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News Archive

12.04.04 - Well, I havn't done much with my page for a long time now, and as I'm bored and not busy, I think I'll get back into it. For right now I'm mostly just working on some cosmetic changes, though I intend to dump the idea bin contents into their respective places soon. I'm also going to print off the main content of this page some time to have it in a slightly more portable format.

I'm also planning on building an initiative board or some sort. My initial concept was a magnetic thing with small tags for indicating characters and npcs. Now I think a dry erase board might work better with permanent markings to show the initiative count. That way you can just write in who goes at which initiative time. This might be a bit too time consuming, so my other concept would be to make a combination of the two. Have magnets that you can write on (note: find sheet magnets that can use dry erase markers) at the beginning of combat, and more permanent versions for the PCs. It should let recording initiative be incredibly simple. I might just get overzealous some time and put health levels on the PC versions. Doing a full combat stat display on them wouldn't work too well, and it shouldn't be necessary in any case, but that marker might make it a bit easier to keep track of wound penalties, and even things like cover modifiers from shields/charms/artifacts/etc.

3.29.04 - A few more things added to the idea bin, and a new EC Hidden Diary entry added.

3.23.04 - Buncha stuff added to the idea bin. Almost time for a bin dump and purge.

3.15.04 - A new page added here for me to use when thinking up new ideas. Once it fills up a bit I'll throw the stuff where it's supposed to go. It's called the IdeaBin in case you want to check it out.

3.10.04 - Added some artifact info, revamped the artifacts section, did other cool maint stuff.

3.9.04 - Got Senan's sheet and family info up fot the (someday) forthcoming Dragon-Blooded game. This actually happened yesterday, but who really cares. I hope to get the others up some time in the not so distant future.

3.3.04 - Added a HUGE Hidden Diary entry for EC. It has another little falbe tpe story in it that I wrote up, kind of like the one about hunter, though this one feels more like the traditional ones with a moral to the story and all to it. Let me know what you think, people.

2.11.04 - Added a couple short Hidden Diary entries.

2.1.04 - Threw up a section for Zenleigha's correspondence with the Daimyo of Lookshy. She should have her stuff up sooner or later. I formatted the page a bit to make it look better. Things are a little more organized. When she gets the replies from the Daimyo, I'll throw those up in italycs under the appropriate message.-EC

2.1.04 - Added a new entry to Endless Chase's diaries. (And another one)

1.31.04 - Added a new section to my character's portion of the page. Feel free to enjoy "The Hidden Diaries of Endless Chase" ^_^

1.28.04 - Next time any of my fellow players changes stuff on the character sheets, make sure you check the little box that says "This change is a minor edit." That was everybody on the Wiki doesn't need to see it on the recent changes section.

1.27.04 - 'C' entry added in the Lexicon. Waiting to hear when to start with 'D'.

1.24.04 - Did tons of work on adding new things to my personal stuff, though completion is still far away. Plan to do more later when I have more patience.

01.24.04 - Posted part two of Chasing the Sun. The next part should be up by the first, by FourWillowsWeeping.

01.17.04 - Halfway done with my work for Chasing the Sun. I should easily be done by the deadline of the 26th, so everyone can look forward to the next installment of the story.

01.14.04 - Well, Ikselam's mighty idea has made me decide to participate in the the round-robin style writing event of the Wiki. Check out WhirlwindBrushMethod.