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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

Log of the game played on 05/04/04. The second game!

Session Start: Wed May 05 03:13:36 2004

Session Ident: #exaltedbeachvolleyball


<Mitsuya> Meep.

<dissolvegirl> So who's playing tonight?

<Kraken> hi :)

<Mitsuya> Blaque ovah 'ere.

<Shego> Telgar as Shego!

  • Kraken isnt sure how many players we have. we seem to have alot more than 4 :)

<dissolvegirl> I think we have more players than slots, so I'll sit out if that's the case.'

<Aisekikawa> 6 players...

  • DD bounces in

<Shego> yes. six of us.

<Mitsuya> I can stand buy and watch some as well. This is my first time here.

<dissolvegirl> Good to see you, Blaque, BTW.

<Shego> Shego will defeat you all!

<Bog_Mod> First time means, you must play!

<Aisekikawa> Nice to see you Blaque

<Shego> we could let Jon sleep.

<Mitsuya> Alrighty then.

<Bog_Mod> Kraken, why don't you sleep.

  • Kraken is feeling fine. unfortunately

<Bog_Mod> Unless you wish to play

<Bog_Mod> hmm...

<DD> Its my first time too

<Shego> well. we can just play 3v3

<Bog_Mod> 7 players.

<Ikselam> I can spectate.

<Shego> and someone can Ref.

<Shego> yay, roger spectates!

<Shego> no Yiego!

<dissolvegirl> I already offered to spectate. :P

<dissolvegirl> Roger plays.

<Shego> ...evil.

<Ikselam> Geez.

<Mitsuya> *blink*blink*

<Ikselam> Isn't DD like, Master level?

<Bog_Mod> DD, Mitsuya can both play.

<Shego> DD is.

<dissolvegirl> Yeah, DD has all fives.

<Mitsuya> Meep.

<DD> I created a by the book starting Lunar

<Shego> twinky..

<dissolvegirl> I know, I did the same with my Master-level Zenith. ;)

<Bog_Mod> indeed, however the rest of the group are novices

<Aisekikawa> It's not that, it's just that it's in a different player class.

  • Ikselam thinks the ranks should probably be tweaked. Just look at Telgar's new entry. He has like 8s and 9s in every stat but init, and yet is a Novice.

<DD> I could use a different character...but this is the only EBV sheet I have set up

<Shego> so use someone else's.

<Ikselam> Or just whip one up real quick.

<Mitsuya> I need to put up a couple more.

<Mitsuya> I got lots of female characters. Need variety:)

<Dim> am I the only one making a male character?

<Shego> Kraken plays onee

<Kraken> My character is male

<Shego> and I have Nikola.

<Bog_Mod> Today though I will be...

<Nikola> I need to branch.

<Yu-Fan> Local god of beachvolleyball

<Nikola> so. who all is playin/

<DD> Should I stay or should I go?

  • Yu-Fan could run 2 games with this many people.

<dissolvegirl> If Dim plays, we could try for some four-on-four madness.

<Ikselam> I would rather not. No matter how Elizabeth bullies me.

<Dim> I need to make a character, first. I think I'll just watch this match while I hammer at the CRB

<Nikola> you could indeed.

<dissolvegirl> You can't be the gallant one. I was the gallant one first. :P

<Nikola> ok. so no Roger or DG.

<Yu-Fan> Would people like to do 2 games then?

<Nikola> that leaves 6..

  • Ikselam is not being gallant, he's being tired.
<Yu-Fan> Hmm...but with Iks sleepy he is out.
  • Kraken thinks he'll spectate. will let him slip off to bed.

<Nikola> and no Kraken

<Nikola> so. that leaves 5.

<dissolvegirl> If we end up with an odd number, I'll play. If even, I'll spectate.

<Mitsuya> Would be fun. Sorry for the idleness there. Had to answer door. *Skims* Two games is okay. How long do these take?

<Ikselam> Nikola is seriously not that far below DD in skill. Look at his numbers.

<Nikola> Nikola is indeed close to DD in skill

<Ikselam> The only low number he has is init, and that is actually a bonus because he's offense-geared.

<Nikola> so use Nikola to balance DD

<Yu-Fan> So DD on one team, Nikola on the other.

<Ikselam> DD + Aise v. Mits + Nik?

<Yu-Fan> Sure.

