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The new Sidereals have access to more than just astrology (mainly because this was built long before I knew anything about their astrology system. D'oh!). Their Collegiums are the result of collecting information gleaned through hearing the whispers of the pattern spiders themselves as the spiders reach increases to try and include information about Malfeas, the dead, and the nature of the Wyld. The Collegiums are as follows;

  • Alchemis - Sciences - Alchemy, Engineering, Masonry, Poisons, Surgery
  • Arcanum - Magics - Thaumaturgy, Sorcery, Bargain basement Necromancy, Enchanting
  • Celestalis - The Sidereals, Solars, and Lunars
  • Chaosium - The Wyld, and its occupants; The Fair Folk, Wyld Beasts, and The Things That Lurk Beyond
  • Infernalis - The Yozis, Infernals, and their various progeny and or relatives
  • Nocturnis - The Abyssals, Deathlords, Malfeans, Darkbrood, etc.
  • Terrestralis - The Dragon-Blooded, the Half-Bloods, the spirits (incl. Gods), Mountain Folk
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