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This is a list of discussions that have cropped up. When you start a discussion, Link it here so we can find it.

If a discussion has been dead for a long time, move it to the Old Discussions section.

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Quotes from the Designers

  • WriterQuotes


  • /AbyssalEssence - They are different.
  • /AccesibleContent - What, if any, aspects of setting shouldn't be casually toyed with
  • /AlchemicalMA - Should Alchies be able to learn MA Charms?
  • /AnatomyOfSouls - On Souls and Exaltation
  • /AreMartialArtsUber - Well, are they?
  • /AreSiderealsUber - We expound on balance in its many permutations.
  • /BreakingThe4thWall - The border between Charms and bad.
  • The Bull of the North - Who is this guy, and what's he doing in my Chronicle?
  • /ChangesBetweenEditions - Where we measure and weigh changes that go beyond just mechanics
  • /DB-HalfCaste - What would the reactions be to such an offspring?
  • /DB-MASchooling - What do they teach them?
  • /DBsAreDifferent - Fire Archery for firewands?
  • /DragonBloodedGenetics - Tracking the family tree of the dragon blooded.
  • /DragonBloodedTactics
  • /DragonKings - Has anybody done ANYTHING with them?
  • /ExperienceRate - How fast do Exalts gain XP, and what is a common ratio of Essence to Charm-count?
  • /IsHighAppearanceADrawback - is it?
  • /MartialArts - How common is it? What relation does it have with Brawl?
  • /MartialArtsNamingConventions - A few thoughts on what to name MAs based on who built them.
  • Escaping Fate - A possible explanation of how Exalts escape Fate. Commentary and debate most welcome.
  • /MusicOfCreation - What music does your Creation listen to?
  • /CreaturesOfTheNight - What are Creatures of the night referred to in many instances?
  • /AbyssalsConqueringYuShan - Can they?
  • /TheGatesOfCreation - The gates of creation physical objects or a turn of phrase.
  • /WhatTheHeckIsCreation'sTechLevel
  • /TimeInCreation - Marking the passage of time.
  • /RealmCivilWar - So... how would you run it?
  • /AntediluvianDeathlords
  • CurseOfTheDragonBlooded - How does the Great Curse actually apply to Terrestrial Exalted?
  • /SiderealsRevealed - What might happen if the truth about the Sidereals and their influence became public knowledge?
  • /YoziWinning - How would they get the win?
  • /DeathlordsWinning
  • /WhatDoTheyKnowOfTheUsurpation? - what, exactly, is common knowledge?
  • /RapeIsBad - Like it says
  • /TheNatureOfTheUnderworld - What is the Underworld, and the underlying nature of it's effects?
  • TamingDemesnes Creation has a lot more Demesnes than is healthy for humanity... what can be done?
  • WhatDoAbyssalsDoToFate - some thoughts on the effects of underworld entities on creation.
  • BogMod/WhyDoSolarsNotChangeLooks
  • /Extras - What makes you an Extra, how to stop being an Extra, etc.
  • /UniversalCharms - Why can MA charms be learned across Exalt types, and could the same system be used for other charms?

Understanding Rules

  • AdditiveHardness - Does it exist?
  • /IndividualCharms - A linkpage for Charm discussion.
  • /AirQuestion - Chakram Confetti!
  • /ApplicabilityAndPerfection - What who where?
  • /ArmorlikeSoak - Soak that doesn't quite fit in the normal categories.
  • /ArcheryCharmsAndWeapons - Archery charms and what they work with...
  • /AstrologyOnItems
  • /AstrologyScope
  • /AttackingFromBehind
  • /CharmTerminology - trying to create rigorous and exact definitions
  • /ExaltedIsCrunchy - as much a viewpoint as a discussion!
  • /ExaltWays - It is weird.
  • ExcellencyMath - Statistics analysis of excellencies.
  • ExcellencyModelling - Program to aid with ExcellencyMath
  • /FamiliarRules - why are they so very vague?
  • /FireImmaculateDualSwordBenefits
  • /GrapplingDamage
  • HardToKillEqualsNoArmor - armor is an inefficient route to safety.
  • /IdentifyingCharms - on whether or not you can do it in battle
  • /ImbueAmalgam - Is this spell broken? Should it be increased to the Solar Circle?
  • /ImmaculateCelestials - Is it worth it for celestial exalts to learn Immaculate styles?
  • LunarCommentary - Mailanka doesn't think Lunars suck completely.
  • /MailAndSteelNavalCombat - How have people linked the Mail and Steel rules with the Savage Seas naval combat system?
  • /PoisonPenalties - Are they applied always, or just if you fail resistance
  • PowerCombat - Discussions on Power Combat, including revisions for items they didn't include
  • /RakshaVsSolarsInTheWyld - How do fights set in the Wyld between creation born and Fair Folk work?
  • /Resources - A few thoughts on Exalted's Resources system
  • /RulesQuestions - For short questions that can, the querent hopes, be answered briefly
  • /ShadowlandManseQuestion - What BG buys Shadowland Manses?
  • /ShunTheSmilingLady - SMK hates Sidereals.
  • /Specialties - Breadth of
  • /SpellShatteringPalm - Oh please.
  • /StoneOfBloodToFire
  • /StackingBonuses
  • /Thaumaturgy
  • /TrainingTimes - Do you care?
  • /TwilightAnima2E - Does it go a bit too far?
  • /WeaponRate - I think it is about useless.
  • GregLink/DiscussionAboutWSAV
  • Krendal/BurningQuestions and, naturally Krendal/BurntQuestions
  • Krendal/ExaltedMath

