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This isn't a big, complex legal hullabaloo. I'm just curious. Can I submit the stuff I've created for the Lexicon and WBM to White Wolf as a writing sample? --Dim

Well, DaveFayram put a little note on the WelcomeToExaltedWiki page stating that everything here is owned by its authors to the full extent of the law. I wouldn't think submitting stuff you wrote for wiki would be any different from submitting stuff you wrote and published on your own private website.\\ _Ikselam

I've got a question regards copyright and legal sanctions and all that rot... Are we -legally- allowed to use the Exalted Wiki as it is? I've taken a look at the White Wolf Dark Spiral rules, and I get a little worried that we might get royally worked over by White-Wolf for not complying with their rules. The url for the rules is here Click Me. Of course, it could be that the Exalted Wiki is already covered elsewhere, and I just haven't found it yet. ~ Haku, another concerned citizen

Well, barring the issue that ExaltedWiki is in New Zealand where they probably have different copyright laws, the most likely answer is that it just isn't worth the time of WW's lawyers to make an issue of it. 'Sides, they'd come off looking like a bunch of assholes for clamping down. - relaxed Moxiane

Probably the worst they can do is say "we now own your work without paying you!", and I doubt they can really pull that off. I think what they're trying to do is bolster their case in the event that someone sues them and says they stole an idea from their fan site. - MeiRen

As far as I can tell, the wiki complies with the rules on that page, more or less. We're not part of the Dark Spiral webring, so we're just required to include the link to White Wolf's legal page on the home page, which we do. The Exalted logo isn't in their list of approved logos, but it looks way out of date to me. ~ Xyphoid