<Nikola> thats cool

<Yu-Fan> #dice

<Nikola> Dim, you get to spectate this time

<Dim> excellent

<Dim> also, crap, I need a DB book....

  • Yu-Fan is now known as Situro

<Situro> Mitsuya, #dice please

  • Yieng walks up, carrying her sword and mopping sweat off her forehead with a towel. It looks as if she has been practicing her forms on the beach.

<Mitsuya> Umm, how does that work

<Mitsuya> #dice

  • Yieng sits down under a tree.
  • Aisekikawa exits from the changing room where she disappeared days ago, wearing her same suit walking up cool and looking over the people there.

<Situro> its where we roll dice

  • Nikola pokes at a crab scuttling by him in the sand. Sitting up, he peers at Matsumo. "You sure you dont want to play?"

<Situro> right click on it and it should provide the join option, or double click on it.

<Mitsuya> Ohh.

  • Situro jumps lightly up into his reffs seat, looking around at all the players and spectators with a smile.
  • DD wanders along the beach, whistling a happy tune as she struts her stuff in silver and white string bikini that barely covers any of her body at all. Noticing the gathering up ahead she moves closer and offers a friendly wave
  • Dream stretches out on her gossamer blanket, looking more at the ocean than the net until the game starts.
  • Nikola waves idly at Yieng, guessing that this is the one Shego told him about.
  • DD says "Is this where the game is?"

<Yieng> Although she is tired from her workout, Yieng keeps an eye on the players, so that she can gauge the skill of her future opponents.

  • Yieng blinks, and waves back at Nikola, although she is unsure why this strange man is waving to her.

<Mitsuya> :finds a nice spot at the side of the court, laying out a towel and an umbrella. She then flops down, legs sprawled in front of her and leaning back a bit, arms supporting he rupper body.

  • Aisekikawa reaches into a pocket and pulls to earplugs with strange wire from it, then closes the pocket.
  • Matsumo nods "I'm just here to watch today" smiles, and stretches, walking up onto the dunes by the field, drawing a large moonsilver and orichalcum Daikliave and sticking it into the sand, leaning back on a palm tree to watch the game
  • Dream stops daydreaming long enough to notice her friend Yieng, and flashes her a brief smile.
  • Patkin is now known as Syana
  • Nikola grins "Have fun." Leaving the other Northener to his napping, Nikola wanders over to the net. "Anyone free to be my teammate?"
  • Yieng waves back hesitantly to Situro. She seems popular today ... and to tell the truth, it makes her mildly uncomfortable.
  • Yieng smiles back at Dream, relieved that someone besides the men is noticing her.
  • Aisekikawa lets a bit of sand slide through her fingers then flicks it away.
  • DD blinks as she takes a nice long moment to look over Matsumo and his.....sword before walking over toward the net and smiling a greeting at Nikola
  • Matsumo smiles at Yieng, giving her alittle wave, then turns his attention to the game
  • Yieng leans back against the palm tree, sheathed sword resting across her lap.
  • Yieng blushes and looks away when Matsumo waves to her, remembering the way Dream teased her yesterday.
  • Aisekikawa stretches her neck back and forth, then tosses her braid across her shoulder derisively.
  • Dream giggles quietly at the silent exchange between Matsumo and Yieng, before mouthing the words "You liiiiiike him" to her friend.
  • Matsumo shakes his head. just what is it with that girl? shrugs
  • Mitsuya lounges lazily as she looks about at the activety here, before reaching into her bag to grab some tanning lotion.
  • DD shrugs as she slides into position opposite the net from Nikola "We can bounce the ball back and forth to warm up some if you'd like"
  • Yieng opens her mouth to say something, but shuts it as she realizes that what she is about to say would be even more embarrassing than enduring her friend's ribbing.
  • Dream simply smiles innocently.

<Nikola> "Sure. Situro can we have the ball?"

  • Aisekikawa sighs. "Let's just get started, I'm not hear to just relax."
  • Sesus_Agaba walks from the dunes, carrying a lone towel.
  • Matsumo waves lazily to the newcomer

<Sesus_Agaba> Yo.