Changing Rules

  • /CasteAnimas
  • /ComboPeculiarities - Adding Charms to Combos seems too costly.
  • /Craft - Craft is weird.
  • /CraftPart2 - Actual crafting is also weird
  • /Essence - High Essence is hard to justify
  • /ExperienceSystemComplaints - We discuss how experience systems suck.
  • /Sab - wants comments on his house rules.
  • /ShatteringtheLunars - Or 'collection of things that came to mind, I'm not sure it's a good idea'
  • /SocialStatistics - Are they bad and wrong?
  • /SequentialSplitting
  • /OxBodies - Is Ox-Body balanced, and can it be changed?
  • /VirtueFlaws - Why only one Virtue?
  • /WishlistForSecondEdition - The things that should change in 2nd editon of the Exalted core rules
  • /HeavenlyGuardianDefence - Does it maul combat by its very existence?
  • /IncrementalArtifacts - A way to allow weak Artifacts to become stronger through gameplay.
  • MartialArts/KataSystem - Bringing Martial Arts in line with Sorcery, Necromancy, and other 'Casteless' powers
  • /FixThe2ESolarCharmTree's - Speedbumps and oddities in the 2E Solar Tree's and what to do?
  • /WishlistForSecondEdition - back when Second Edition was announced, there was a discussion about what people hoped for. Check out the history!


  • /ArtifactBowCreationHelp
  • CharmCreationGuide - We talk about what makes a good Charm.
  • /DeathlordsAbyssalsMonstrances
  • /PermanentCharms - Brainstorming.
  • /SigilisticsNewGameHelp
  • /UsefulSparkQuestions - For new characters.
  • /WikiBooks - Would you like sexy PDF collections of great Wiki writings? Go here.
  • /MissingLunarCastes - Your thoughts, Anyone, on what Lunars /should/ be like?
  • /NewMartialArtHelp - Need some feedback, not sure where to put. Not developed.
  • /ImmaculateTexts - Anyone ever thought what these are like?
  • /TheImperialCity- Starting a CommunalProject and thoughts about it?
  • /NewCardsfortheAbyssicGuide - New weaknesses for demons and elementals not detailed in Savant & Sorcerer
  • /ArtifactPSB - any ideas for IC terminology regarding artifact construction?
  • /TransformingAlchemicals - So, how would we make rules for the mighty autobot, turns-into-a-horse alchemical?
  • /AlchemicalsandPatterns - Should the Alchemicals be able to learn Mountain Folk Patterns?
  • /TerrestrialLunars - Creating terrestrial lunars as servants of the celestial lunars.
  • /BioTechnology - The home for living tools.
  • /MageInExalted - How would you best import the New World of Darkness Mage magic system...and should you?
  • BogMod/TheoryOfLostExp

Meta, Etc.

