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Jade Lotus' Backgroud

Jade Lotus was born Cathak Jade Lotus, third child of 12 born to her mother Cathak Aliyania. She had a privileged childhood, but she was never really spoiled. From the beginning she had a rebellious streak, headstrong and determined to rule the world even though her mother seemed equally as determined to beat that spirit out of her. Her oft-punished nature didn't make her popular amongst her peers, she only really had one true friend, her partner in crime, Tepet Issaru. Her mother personally despised Issaru, but allowed them to become close friends as he was of particularly high breeding and she was hoping for a match between the two. Jade Lotus endured almost daily torment from her elder siblings, sometimes at her mother's behest, sometimes because they felt like hurting her to see if they could finally break her. But she would not break, she used their tortures to become stronger, faster, better… At the tender age of 9, she and Issaru were playing outside, and her brother Mykel felt like trying out his new tetsubo. The surprise blow to the back of the head rendered little Issaru unconscious, and he fell limp, nose bleeding profusely. Jade thought her beloved playmate had been killed and threw herself at her older brother, beating at him with rocks, toys, and whatever else she could find. She managed to wrestle his sword out of his belt, and as she tightened her grip around the hilt, flames rolled off of her body, and licked at the blade. Mykel broke and ran screaming, barely escaping the violent anima flames. Jade ran after him, leaving a wake of fire in the gardens, it took several house guards and dire threats from her mother to calm the new Exalt.

School was different after that, of course, parents wanted their children to be like Jade, and the children went from teasing her to grudging admiration…the students even began to vie for invites to her exclusive (and very illegal) parties. Years passed, and it seemed as though Issaru would never exalt, despite his markings of high breeding. Jade's mother began actively discouraging them from associating, she even went so far as to convince his family that the Cloister was as good place for those disappointing unExalted children that were destined for failure. Jade went to the House of Bells for secondary school; Issaru went to the Cloister. She excelled in her courses and training exercises, secondary school was where her lifelong love of the twin sword fighting style began.

Jade graduated top of her class at the House of Bells, but still hadn't lost that rebellious nature. Her mother got her a commission to the Vermilion Legion, Issaru joined her there. Like every hardship delivered to her by her family, Jade was determined not to let this stop her, she was _not_ going out in a blaze of glory on some battlefield somewhere, she had bigger and better things to do. She was an exemplary officer, her troops came back with more glory and fewer casualties, and often had higher morale than the other members of the Red Piss Legion. She served 25 years, during which she faced a unique situation that would come to shape and define her life. It came during one of her off-duty "exercises in teamwork and troop morale" that she was known for ("Party tonight!!! Tomorrow we may die…"), there was all sorts of revelry and merry making around the fire, and a general feel of good cheer surrounded everyone. Maybe it was the hallucinogens, maybe it was a trick of the smoke from the campfire, but no one believed the fey dancing above the fire were real until 3 of the men had fallen still laughing, but very, very dead. Jade called a tactical retreat, fending off the fey with Issaru while the men escaped. Jade and the fey warrior battled while dancing on wisps of smoke, she killed one but took a nasty blow from the other, knocking her back to the ground. Bleeding heavily and unable to fight effectively with a mangled shoulder, she positioned herself between the remaining faerie and her mortal best friend, prepared to die defending him if need be. The warrior raised his blade for what looked to be the last time, and the sky around Jade blazed alive with daylight. Jade looked at Issaru who was both terrifying and beautiful surrounded by a brilliant nimbus of light so bright it had bleached his black scout uniform completely white. "Damn you, always making things complicated…" she whispered and passed out. When she came back around, she was bandaged and lying on a makeshift bed of leaves. Issaru waited over her, still glowing slightly. They came to a decision, she would report that Issaru was killed in the attack, and they would have to find someway to conceal his identity. She returned to camp with the sad news, and soon after a new member came to join their troop, a mysterious figure named Takal. There was a great deal of speculation over who or what the new guy was, but everyone knew better than to question Jade further than what she felt like answering, and those answers were vague and open ended at best. They kept the secret of Takals true identity for many years, clinging to the hope that one day he'd be able to take his name back.