  • Situro scribbles some things on a scorecard. "One moment."
  • Nikola pulls his sunglasses off so he can see better, the sun isn't in his eyes anymore. Dropping to the ground for a minute, Nikola pokes at the sand, drawing little pictures
  • Sesus_Agaba with a flourish, unrolls his towel, settling it onto the hot sand
  • Situro passes the ball to Aise to start off the match.
  • Aisekikawa runs back and then balances the ball on her finger and pounds it with the heel of her hand, sending it flying over the net. "Yes."
  • Syana comes across the tidy little volleyball set-up, laughing and drinking with her sadly put-upon relay Kuwen. She's in the midst of of a punchline, something about "...that's no river dragon, that's my wife!" as she looks on at the sand.

<Nikola> "Hey! Warn me!" Lauching himself into the air, Nikola flings his lithe body over the net just ahead of the ball. The ball is just a second behind him as he twists in the air and bumps it toward the pretty DragonBlood that is his teammate. He lands on one shoulder, but scrambles to his feet instantly.

  • Yieng raises her eyebrows at this impressive display of athleticism.
  • Dream has quit IRC (Quit: �)
  • Mitsuya Mitsuya yelps and runs towards the ball as quickly as she can, thwapping at it with her wrists together and lets out a hiya. Martial arts instict kicking in.

<Situro> The ball arcs gracefully over the net.

<Situro> DD has no problem setting her partner up for the return.

  • Aisekikawa prepares herself, becoming little more than a horrific shadow as her body hurls itself forward. She plants a foot on DD's backside, sliding one side of her string bikini down, slightly revealing her embaressingly, while planting a foot on her face to fly up, pounding the ball right over the net in an almost straight down trajectory.
  • Syana wolf-whistles, as well, a Dynast is a Dynast no matter how you slice it.
  • Mitsuya lets out a loud curse and runs for the ball. As she sprints foward, she stops to slide int he sand a bit, and manuever her head beneath the ball, leaping upward to send it to her teammate.
  • Sesus_Agaba wonders if he is the target of the cat call...
  • Nikola moves forward in a rush as the ball speeds up into the air. With one foot against the super-strong net, Nikola throws himself up over the ball and slams it down hard. He flicks his hand in salute to Aisekikawa as he drops back to his side of the net.
  • DD turns her head slightly to scowl at her teammate as she gets climbed on. Mitsuya's yell brings DD's head snapping around just in time to lunge for the ball, Dropping to one knee to get under it before it hits the sand
  • Aisekikawa hops back then rushes forward. She leaps upward into a flipkick that drives the perfectly tossed ball like one of the attacks of the Yozi so long ago. As the ball moves towards her opponents, she gives it a look over her shoulder and suddenly it freezes in mid-air at fear of her, and falls towards the ground.
  • Nikola meets the ball on his way back down to the ground. Smiling happily, the blond man catches it lightly and flips it back across the net as he lands in a crouch
  • Situro raises a hand to indicate a point by DD and Aise as Nikola and the ball hit the ground. "Point! DD its your serve now."

<Yieng> ...although "across" might be an exaggeration, as the ball hits the net dead-center.

  • DD grins at the score and claps as she holds out her hands for the ball
  • Nikola breaths on it, tipping it over to DD's side
  • Mitsuya curses a bit as she sees the ball fumble to the ground. She sighs, and brushes her bang to the side and readies for the next round.
  • DD catches the ball and takes a few long steps back from the net. Holding the ball in one hand she curls her other hand into a fist and brings it round in a classic underhand serve
  • Nikola lets the ball soar just barely over the net before lazily raising one hand and batting the ball onto the ground. He mutters with annoyance about the last attempt..

<Situro> Nikola bats it to the ground...on his own side though.

<Situro> "Second point for DD and Aise! Your serve now Aisekikawa."

<Sesus_Agaba> This is gettin' intense

  • DD blinks and tilts her head as she moves up into a defensive position
  • Aisekikawa grabs the ball quickly from under the net and smiles, she lazily walks back and leaps up and strikes the ball over to Nikola with a smile.
  • Nikola drops onto the ground, looking severely miffed.
  • Yieng looks at Nikola appraisingly. He seems awfully overconfident. Almost like someone else she knows...
  • Nikola doesn't look up as the ball drops toward him, seated on the sand. Falling onto his back, Nik kicks the ball over to Mitsuya then rights himself, still unhappy.
  • Mitsuya steps foward, seeing her teammate starting to get all pouty and guessing she might hav eto make up for him, atleast, before discovering he suddenly is sending the ball hurling at her gut. She sumersaults over the ball as it comes towards her, beginning to land in front of the ball, her thin frame rotating through the air and showing the ltihe muscles beneath her flexing.As she lands, she reaches her hand out to

<Mitsuya> ...to give it one good, hard slame into the direction of the other team.

