quit with the shameless plugs already.
Xeriar: and when I came back, I was without a campaign. I got desperate.
Sophia: As if you weren't already there to begin with.
Xeriar: ...so I joined the next on-line campaign on OpenRPG that turned up.
Sophia: As always, Xeriar is full of insight and wisdom.
Xeriar: ...
Sophia: Or maybe he did it just because there was a girl in the campaign.
Xeriar: Shut up.
Sophia: Make me, dearie.
Xeriar: ...anyway, this campaign had signs of being less than stellar from the start. Who knows how long it will last, but while it runs, I have hereby dubbed the name of the campaign: Exalted Thaumaturgical Cinema: 3000.
Sophia: Wonderfully creative, dear.
Xeriar: Aliases have not been altered to protect the guilty. Damn are they guilty.
Sophia: Present company is no exception.
Xeriar: Just roll the tapes, woman.

The Tapes

  • All Aboard Amtrak - For those of you who are unaware, Amtrak is a federally-owned corporation who runs passenger lines in the United States. As in, railroad passenger lines.
  • Amtrak Aftermath - Not hours after the first session ended, there are already signs of trouble brewing. Will the nascent circle hold together enough to even make it to the second session?


"In a world of conspiracies, there is no one you can trust. Not even yourself. The Party is watching you.

Birthday: September 18, 1980

Games Played: D&D, Star Wars d20

Location: temporary exile from autonomy

Interests: RPGs, anime, law

Occupation: Padawan lawyer (undergoing trials)" -The 7th Majestic's profile over at openrpg.com's message boards.

O_O Wow, how did you put up with that?

Um. Wow. That's... kind of insane. - FrivYeti

This was at once both extremely amusing and very, very painful. The people of the Wiki feel for you Xeriar, we feel for you. *Patpats* - Greymane Who actually hopes there is more of this to follow. ^^

Would find it hard to believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes... ah, if I knew that was what you meant when you PMed me about the medic thing, I would have told you to stay away! (good thing I did, or I wouldn't have had the laugh I had reading this!^^) - GoldenCat Who feels your pain, but will still break your legs if you try to leave the game. We need mmmooore!

That was sooo darned funny! I hope you can endure more of this just to continue this posting. Man i thought i was going to burst when Majestic's/Walker's conversation kept going in circles. Yeah but seriosly this is better than Knight of the Dinner Table. - Issaru

Man, this is too painful. Tell me the server, I wanna come lurk! - Trithne

Agonising. Brilliant! The most inspired ST in the world couldn't come up with this stuff if he/she tried...DeathBySurfeit

Ugh, I'm not sure if I even want to do the next one. Someone chose to walk into the game and heckle Majestic. Since it was not particularly the fault of the Wiki, I won't be deleting this, but realize if it was I would have. Anyway, if you read this and know who you are, well then, that's that. Because of you I will probably not be ETC3King the second session. This is for laughing at moments of idiocy, not the people responsible for them. Moments, once passed, do not change. People do. Anyway, for you who could not resist the temptation that dozens of others did: grow up. -Xeriar

I was just a bit angry at Majestic for telling me to "show up at 4am and I'll let you make a character" and then going "nah, I can't bother with you anymore". I never heckled Majestic face to face... just behind his back. I'll tell everyone who didn't see the session that it was more of the same. Just without pie-throwing. Oh and... that "rectal daiklave" thing was me being sarcasting towards you, not Majestic ;). As is I might get on as a player next week depeding on if Jack shows up or not... anyway... -Batorn
It was not you, so far as I know. Someone else heckled him. Or at least, someone that expressed no interest in ever playing, anyway, and was introduced to its existance by one of the people who were forced out. -Xeriar
Just returned to express my doubt... "but perhaps you weren't talking about me." Maybe you could post the logg? No comments, just for those interested. (like me, I missed the getgo.)-Batorn
That's a shame, as I was interested in seeing the next session. Your commentary made everything pretty funny after all.
Sophia is awesome ;) --Dakkareth
HERE HERE! Sophia FTW! -MorpheousXO
Grow up? This from the person dedicating his Sundays to playing a horrible game if only to make fun of a horrible GM? Since when did confronting a person about their inadequacies become less mature than enduring their BS for the purpose of some shameful mockery? I realize that this was entertaining, but at least learn not to take yourself so seriously. -Mob Justice
He was already confronted by those with an interest in the game. In addition to the utter stupidity of that happening in the first place. If even one more person did this it probably would have been over anyway. -Xeriar

Hot dang! This situation is so... loony! And the commentary was certainly entertaining. It's such a shame that there will not be another installment, as I would have really liked it, but... too bad. =( --Schrodinger

I dunno, I'm kind of relieved there's not another installment. Though utterly hiliarious, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with a sort of nausea... born from regret, disappointment, and the same kind of sense of wasted time and effort I first felt when lookin' at the Kawaii Edition (that's a big ol' wink 'n smile to those of you workin' on that). Seriously, i can't describe the pity I felt for everyone involved in that... it made me so verr sad. God bless the rest of you Wikizens for not bein' THAT dungeon master.--UncleChu wonders how many more tears he can shed for those consumed by shit RPGing
I think it's technically better for everyone involved, but I would gladly participate in such travesty, personally, if only for hour-long entertainment. But I wouldn't go so far as to say the ST is an idiot for it; merely inexperienced and perhaps too stuck in Dungeon-crawling, plot-devicing, strongarming ways. And would laugh my behind off at the outrageous situation. --Schrodinger

You said the third installment was coming! Sadness overcomes my heart at its absence! ;___; --Schrodinger

It came. I actually have another DM for Exalted whose stories I could go over... but now I demand wine women and song. Or something. -Xeriar

...I can't believe I just read all that. .. You have my condolences. --Rai