  • /Stores Why does Amazon suck with Exalted books and what stores don't suck?
  • /WhyFormatByUsername - The wiki is badly set up.
  • /WikiSpam - Or, who is webmail.union-city.k12.nj.us?
  • /WikiBooks - Compiling Wiki writings into spiffy PDF books?
  • /Cool - Defining Cool?
  • FormattingHelp
  • /IsPimpingNecessary - Well?
  • Language in Gaming - Why is this always modeled so very badly?
  • /Music - Inspiration
  • /OnlineChat - Features
  • /PurposeOfExaltedWiki - What are we trying to build?
  • SoybeanTrading - What's it mean?
  • /UtilityOfCharacters - Why do we post campaign material here?
  • /WhyIsWikiSoAddicting - ?
  • /WikiCon2004 - Meetup.
  • /XPMinAlgorithm - Writing a Mimimal XP expenditure algorithm.
  • /BreakingTheGame - A collection of ways to Break Exalted. For your ST's reference, of course.
  • /MailandSteelFormat - How should we format this newest section that seems to have been created?
  • /IsAnimeAGenre - Well?
  • /SavantAndSorcererCoverArt - including snide comments about WanderingNippleSyndrome
  • /TransGenderGaming - Guys Playing Girls and Vice Versa... how do you feel about this?
  • /WhyCantSiderealsMakeCharms - Well, why can't they?
  • ArnoldSnipes - What types of games are there?
  • Dissolvegirl/RantingRaving
  • Kurulham/ExaltedMovieCast


  • /Wiki2ndEdition - How much should 1st edition and 2nd edition material be separated?
  • /WikiTalmud - On how the wiki reminds this religion student of the Jewish legal tradition...
  • /WikiRSS - Is it possible to get an RSS feed of the RecentChanges page?
  • /Adult - A query and thought...
  • CharmsBestOfDiscussion - Should there be a Best Of The Wiki for Charms?
  • ForkedUpgradePath
  • /WikiContentFormatting
  • WikiQuestions - How it works
  • /WikiOwnership - Is my stuff mine?

Is this a discussion?

Old Controversial Discussions

  • /BrawlVSMartialArts
  • /LunarIllusions
  • /MartialArtsAndSolars - Talking about why Solars aren't best at Martial Arts and other things.
  • /RelativeSolarPower (also known as "Solars Are Weak!" ^_^)
  • /SolarVSAbyssal
  • /SolarVsImmaculate


  • DoA2 :: Completely offtopic. :)
  • Interrobang :: If one expects topicality, this is not the place to find it.
  • /RPGBooksGarden :: One of Shataina's nutty ideas. Is it possible it could actually work? Find out! (Gosh, I didn't know I was famous for nutty ideas ... ~ Shataina)
  • /ExaltedBeachVolleyballLeague :: Just want to see if anyone is interested in this new and fun game, possible wiki league getting started up.
  • /WhiteWolfWebSite :: Discussion and Speculations


  • ExaltedSpam
  • ExaltedTheTurtles
  • ExaltedVsWoD


( I like how people keep making controversial discussions :) -- DaveFayram (Who'd be up for a IC spot? Make a character (with or without stats) just to play out your fav character? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? XD )-- MidKnight

Not a bad idea, man. Make a page for it, and put yourself in the "important links" section of the front page. I'm sure some people will be down. However, remember that things will be a little slow as everyone kinda warms up to this wiki idea, so be patient and bug the forumites about it. I am going to end up doing a lot of work on this wiki, but if it's going to suceed other people need to do stuff too :) -- DaveFayram

Oh, no doubt, I know it won't be big right away, but I figure this sort of thing, by it's very nature, either gets really big, really quick or stays underground until it breaks full. My question, should it be a whole new page or should it just be a heading on this page? Discussions, Controversial, Old, IC? -- MidKnight

Argh, can't sleep. ExaltedWiki calls me. Anyways, MidKnight, I'd think it would deserve its own page, InCharacter. You could make different settings or games as sublinks from there (which may or may not work, maybe they should just be normal pages?). Go for it, and experiment. The worst that can happen is we move it. -- DaveFayram

Consider it implemented! -- MidKnight off to play in the code.

Here's a questions especially relevant for the discussions. Is there any way, when displaying a link, to show when the linked page was last updated? I'm finding myself having to check the Recent Changes to see if any of my favorite pages have been updated recently. That isn't so bad while the Wiki is still a somewhat small community, but I fear the day when there are hundreds of changes to look through every day. If there isn't a way then maybe we can just note the most recent update next to the link manually, but that can be difficult when (in some cases) we don't even KNOW all the places a page is linked from. -- Shoggoth

Very good question. Shoggoth. I'll put up a page, KeepingTrackOfTheWiki at lunch. I am on break so I only have time to tell you. You might want to make a ControlRoom subpage off of your user page. You can tell when a page has been last updated by clicking the "View other revisions" link at the bottom of the page, which gives you a RecentChanges style listing for ONLY that page. More generally, you can make a link of the following pattern:


This will let you build links in your ControlRoom right to changes on your favorite pages.

Modified-time dates and page tracking sidebars are one of the features BurningWiki should have, obviously :) \\ -- DaveFayram