  • DD offers Mitsuya a playful yet somehow feral smile as she moves to pop the ball straight up in the air, side stepping with unnatural fluidity to avoid being used as a launching pad by her teammate again
  • Syana whistles again, takes a swig of her sake.

<Sesus_Agaba> Is teamwork alien to these people?

<Syana> Possible, but eh, what can you do?

<Yieng> "I think she just doesn't want to have her suit pulled down again."

<Sesus_Agaba> Ya gotta love the skin you're in!

<Syana> "Now why would she worry about a thing like that? Exactly!"

  • Aisekikawa doesn't even wait knowing that suprise is the key, she rushes forward pouncing onto the back of DD's head as the ball goes up, knocking her face into the sand while Aiseki flys forward and strikes the ball back into Nikola's face, giving a wink and blowing a kiss to distract him.

<Syana> "There's worse things in Creation then a little skin being exposed..."

  • Yieng 's eyes widen as she realizes that this is not a theoretical discussion; DD's dive has wrought havoc with her skimpy string bikini.
  • DD pulls her self out of the sand and draws a breath to yell at her teammate but pulls up short as she realizes her top was pulled up short by the dive into the sand
  • Nikola leaps to his feet, growling deep in his throat at Aisekikawa. Backpedaling for a pair of steps, Nikola runs at Mitsuya and uses his smaller teammate as a launch. The weight of the heavily muscled Northener is only on her shoulder for a moment before Nik twists into the air and lands a kick on the ball with a resounding THWAK, placing it perfectly for his teammate to spike it. "Sorry about that, Mitsuya, but SPIKE

<Yieng> The shrine maiden covers her mouth with a hand, flushing in sympathy with the embarrassed Lunar.

  • Syana once again cat-calls the woman.
  • Mitsuya has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer�)

<Situro> oh no!

  • Syana looks somewhat flushed, hardly surprising for the alcohol she's been punching back, instructs Kuwen to get another bottle.

<Situro> Mitsuya jumps up onto Nikola's shoulders, then leaps up into the air to spin before striking the ball down with the heel of her foot.

  • DD pulls her self upright, still blushing as she tries to re-adjust her suit with one hand and punch the ball back into the air for Aisekikawa
  • Aisekikawa smiles and flys forward to the net, with a prodigial leap, she moves up to drive the ball back to those who are losing, yet her hand never actually touches the ball which shudders and actually turns away to move past the other side, running to the sand to escape her fearsome blows.
  • Syana rolls her shoulders and leans back.
  • Nikola carries Mitsuya on his shoulders easily, holding her legs with his arms as he moves a step forward. Nik's muscles flex as he strains to launch the two Exalted into the air where he can knee the ball higher into the air for Mitsuya to shoot from her high perch
  • Mitsuya effortlessly rises into the air like the smoke associated with her Aspect. As she rises above teh ball and field, she slowly turns towards the Earth, and gives the ball a nice hard slam, before turning around to prepare to land on her team mate's shoulders again.
  • Matsumo , who has obviously not been giving the game his full attention for some time, finally drops off.
  • Aisekikawa uses forward momentum and leaps onto her teammate's shoulders and is flung skyward by a mighty shrug, as she rises, her shadow blots out the light of the sun for a moment, then her body dives like a raptor, driving the ball forward and to knock down the foolish two-man tower.
  • Nikola notes that he has a girl on his shoulders.
  • DD licks her lips as her eyes remain fixed on the ball, trying to fight down her blush DD moves into position beneath the ball only to have her teammate leap off her again
  • Yieng eyes Nikola and his teammate. "Could this be teamwork? Or is it just showing off?"

<Syana> "Or a cheap way for the guy to get his head between her legs...Ha!"

  • Syana grins, drunkenly happy with herself.
  • Nikola "Sorry in advance, Mitsuya." Lifting the girl over his head and into his arms, Nikola jumps onto the net and kicks off hard. Head-butting the ball easily, he throws the light DB into the air to distract the other two as the ball is smacked back at them!

