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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

The log of the IRC game played on 05/01/04.

Session Start (linuxguy.magicstar.net:#exaltedbeachvolleyball): Sat May 01 23:31:08 2004

<Ikselam> #dice?
<Bog_Mod> yep
<Bog_Mod> well, I suppose I shall be playing as well today
<Ikselam> You can give your Lunar a spin.

<Situro> I will just quickly whip up my cheet sheet of stats.

<Yieng> Situro totally needs a character writeup.

<Shego> how about Lunars vs Solars?

<Dream> So no fae-bloods?

<Yieng> Yeah, that would make her sad!

<Dream> It's RACISM!

<Shego> pfft...

<Dream> Solars vs. Lunars. Why it always hafta be an EXALT thing with you?

<Situro> Cause they feel superior to you and happen to be so as well?

  • Dream kicks the sand and looks.. er.. wistful
  • Yieng runs through her stretches.

<Situro> Lovely

<Yieng> Yes, yes we are..

<Yieng> All rolling will be done in #dice.

<Situro> So who is Rowan Fel?

<Rowan_Fel> <-- gilok
<Rowan_Fel> I'm spectating

<Yieng> We need your Str, Dex, App, and Athletics. Plus gender and suit choice.

<Dream> As a spectator?

<Rowan_Fel> yeah...I mean, you can have em, I guess.

<Situro> #dice please for everyone as well

<Rowan_Fel> 2, 4, 2, 3, male, clothes

<Yieng> Oh, I thought he was playing.

<Rowan_Fel> if it should come up

<Rowan_Fel> then you've got them :P

<Shego> oh, it might

<Shego> Shego is mad stunty.

<Rowan_Fel> I'm armed with beer, and drunken yelling.

  • Shego idly does backflips, then stands on her pinky, twirling around.


  • Shego peers idly at the fully cloathed spectator as she flips herself upright. "Why're you wearing all that?"

<Rowan_Fel> so I won't be naked?

<Shego> "Well it's silly to be wearing that much clothing on the beach. Defeat's the purpose."

  • Yieng rolls her eyes at the exhibitionistic Lunar.

<Yieng> "Let him be. He can wear whatever he's most comfortable in."

  • Dream busies herself by plaiting a small section of her long hair.
  • Rowan_Fel casts Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, giving himself a healthy tan
  • Aisekikawa struts onto the beach in her V-thong, then starts to stretch and twist herself, tossing her braid over her shoulder.

<Situro> excellent, everyone is on the Novice level of player.

<Situro> pick suits people!

<Shego> ..Shego is?

<Shego> so she is!

<Shego> by .2 dots

<Situro> 1

<Dream> Same skirt bikini as before.

  • Yieng is wearing her usual modest outfit, a white one-piece, with burgundy shorts over top.
  • Rowan_Fel passes out in the sand, drooling slightly

<Shego> a glittery silver one-piece with cut outs on the stomach, back and sides.

  • Yieng eyes the empty bottle of beer in Rowan's hand with disdain.

<Yieng> "He should have paid better attention to his limits."

<Situro> Situro, clad in his shorts and open shirt that ripples softly in the breeze flashes the players a dazzling smile as he hops up into his refs chair. "Have you girls decided teams or should I?"

  • Aisekikawa has only her regular black worksuit cut into a v-thong... flat black with small pockets and zippers.

<Shego> "Let him be. He can drink whatever makes him most comfortable." Shego lears at Yieng from her spine-breaking backwards stretch.

  • Yieng ostentatiously turns her back on Shego. It is clear that they will not be playing on the same team. ~_^
  • Aisekikawa stretches out her arms, popping as the slide out and back into place.
  • Shego joins Aisekikawa on her side of the net with an easy toe on the net and a light spring.

<Yieng> "Would you like to be on the same team again? We had fun last time."

  • Dream looks up from her braid, and trots over to Yieng. "It would be a pleasure.
  • Lurin wanders over, dragging the unconscious Rowan out of the way and taking his seat. He's tall and tanned! Really bright smile. He winks at the girls, one by one.
  • Aisekikawa does a quick flip back and ready to go, sand flying towards the other side of the net, in a challange.
  • Dream diverts her eyes uncomfortably from the new spectator.
  • Lurin grins at Shego. "I'm cheering for you, babe."

<Shego> "Of course you are. I'm the best."

