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The Heroes

A drifter across the Realm and the Treshold he fights demons and helps people
Born from the Traveling People, Faye always had a passion for matchmaking
  • Arkadi, Chosen of Mars (Darth Tom)
Once a cop in the Hundred Kingdoms, Arkadi is one of the honnest copper of Creation
A spawn of the Iselsi family, seeking to rewin power and influence for his House
Formerly a princess in the Varang States, she now keeps things from ending too soon and kicks ass in the name of the Five Maidens.
Can the Golden Faction find a way to redeem the Solar Exalteds and end the Great Curse ? Only in Anja will the answer be found...

The Sidekicks

  • River Rose
  • Iselsi Miela
  • Iselsi Andisheh

The Villains

The Mentors

The Others

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