<Sesus_Agaba> Say, o honorable V'Neef....care to share?

  • Mitsuya looks down at Mikala confusedly for a moment beofre shouting out in surprise as she's suddenly in the large man's arms, and then as she begins to descend towards the beach ground again.
  • Syana raises an eyebrow, smiles.
  • Yieng sighs at the drunken Dynasts. She wishes Dream hadn't needed to leave... or even that Matsumo was still awake. Even though she feels embarrassed around him, his company is still preferable to that of these two lushes.
  • DD scowls and leaps to meet Nikola's ferocious return, her powerfull legs carrying her high enough for her to kick the ball back over the net at him, attempting to re-assert her dominance over the court.

<Situro> Nikola has attempted to a little too much juggling with scantilly clad teamates and its thrown off balance, the block merely knocking the ball into Situro's hands. "Game! With 3 to 0 the winners are DD and Aisekikawa!"

  • Sesus_Agaba raises a small saucer, sloshing its contents slightly

<Sesus_Agaba> Congratulations!

  • Situro applauds for the winners.
  • DD claps excitedly and turns to high five her teammate
  • Aisekikawa nods. "I am undefeated, and shall not be by such weak players." She high fives back.
  • Syana applauds, wonders when the cat-fight is gonna start.
  • Yieng shakes her head. Clearly Nikola's showboating was what cost his team the match. If he'd been more restrained, his obvious skill might have let him prevail.
  • Mitsuya curses in true Lookshy military fashion as she finally comes to the ground, activating Incense Smoke Ladder on her way down to keep from harming herself, "Damny"

<Situro> Nikola roll temperance, DD roll app.

  • DD nods to aise and turns to bow towards the audience
  • Aisekikawa nods to the audience and stretches out.
  • Nikola ducks under the net, extending a hand to DD. "Good game."

<Situro> Nikola...much to his chagrin at allready having a lunar girlfriend finds himself...tempted by the young DD and must buy her drinks at the local beachclub!

  • Mitsuya walks over to the other girls and bows her head politely to them, "Good game. Was fun."
  • Nikola buys drinks, feeling sure that Shego will not hear of this. From him.
  • DD smiles sheepishly and tugs at her suit as she shakes Nikola's hand "yes it was. You seem to really love the game"

<Nikola> "Oh, Shego got me interested. I'm sorry your teammate stepped on you all those times."

  • Yieng stands up and stretches. She starts to wander off, but then hears the name "Shego" mentioned.
  • DD offers Mitsuya a nod and a smile "Its okay, she just needs to learn how to relax and have fun."

<Mitsuya> :nods, and bows her head again, "Well, never playe dbefore. it san interesting expereince."

<Mitsuya> "See a lot of the landscape of the countryside in this game.

  • Aisekikawa bumps into Nikola after he's bough DD some drinks while he's still with her, "Oh and how do you know Shego?"
  • Yieng shakes her head. It's not polite to eavesdrop. She walks off, with the vague notion of finding where Wistful Dream went. Perhaps the changeling knows something interesting to do which does not involve getting drunk, or throwing oneself wantonly at others.

<Nikola> "I'm her friend. You have a nasty problem with stepping on people, ya know?"

<Agaba> pff.

<Agaba> Care to join me at the beach club?

<Aisekikawa> "Well, one must do what one must to win, if you understood that like Shego does, you might win... obviously you don't know her that well."

  • Mitsuya blinks and glares over at the Dynasts some in their reveling and drinking. Thoughts of how in Hell they kept their Empire together at all running thorugh her head.
  • Agaba feels eyes boring into his head.
  • Agaba extends his other arm to the Lookshy Legionaire

<Nikola> "I think you called Shego's play style childish trickery or something. Anyway, I'm having a conversation. Go bother someone else." Nikola gently steers DD somewhere else, away from the annoying Abyssal.

<Syana> ...I do believe she's jealous

<Agaba> Should I invite her along?

  • Aisekikawa smiles wickedly and moves off towards the bathroom, using a small yellow device that clicks, then disappears into it, not exiting.
  • Mitsuya feels her cheaks go red, 'What the hell are you offering?"
  • DD frowns slightly at Aisekikawa "She's a bit mean. Why don't you tell me about Shego? she sounds facinating"

<Agaba> A friendly invitation to the beach club, for wine and talk. I've heard so much about Lookshy soldiers...

