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My name is Aaron Peori.

I have been gaming (pauses) for about ten years now. I've gamed everything from D&D original stuff to Amber Diceless. Exalted is my latest passion in the RPG world and as such all my creative juices as far as homebrew rules alteration and creative ideas for games has gone into it. Seeing the Wiki made me realize this was a wonderful place to post all my homebrew stuff. I'd like to thank DaveFayram for making it possible to work in such an environment.

June 16, 2004: Whew. Glad the Wiki came back in time for my monthly update! Thanks Dave, you da man. This time I'm updating with a new martial ats style based off of a popular manga series. I'm sure you can guess which one once you read it. Might as well use this update to go with the BestPractices formatting of pages now.

May 16. 2004: Two updates in one month? gaspEpsilon/I> Check out some new Solar Brawl Charms I came up with.

May 13, 2004: Added some new Charms, fixed the links to some of the old stuff so its easier to locate on the Wiki proper.

Apr 19, 2004: Added a houserule for dealing with Martial Arts based on thoughts I had on re-reading this Discussions/AreMartialArtsUber the other day.

Mar 18, 2004: Just homebrewin' a weapon I was inspired to write up.

Mar 10, 2004: Updated with some Abyssal and Solar homebrew Charms. Response to the BloodDragons concept has been well, non-existant (except for DariusSolluman, thank you for the praise Darius) so I'm not in a hurry to finish up the Charm trees for them.

Feb 19, 2004: Updated BloodDragons with some Charm trees.

Feb 14, 2004: My first update, created the Wiki page, will add new content as I come up with it. Basic formating here seems pretty simple. First off are some homebrew Charms and a new spalt for the game. Check them out.


Here we have links to my various content areas.


Feel free to leave comments on my ideas here on on the individual pages as I create them. Those who wish to contact me more directly can do so via my email rlepsilon@hotmail.com.