  • Lurin just grins wider, and settles back into his chair.
  • Shego twists herself upright and peers at Situro. "Mind throwing us the volleyball, Ref?"
  • Yieng steps next to Dream. "Just ignore him. Concentrate on the game. Our skill will determine the outcome, not how well we show off."
  • Dream takes a deep breath and nods.

<Shego> "Oh, but showing off IS a skill, my prudish friend!"

  • Lurin laughs from the sidelines.
  • Aisekikawa snickers. "Only because you've never seen myself, youth."
  • Aisekikawa prepares herself, moving into a low stance, ready to go with a fearsome gleam of vicious joy sparkling in her eyes.

<Shego> "Your pretty blue-haired friend looks like she could use some training in the fine art of showwomanship.

  • Dream blushes furiously.
  • Aisekikawa shrugs, ready to play and stop the blathering.

<Shego> "Yo, Ref! The ball?"

  • Situro flips a jade coin to decide who goes first.
  • Lurin gave him the coin. He's loaded with cash! Especially for winners.
  • Situro throws the ball to the newest player Aisekikawa. "Here you go. And game on!"
  • Yieng pats Dream's shoulder and gives her an encouraging smile, then moves into place.
  • Dream smiles at her teammate before readying herself. "Good luck to you too."
  • Aisekikawa lets the ball fly behind her with a bounce kick, then quickly moves into a back flip and pounces up towards it and lets it fly to the other side of the net.

<Dream> The sand crunches quietly beneath Dream's feet as she crouches and then springs into the

<Dream> air, sending the ball sailing towards her lovely teammate.

  • Lurin takes a beer from Rowan's cooler, watching the bouncing beauties with approval.
  • Lurin offers one to the ref.

<Situro> With a light whap the ball flies over the net, heading down towards Dream.

  • Situro declines the beer, he can't properly referee and drink.
  • Lurin shrugs, and drinks it himself.

<Situro> Dream dives, but is able to make the save and the ball moves back up allowing Yieng to go for the return!

  • Yieng doesn't even bother looking at the ball, staring Shego straight in the eye, her challenging gaze not wavering in the slightest as she leaps. Her hand connects with a firm smack, and the ball flies straight at the Lunar's smirking face.
  • Shego balaces on her left big toe as the ball hurtles toward her face. Pirouetting to face the two handsome men watching the game, Shego arches her back and launches into their air. "CONTORTING MONKEY DEFLECTS POO FLUNG BY ANGRY FEMALE!" The ball is slapped firmly toward Aisekikawa's capable self as Shego returns to standing. One her hands.
  • Lurin gives this move a nine out of ten.

<Situro> Easily deflected and knocked up by the talented lunar it falls to Aise to score a point for the team!

  • Aisekikawa runs at Shego, her body contorting as she puts a foot against her leg, then another on her shoulder and launches herself skyward and parralel to the ball, as it goes towards the net, then flicks her fingertips, pounding to towards the other team.
  • Dream scrambles to her feet, disentangling long legs as her silverblue eyes settle into an angry squint at Aisekikawa. "No one makes me dirty." In a cloud of pique more nightmare than Dream, she leaps into the air and gracefully bats the ball to her friend.

<Situro> Though only using the fingertips the ball flies back towards Dream with all the power of a round object hit really hard.

  • Kenshiro (trilluser@0-1pool140-96.nas21.indianapolis1.in.us.da.qwest.net) has joined channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball
  • Shego laughs heartily as she untwists herself from the stair-case position she had assumed to help Aisekikawa. "You dont know what "dirty" is, blue-hair!"

<Situro> A goodly save from Dream, setting up her teammate perfectly!

  • Dream mutters something about barbarous women of ill-repute.
  • Yieng is clearly imagining that the volleyball is Shego's face as she jumps into the air, spinning completely around before nailing the ball with a powerful sidearm swipe. The ball speeds back toward Shego, wobbling and curving erratically as its wild spin pulls it this way and that.
  • Lurin raises his eyebrows. Impressive! And hot.
  • Shego dives for the ball, her body seeming to elongate as she lunges. With her face under the ball, Shego blows it a gentle kiss and as it rises on her breath, she executes a miraculous jumping-spin that reverses her position under the falling ball, her foot takes it square and sends it right at the face of the oogling man, daring to think the other team is pretty!