<Nikola> "She is, pretty much."...spends a while tellin DD about Shego and why Yieng and Aisekikawa dislike her while getting drunk. Later, Nikola passes out.

  • Mitsuya ponders this a moment, and grudingly accepts the offered arm, "Sure. Don't try anything though. I have fireballs and I know how to use them."

<Syana> "Who doesn't in this day and age, eh?"

  • Agaba draws far too close for polite company to Mitsuya's face

<Agaba> Is that a promise?

  • Mitsuya gives Ayaba a death glare of the likes not seen in this world since She Who Lives in Her Name unleashed three of here spheres upon it.
  • DD wanders off after Nikola passes out. but not before taking a moment to leer at him
  • Aisekikawa walks back in the front door changed into white robe-like clothes with a belt, looking around for Situro
  • Agaba pulls back, grinning lopsidedly

<Agaba> Well, ladies, shall we?

  • Situro relaxes on the beach, tanning.

<Syana> Yes, let's...

  • DD left at 05/05/04 05:08:43
  • Syana left at 05/05/04 05:08:59
  • Aisekikawa goes back out to the beach and sits down near him, with a bamboo umbrella. "What did you think of that game?"

<Agaba> It seems my other lady friend has gone....I hope you don't mind just my company

  • Mitsuya feels a slight twitch in her neck, but remains complacent, "None at all."
  • Situro chuckles before he replies. "Interesting."

<Agaba> Hmm.....bar or booth?

  • Mitsuya ponders roots of escape, tactical advantages, and other things involving location, position, defense, and area for retreat, "Bar."
  • Agaba pulls out a stool for the young Legionaire
  • Nikola left at 05/05/04 05:11:40
  • Mitsuya bows politely and accepts the seat, scooting foward, and keeping an eye on the Dynast. She brushes the long single band of hair aside again, noting ot put her hair clip back in.

<Aisekikawa> "Well, such is good, because such shall be important some day."

<Agaba> Hmm....I can't decide which I prefer...your hair down or back...

<Situro> "And you? What did you think of the game?"

<Agaba> wild and uninhibited....or prim and proper....

<Agaba> choices...

  • Mitsuya blinks a few times, and gives Ayaba a very confused look as he talks, "I prefer my hair short really. Its just that I'm use to having a dragonfly lense here."

<Aisekikawa> "I think that I am not well liked, but there were few who match me at this time. My teammates seem to be... bursting with the desire to show off."

<Aisekikawa> "And I think that Nikola is more than just Shego's friend, and quite the playboy." *laughs*

  • Situro laughs once. "Well, showing off is part of the game. If it was just an excercise in skill it would get boring I think. It adds life."
  • Agaba brushes a stray strand of Mitsuya's hair back behind her ear.

<Agaba> I rather like both styles, to tell you the truth.

  • Mitsuya grabs Ayaba's arm sternly, and grips tightly, trying to dig her nails into the Sesus' wrist, "Strike one."
  • Aisekikawa looks at Situro, "Perhaps it does, but I think it's more that it destroys the moral of those we play against. Only the strong play on without falling. And they... well, you'll see someday... soon."
  • Situro watches Aise out of the corner of one eye, saying nothign.
  • Agaba winces slightly in pain

<Agaba> Quite a grip you have, there.

  • Mitsuya lets go of Ayaba's arm, and smiles cutely at him, "Its something encouraged over in the Legion."

<Agaba> Strength or lack of sex appeal?

<Situro> "Well...you never know what the future holds."

  • Mitsuya I have nothing against sex appeal. I'm a soldier afterall, violence gets boring as a vent. I have my eyes elsewhere though.

<Agaba> And where would that be?

<Mitsuya> Out back East.

  • Agaba considers the Legionaire for a moment.

<Agaba> Have a past, do we?

  • Mitsuya nods slightly, "Could say that." She lifts a hand to the water and requests a glass of sake.

<Aisekikawa> "Perhaps not, or perhaps one does... the only real question is what I might know of things to come."

<Situro> "I plan to write my own future."

<Aisekikawa> "Sometimes we have no choice of what we can or can not do... how do you know that what you intend to write, has not been written on your mind, and therefore in the future?"

<Aisekikawa> "We must question if there is any free will sometimes."

