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Lunar Permanent Charms

Empowering Embodiment of the Tricksters Children

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent.
Type: Special
Minimum Caste Attribute: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Pre-requisite Charms

When Luna is pleased with her children, it shows. While using the blessings of their lady, the mighty become mightier, the deft become defter, and the hardy become hardier. The articulate become more so, the imposing become influential, and the pretty become beautiful. The bright become wise, the clever become cunning, and the acute become omniscient. For the rest of the scene once the Lunar has activated their anima ability, when making a roll using a caste attribute, if the roll is not a botch, the Lunar gains one additional success on the roll. In addition, during this time, Lunars may shift from to form for a single mote, not three. To use the Deadly Beastman Transformation charm, the usual five motes must be spent.