  • Aisekikawa runs up the pole and net, her toes catching in the webbing, then with the look of a dark star returning to the sky, she leaps up, moving towards and over the ball. Her arm nearest it cocks back and then snaps forward as the ball is beneith her taut body, her knuckles striking it down over the net with the force of a thousand behemoths.
  • Aisekikawa watches the ball, as she flips and lands perfectly, with an almost bloodthirsty grin.
  • Situro can't help but applaud.
  • Lurin raises a hand to shield himself from the spray of sand, and waves cheerfully to Shego. He turns to Aise. "Thanks, babe." *wink*

<Dream> In an uncharacteristic show that is the obvious result of the other team's taunting, Dream swings one long leg in a full arc behind her while pirouetting on the other foot. Her hair fans out in a wave of sea-foam as she uses the dainty sole of her raised foot to guide the ball to Yieng.

  • Dream grins savagely, pearlescent white teeth blindingly perfect in the sun.
  • Yieng shakes her head as the ball arcs down toward her, trying to reclaim her balance. There is no sun, no sand, no leering spectators or taunting Shego. There is only her, and the ball. She exhales, and the world returns, the ball whistling over the net as her feet strike the sand.
  • Aisekikawa quickly moves to the side, leaping up, using Shego's hand, then her forehead as she launches herself forward in fury that none shall fall while she is on the job. Her hand stabs out like the strike of the deadliest vipers in a knifehand and forces the ball right back to where it just came from.
  • Lurin edges his chair back a little. Woo, intense.
  • Yieng once again catches and holds Shego's eyes, but this time there is no anger in the look, only cool, steady determination.

<JesterJoker> (Mind if I lurk? Looked like an interesting channel name O.o)

<Situro> sure

  • Dream rolls her shoulders, enjoying the feeling of the sun warming her muscles as she gazes amicably at the ball coming towards her. As it momentarily eclipses the sun, it also eclipses all other thoughts. With a genuine smile her arms move seemingly of their own accord, and she thinks to herself, "What a friend I have in this ball."

<Situro> Bamp! The ball half burries itself in the sand. Aise has successfully scored a point for her team.

<Aisekikawa> None of your childish posturing.

  • Lurin whoops. "Point to the babes! Too bad, other babes." He grins.
  • Situro hops down to retrieve the ball, dusting it off then throws it to Shego. "Your serve now. Nicely done Aisekikawa." And gets back up in his chair.
  • Shego leaps into the air and sumersaults happily. Landing with a suddenly serious face, Shego catches the ball idly and glares at her teammate. "Childish posturing?"

<Yieng> Lurin's uncouth cheering slides off Yieng's serene demeanor like water from a swan's back.

  • Dream chuckles softly to her teammate. "It seems our opponents have forgotten about teamwork."
  • Shego steps back to her prefered serving spot, located under a nicely shade-giving tree. Holding the ball in one hand as if she wants to shred it with her nails, Shego bats it into the air. With a practiced but rage-filled motion, the ball flies like a blur toward Lurin's face, bouncing off his forehead and smacking into the sand at Yieng's feet.
  • Shego misjudges slightly in her rage. The ball bounces off Lurin's mouth instead, which has much less resistance to the hard, high-volcity projectile. Thus, it falls dismally short of Shego's intended goal.

<Dream> A smirk kisses Dream's otherwise-chaste lips as she moves towards the net, her feet dancing lightly over the hot sand. Her arms lift in a smooth motion, and as she floats the ball to Yieng, she sticks her tongue out impishly at Shego. "It was a nice reverie while it lasted, wasn't it?"

  • Situro can't help but wince in sympathy for the spectator.
  • Lurin clambers out of the pit the ball created, wiping sand off his shorts. "That was most uncool."
  • Yieng meets Dream's eyes, an instant of silent communication passing between the two young women. Her feet leave the ground almost before Dream's fingers touch the ball; it does not even have time to reach its apex before it is driven straight back down to the other side of the net.
  • Shego jumps straight up into the tree, grabs one-handed at a branch and swings herself around it. Flying head-first into the sand, Shego bends her feet forward over her head to knock the ball into the air with her toes
  • Aisekikawa looks disgusted as the ball falls into the sand far short of her.

<Situro> The ball is knocked up and away and lands in Situro's lap. He picks it up and throws it to Yieng. "Score is one one, your serve lady Dawn Caste."

  • Yieng 's serenity evaporates as she laughs joyfully and sweeps the startled Dream up in a hug.