  • Mitsuya ponders a moment and has the barkeep change the order so its more traditional. Ceramic pitcher and a pair of smaller bowels, "How we drink it int he Legion."

<Agaba> ....interesting.

  • Agaba raises his smal bowl

<Situro> "An understanding of the nature of fate. I know there is free will for those willing to take it."

<Agaba> To what should we drink?

<Aisekikawa> "Who said I was speaking of fate, and not of something that has passed?"

  • Mitsuya thinks a moment as she holds the bowl to her lip, "Hmmm, how's health. Always a good one."

<Agaba> To health!

  • Agaba downs the rice wine in one gulp, wincing at the fire despite his Aspect

<Situro> "And who said what you knew was correct? Or your conclusion on its effects worked out properly or all the necessary effects considered."

  • Mitsuya nods and sips slowly at the bowl, using both hands and sighing a bit, "Damn them. They took my armor too."

<Agaba> Who?

<Aisekikawa> "Likely my being here has changed nothing, but I will continue to try. I just know that otherwise, you and your friends in "high places" shall fail. I am proof of it."

<Mitsuya> My unit. They thought I needed a vacation. So they carried me over in the manta, gave me a suitcase, kicke dme off, and flew off.

  • Aisekikawa turns away and goes into the changing room, where she does not return from.
  • Mitsuya grumbles a bit as she takes another sip of her drink.

<Situro> "Fail? What do yout think I am working for?"

<Agaba> Is it standard Legion practice to leave even a vacationing soldier without means to protect herself?

  • Situro asks to her retreating back.

<Mitsuya> I think they're waiting off shoar just in case they see my anima.

<Mitsuya> And I get a feeling that the shugun-janai is around somehwere.

  • Aisekikawa says as she opens the door, "I don't think... I know... goodbye for now." and the door closes.

<Agaba> It's that same lack of privacy that drove me to my own wandering.

  • haren left at 05/05/04 05:32:27

<Mitsuya> I doubt its too bad really. I think they're probably in the deeper parts of the country looking around or hunting pirates. And I probably have an elemental following me about, just in case.

<Agaba> Well, I don't have much.....heh...a towel and my daiklaives....

<Agaba> But if you need anything...let me know. I'll do my best to help you with whatever you need.

  • Mitsuya offers her bowl to Ayaba for a refill, "Thank you. Its appreciated. Jut be warned you aren't getting into my pants. Or lack thereof in this state."
  • Agaba dutifully refills the small bowl

<Agaba> *sigh* Regardless, my offer stands.

<Agaba> A woman of your strength....it would take quite the man to achieve that feat.

<Agaba> Or woman....anything's possible.

  • Mitsuya shrugs a bit as she drinks, "Never know, never know....I think my technician has the hots for me, for example."

<Bog_Mod> brb

  • Agaba reaches to refill his own bowl
  • Agaba has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer�)

<Agaba> Terribly sorry about that, Mitsuya

<Mitsuya> No worries.

<Agaba> where were we?

  • Mitsuya takes the pitcher and poors a refil into the other Crimson Dragon's bowl, "Babbling mostly."
  • Agaba shoots a withering look at the Legionaire as he sips at the wine

<Agaba> I do not babble, thank you

  • Mitsuya shrugs and nods, "Hmmm, was just looking for volcabulary that's appropirate."

<Agaba> We seem to be the only ones left.

<Mitsuya> T'is true. I think I'm going to have a nice sleep.

<Agaba> Fare thee well, may the Dragons watch your slumber, etc, etc

<Mitsuya> Umm, diddo. Take care mister....?

<Agaba> Agaba. Sesus_Agaba.

<Agaba> And what, my firey soldier, is your name?

<Agaba> Given my previous attempt's failure, i ask now; may I take your hand?

<Mitsuya> (gunchei, check that, gunchei)

  • Mitsuya grins "Maybe another time."

<Agaba> Very well.

  • Agaba raises the last of his sake.

<Agaba> What should I toast to, to end the evening?

  • Mitsuya raises her drink in return, "The end of the evening."

<Agaba> To the end of the evening.

  • Agaba relishes the last of the wine, eyes closed in sensation.
  • Mitsuya takes a final sip of her drink and heads off, taking her bag and waving as she exits.
  • Agaba waves farewell to the retreating figure.