Jade retired from the Legion with honors, and she and Takal moved to the Threshold, where she hoped to live a life of quiet retirement. She adventured for a while, and eventually gave in to her mothers demands that she marry. She married Nellens Tipul, a Fire aspected musician looking for any escape from his family, even if he had to marry a madwoman. The wedding was lavish, she knew that marrying her off to a namless slacker was her mothers way of showing her displeasure, so again, she took what she was given and made the best of it. They had a child within the first year of marriage, a daughter named Mina. Jade doted on Tipul, and gave him everything he needed to make his life with her comfortable. She understood that he was slightly afraid of her and her "bodyguard", and did her best to have him understand that even though she slept with her twin blades, they would never harm him. A friendship formed between the couple based on the fact that they were outcasts of their families, and eventually they came to love each other deeply. They even went as far as to flout the usual standard of Exalt marriages by never taking another lover. She refers to her husband as "He Who Must Be Obeyed", and after over 110 years of marriage and 12 children they are still quite besotted with each other.. They use a hands on approach to child rearing, both of them spend a great deal of time with their children, (when she's not training) and she has all kinds of fun running their lives ;o).

When the situation in the Realm deteriorated further, Jade opened her home to those members of her family and the few friends she still had on the Isle that were willing to escape. Most of her siblings had been killed, and of those who remained, only her mother and eldest brother opted to join her in the Threshold. All of her friends came with their families, and the little compound of close-knit people began to expand over time. They called their new home in the Southeastern Threshold "The League States". No one had any good news about what was happening back on the Blessed Isle, but they all came with the hopes of starting over anew. With settlers came trade, and the city continued to grow. There were, of course, assassination attempts and attacks, but they withstood them, and used the attacks to reinforce their defenses. Jade gave up her family name of Cathak, and began her own bloodline, the House of Jade. There is more warmth between mother and daughter now, Jade's mother realizes that she would be dead without the protections of her child, and has apologized for her poor treatment in the past.

Jade Lotus still seeks to leave her children a solid legacy; she defends her city with breath, body and soul, and realizes that she cannot stay neutral in this ongoing war in the Realm if peace is to continue. She hasn't quite decided on a course of action, but she continues to build her foundations, and prepare for whatever will come.

Further note: There is a lot more going on with this campaign, this is just her story…so far.

Character Sheet

House Rule Alert!!! – When calculating essence, we get the standard amount of essence then double the total for personal and add ½ again to the total for Peripheral

Appearance : Jade Lotus stands about 5'6" tall, with a sleekly muscled dancers body. Her skin is a deep red/bronze color, she has mid-shoulder length extremely wavy hair the color of blood garnets. She has strong, well-defined features, and pale jade green eyes that go reddish with any strong emotion. She tends to wear comfortable, pajama-like silks when puttering around at home or training, her more formal attire tends toward embellished and highly stylized military cut clothing in ultra-fine materials. She prefers black and dark jewel tones, and is NEVER seen without her trademark twin daiklaives.

Name: Jade Lotus
Aspect: Fire
Nature: Rebel
Anima: Rolling sheets of cinematic flames (think "Backdraft")
Concept: New World Order
House: Jade

Strength 6, Dexterity 7, Stamina 5
Charisma 5, Manipulation 5, Appearance 4
Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 5

Linguistics: 4; Lore: 5; Occult: 6; Stealth: 4; Thrown: 4
Awareness: 6; Craft: 2; Endurance: 6; Martial Arts: 6; Resistance: 4
Athletics: 6; Dodge: 6; Melee: 6; Presence: 5; Socialize: 5
Brawl: 5; Bureaucracy: 3; Investigtion: 3; Larceny: 2; Sail: 2
Archery: 2; Medicine: 4; Performance: 2; Ride: 3; Survival: 2
Melee – Double Weapons: 3; Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style: 3; Thrown – Daggers: 3; Melee – Disarm:3; Martial Arts – Air Dragon Style: 3; Socialize – Discern Motivation: 3

Artifact: 5; Resources: 5; Mentor: 5; Reputation: 5; Manse: 3; Breeding: 4; Contacts: 5; Allies: 5; Command: 5; Backing: 5 (see expanded backgrounds for details)

Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 4

Willpower: 9
Health: -0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Essence: 6
Essence pool: 38/70, 30 P committed

Effortlessly Rising Flame
Falling Star Maneuver
Bellows Pumping Stride
Incense Smoke Ladder
Threshold Warding Stance
Hopping Firecracker Evasion
Flickering Candle Meditation
Safety Amongst Enemies
Dragon Graced Weapon
Stoking Bonfire Style
Threshing Floor Technique
Ringing Anvil Onslaught
Loquacious Courtier Technique
Seizing the Tongue Technique
Spirit Sight
Spirit Walking
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Ox Body Technique x6
Elemental Bolt Attack
Strength of Stone Technique

Martial Arts Charms:
Flash Fire Technique
Flame Flicker Stance
Searing Fist Attack
Perfect Blazing Blow
Fire Dragon Form
Fiery Hand Attack
Breath of the Fire Dragon
Essence Igniting Nerve Strike
Overwhelming Fire Majesty Stance
Smoldering Wound Attack
Consuming Might of the Fire Dragon
Air Dragons' Sight
Wind Dragons' Speed
Breath Seizing Technique
Shrouding the Body and Mind
Air Dragons Form
Image of Death Technique
Wall Climbing Technique
Distracting Finger Gesture Attack
Ebon Shadow Form
Seven Points of Weakness Strike
Limb Immobilizing Method
Paralyzing Touch Technique
Five Dragon Fortitude
Flowing Water Defense
Rippling Water Strike
Shrugging Water Dragon Escape
Drowning in Blood Technique
Water Dragon Form

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery:
Emerald Countermagic
Demon of the First Circle
Flying Guillotine
Summon Elemental
Internal Flame
Infallible Messenger

Red Jade Bracers 8B/8L
Silken Body Suit 6B/6L +1 to difficulty to hit
Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light 2B/1L
Total Soak: 20(4)B/17(2)L
Note: She has easy access to Warstriders and that Crimson Suit assassin armor, the above is what she typically fights in…

Red Jade Paired Daiklaives "Irony and Tragedy" ACC:19 SPD:21 DMG:15L DEF:15 RNG:N/A Rate:6
Throwing Daggers (10) ACC:13 SPD:11 DMG:8L DEF:N/A RNG:15 Rate:3
Red Jade Infinite Chakram "One with the Wind" ACC:11 SPD:11 DMG:10L DEF:N/A RNG:50 Rate:6
Steel and Glass Paired Sai "Blood Shards" ACC:16 SPD:13 DMG:9L DEF:17 RNG:N/A Rate:4

See "Expanded Artifacts" for more information

Legendary Attribute (Dex)
Tactical Instincts
Cachex5 (can access her wealth in any major city in the East)
Signature Style
Selective Conception
True Love (Jade Tipul)

Addiction (Marijuana 1pt.)
Secrets (2pt)
Secrets (2pt)

Expanded Backgrounds

Artifact: 5
Jade Lotus has easy access to a small squadron of Shogunate Age common warstriders, and one Blue Jade Royal warstrider(can only be piloted by a Water Exalt). She owns a suit of Crimson Armor of the Unseen Assassin (Outcastes p.58) in addition to her normal "everyday" armor.
Armor Stats:
Red Jade Bracers - "Aegis of Hesiesh" - 8 Bashing/8 lethal Soak Artifact Rating: 4
Body Suit - "Silken Plate" - 6 Bashing/6 Lethal soak, +1 to difficulty to hit Artifact Rating: 4
Red Jade Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light - 2 Bashing/1 Lethal Soak (using stats from the Bo3C)

Weapon Artifacts:
Red Jade Paired Daiklaives - "Irony and Tragedy" - +8 Spd, +7 Acc, +9 Dmg, +2 Def, Rate 6.
Abilities - Will not damage the one attuned to the blades; acts as elemental lens, elemental lens extends to Dragon Graced Weapon charm(fire only); removes penalty for double weapon fighting as paired short swords for Fire Dragon Style; if the bearer does not split actions, swords can peform one more action. Artifact Rating: 5

