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Dancing Flames Avoidance</b>

 <b>Cost: 3 motes + 1 per re-roll
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Reflexive
 Min Dodge: 3
 Min Essence: 2
 Prereqs: Flickering Candle Meditation

No weapon can cut fire, and Dragon-Blooded using this Charm are similarly protected. They need never fear failing their dodge attempt. For 3 motes, a dodge can be re-rolled once. Each additional mote buys an additional re-roll. Dodges granted by Charms such as Flickering Candle Meditation can benefit from this Charm's effects. Any Charms used to enhance Dodge attempts must be spent again to apply to a re-roll.

Overwhelming Rage Technique</b>

 <b>Cost: 3 motes
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Reflexive
 Min Dodge: 4
 Min Essence: 4
 Prereqs: Safety Among Enemies

Fanning the flames of the anger that occurs in any combat, a Crimson Dragon can drive his opponent into rage and distraction. Add the Valor ratings of the Dynast and the target together, then subtract the total from the victim's attack pool.

Driving Away The Cold</b>

 <b>Cost: 3 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: One Scene
 Type: Simple
 Min Dodge: 4
 Min Essence: 3
 Prereqs: Smoldering Karma Strike

The Dragon-Blooded have a notable resistance to mundane attacks. Unless protected by magic, weapons and foes are simply forced away from the power of the Exalted, as fire drives away the cold. Add the Exalt's Essence to the difficulty of all non-Charm enhanced attacks made against her.

Dross-Eating Defense</b>

 <b>Cost: 2 motes
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Reflexive
 Min Dodge: 5
 Min Essence: 3
 Prereqs: Driving Away the Cold

The Dragon-Blooded arrogance toward those less powerful then themselves is well-earned. Charms like this one make the Exalt all but immune to the attacks of mortals and the un-prepared. Any non-magical attack made against the Dragon-Blooded is automatically deflected. This is a perfect defense.


For Dancing Flames Avoidance do other charms spent need to enhance it need to get used again? Hmm...I would change Overwhelming Rage Technique to be based on just the targets valor. For Driving Away The Cold do spells work as normal? What about magical creatures or magic weapons? Same question for Dross-Eating Defense, would it work against your average daiklaive or the claws of the Thousand Forged Dragons? - BogMod

Dancing Flames - Yes, they do. Rage Tech - I designed it with both because the DB's Valor should factor in, making it easier to get pissed off at someone laughing in your face as he beats the crap out of you vs someone cringing every time a spark flies. Driving Away the Cold and Dross-Eating Defense both function the same as Defense from Anathema and follow its rules, so its pretty much an ST call as to what is "magical" - Telgar