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Obediant Elememental Thorn DragonBloodedSurvival/I>DragonBloodedSurvival/B>

<B>Cost:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 3 motes
<B>Duration:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Instant
<B>Type:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Reflexive
<B>Min. Survival:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 3
<B>Min. Essence:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 3
<B>Prereq.:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Forgiveness-of-Nature Invoking Prana, Hostile Enviroment Preparation Method

A hero who can both please nature and not allow nature to impede his progress can come to call the obedience of nature. The character need but have the intention, and the natural world itself readies itself as a weapon.

The character must not be surrounded by paved earth or non-natural floors-- in short, too much human influence ruins the use of this Charm, rendering it inoperable. If not, a nearby plant (or in the lack of plants, some other elemental manifestations such as ice, stalagmites, coral, or even lengths of flame) spouts an apropiate javelin, using the normal stats, that is immediately ready for use by the Dragon-Blooded. Mortals injured by these javelins are poisoned by elemental essence, and suffer the DB's Essence in dice penalty to all actions for a day. Javelins created by this Charm ignore penalties due to wind, cover provided by trees, and all other penalties due to a manifestation of the five elements.

<I><B>Force of NatureDragonBloodedSurvival/I>DragonBloodedSurvival/B>

<B>Cost:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 5 motes, 1 Willpower
<B>Duration:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Instant
<B>Type:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Reflexive
<B>Min. Survival:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 5
<B>Min. Essence:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> 3
<B>Prereq.:DragonBloodedSurvival/B> Obedient Elemental Thorn

The Dragon-Blooded mostly highly attuned to the natural manifestations of his natural element has some of the same supernatural authority over the elemental essence of Creation as the dutiful elementals.

The Dragon-Blooded causes an appropiate nearby elemental manifestation of power that battens upon and impedes the progress of his enemies-- vines may ensnare them, a dust devil may hound them, lightning may strike, water may try to down them, and so on. He rolls his Wits+Survival as an attack on any target within his (Essence x10) in yards. The base damage of this attack is the Dragon-Blooded's Charisma (representing the strength of the effect the Terrestrial can will the world into put into effect) and all damage done is bashing. The target also halves his movement rating for the turn. If the attack succeeds and does damage, the target halves his movement rating again. This movement penalty is an enviromental effect, and characters who ignore penalties imposed by natural environments are immune to this movement penalty, though the attack still does normal damage.

In addition to the normal elemental surcharge, this Charm costs an extra mote of essence if the elemental manifestation does not match the element of the character using the Charm, though circumstances may force a DB to rely on an element other than their own (for example, a Wood Aspect in a barren rock desert). Attacks created by this Charm ignore penalties due to wind, cover provided by trees, and all other penalties due to a manifestation of the five elements.


Pretty neat. Just a few comments:

  1. Arn't the durations and types reversed?
  2. Obedient Elemental Thorn: This creates a weapon, which the DB can pick up and use normally, correct? It sort of sounds like it creates an attack(the flame example, for instance. ) I think I figured out, but was confused at first. (probably bc most DB environment charms create attacks).
  3. Force of Nature: The part about stoping all movement if it does damage seems nasty. I'd give it half movement if it does damage(Cumulative accross multiple attacks in a turn). Otherwise it seems a bit to good to prevent people from retreating.


The Durations and Types match the order used in my Lunar book, which I happen to have open. OET creates a javelin (so it works with both Melee or Thrown, as you like). You're right about the movement, I'll reduce the penalty. -TheMyriadOfShades

Wow. I don't have lunars, but for all the other stuff I've seen, Instant was a duration and reflexive was a type. Lunars are weirder than I thought. -FlowsLikeBits <i>oh, now my head hurts</i>

Actually, I'm just wrong. -TheMyriadOfShades

Heh. Sorry about that. I realized you though I was talking about the order, rather than the values. I was pretty tired when I replied, and easily confused. Re-reading it seems a bit snarky, so sorry about that. -FlowsLikeBits