Glamered Scabbard and sword belt - The scabbard and belt change to suit wearers clothing needs, has attachments that can store up to 6 other weapons Elsewhere, weapons stored in this manner must be drawn normally. Artifact Rating: 2

Infintite Red Jade Chakram -"One With the Wind" - As Infinite Jade Chakram, only red... ;o)

Black Jade Dagger - "Voodoo" - Spend motes to add to Acc, Spd or Dmg on a one per one basis; maximum motes spent equal to users Essence. Artifact Rating:2

Resources: 5
Jade Lotus gains resources from lands and tributes, the income from her mercenary guild, and personal business ventures

Mentor: 5
Fallen Sorrowful Rose - Sidereal of the Maiden of Endings - Master of martial arts, well respected within the Spirit Courts. Old enough to remember the Shogunate, more crotchety than 4 even older Sidereals. Has moral issues with both the Gold and Bronze factions. Mentor Rating:5

Fakharu - You know him and love him from the main Exalted book, same mighty Water Dragon Celstial Censor... Jade has done many favors for him in the past, he honors her with knowledge and fostering her youngest daughter at his court(in secret, of course). Mentor Rating:5

Reputation: 5
You don't get to be this cheesy without people finding out about you...

Manse: 3
Jade lives in her Fire aspected manse, a palatial estate in the League States in the Southeastern Threshold. It's generally 30 degrees hotter inside the manse as it is outside, mundane items within become fireproof after being inside for a month. Fireproof items return to normal after being outside of the manse for a week. The hearthstone is a Gem of the Burning House, and the hearthstone room is deep beneath the house.

Breeding: 4
Really, what else can be said here...

Contacts: 5
Fakharu - as above...Contact Rating:3
Jaylin, Master Merchant of the Guild - Contact Rating:3
Jade also has a loose web of noble connections in various places in the Threshold, and a tighter web of noble connections in her own city.

Allies: 5
Takal, patriarch of House Takal, and his entire house. She is affectionately known as "Auntie Jade" to his family.

Command: 5
Jade Whirlwind Mercenary Group Command Rating:5
Her own battalion ("Blood Jade") of this mercenary group consists of:
500 Elite Troops
5 Dragon Blooded officers
100 Essence wielding mortals
The Jade Whirlwind Mercenary Group isn't your typical bunch of ragtag wannabe soliders. The atmosphere of Jade Lotus' household is such that somebody, somewhere, somehow, is working their butt off in a training hall, the mortals are no different. The "mercs" are a project thats about 110 years in the making, her current soldiers fight at her side because their fathers'<or mothers, we're all equal opportunity here... ;o)> did...and their fathers' fathers' before them. They are trained rigorously from an early age, and those who shine are picked to be trained to use Essence. With the expansion of the League States (amongst other things) there have been new applicants, but they are thoroughly screened, tested, and trained harder until they meet her exacting standards of what a Jade Whirlwind elite fighter should be.

Backing: 5
House Takal Backing Rating:5
House Jade Backing Rating:5
League States Backing Rating:3

I may have more comments later, but right now I'm at work..still...100 Essence useing mortals!? I was under the impression that the tallent to use essence in mortals was rather rare - as in 'there are more dragonbloods than essence useing mortals' rare... I don't object to the number, but it contradicts what I know of the concept of such. You should probably expand on that, to tell where she got them from (A particular spirit bloodline, training them herself etc..). Pluss it would be great flavor text. :) Gamlain

*grin* ok, I can expand a bit on those mortals...Done. And if you think she's hard on them, you should see how she trains her own children. Dreaming Nymph
and if she not trying to half kill them Takal is ;).He'll be up shortly and if you think the cheese was cut thick on Jade watch out Takal is the same age same Essence and a Solar. - Issaru
    • Just one question from me - you have given her the complete Fire Dragon style, and partial Ebon Shadow, Air and Water Dragon styles, I thought that DB's learning celestial level MA had to complete the entire style before they could learn another? so how does she have 3 partialy learned celestial styles? Or is that just me misreading the text? Eldmar