<Yieng> "Ahem."

  • Yieng steps back, blushing slightly.
  • Shego climbs to her feet, snarling.
  • Dream looks startled, but grins happily at Yieng. "Nicely done."

<Aisekikawa> See, Shego, useless posturing.

  • Yieng catches the ball and moves to the corner of the court.
  • Yieng finds her center, the quietly-burning light of her pure heart washing away all doubt and fear. She skips forward, letting out an explosive breath and tossing the ball up into the air. Her other hand describes an elegant arc, and the ball sails across the net.
  • Lurin sips his drink. Mmm, boobies.
  • Aisekikawa rushes forward, her body moves into a sudden crouch and explodes upward in front of the net. Yet, her body and arms are too low, but her head snaps forward and her braid comes away from her back snapping up and pushing the ball back into the too pure face of Yieng as she cries, "Bone Shattering Hair Whip!"
  • Dream quirks her head to one side, like a bird watching its prey. When the moment is ripe, the wyld within her twists and Dream's body fluidly contorts, becoming the perfect guide for the ball, willing it into friendly hands. Without even a pause in its flight, she directs the volleyball towards her teammate.
  • Dream grudgingly hits the sand once more.

<Yieng> The ball bounces off Dream's hands at a sharp angle, travelling almost parallel to the ground.

  • Yieng 's eyes widen as the ball flies toward her, no higher than her shoulder. She throws herself backwards, back arching, her long ponytail brushing the sand as one slim leg comes up, her foot seeming to barely graze the ball. The volleyball arches upward lazily... then drops like a stone as its spin takes over!
  • Yieng 's flip continues completely around; she lands on her feet, tossing her hair back with a quick flip of her head.

<Shego> "Gotta be goin', really I do. You know, pressing social occasion and all. Toodles!! ANGRY CROW TAKES FLIGHT!" Shego leaps into the air, contemptuously flipping her mane of thick brown-streaked blond hair at the volleyball. As Shego rises into the air, her hair sends the volleyball slowly to the left. Rising a bit further, Shego lashes out with a well-shaped leg and gives the ball a good hard kick towards Yieng's head

  • Yieng glances at her teammate -- the winded Dream is struggling to her feet, but too slowly! Yieng dashes forward and hurls herself at the ball. "Yaaaaaaaaaah!" her battle-cry rings through the air as she jumps up, throwing her hands into the ball's path.
  • Aisekikawa laughs, "Run coward. You know you flee in fear of them seeing more of your foolish monkey antics and dropping the ball with such inferior playing, you weakling."
  • Yieng almost makes it; the ball tips off her fingers and flies past her, into Situro's hands.

<Situro> But its no goood! The block flies out of bounds and she shakes his head for a moment before calling out the score. "Score is now 2 points for Aise and Shego. One for Dream and Yieng. Aise, your serve again." And lobs the ball to Aise.

  • Situro lets Lurin step in to help out Aise finish the match.

<Situro> or we stop

<Situro> almost a full game.

<dissolvegirl> As I was just telling haren, that was SO "Good Girls vs. Bad Girls." ;)

  • Kenshiro golf claps.
  • Yieng helps Dream back to her feet. "The sun is going down; let's call it a day."

<Situro> Heh

<Aisekikawa> I am able to finish it. ^_^

  • Situro will buy everyone drinks at the bar!

<dissolvegirl> Dream smiles. "Good idea; I'm sleepy."

  • Lurin will help pay! After some friendly fondling of the girls.
  • Yieng bows politely to Situro, "Thank you for referreeing, sir."

<Situro> It was a good game, that first exchange went on a lot longer then I thought it would.

<Aisekikawa> alright. ^_^

<Situro> "No problem ladies. Anytime."

<dissolvegirl> Dream flashes Yieng a smile of thanks.

  • Yieng picks up her sword from where it stands in the ground, and hefts it meaningfully, looking Lurin right in the eye.
  • Lurin puts up his hands, and backs away.

<Situro> I think the current rule set up works.

  • Aisekikawa gives Dream a smile, and disappears into the changing room... and doesn't come back out.

<Situro> Any thoughts on it?

<dissolvegirl> Still think successful saves should give bonuses to the return; other than that, loved it. :)

  • Lurin whistles to himself, and follows Aise to the changing room. Of course, he comes back out sporting a black eye, but still.

<Aisekikawa> Not bad.