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Deimos, Lord of Madness

Deimos is the god of insanity, from which he takes his title, but he is also the god of the dark and primal side of humanity: irrational fear, blind hate, unrestrained passion, basic instinct. The Lower Soul, where most of his favored aspects of humanity reside, falls under the purview of Deimos. Because of his associations and the unsavory types who attract his attention and favor, the Lord if Madness is the easiest of the Dark Lords to label as "evil." He smiles upon the coward, the bully, even the petty thug. His favor is earned by indulging the baser emotions and bringing them to others. Madmen are his most favored mortals; sometimes Deimos will whisper to those touched by insanity in their dreams. Often people try to avoid the attention of Deimos by wearing wards against him. It is said breaking a mirror draws his focus and brings his 'blessing', which most would like to avoid.

Most of his attention is focused on the Labyrinth where he directs his servants and devotees in action against the legions of Nephwracks and Hekatonkhire, attempting to check their dark designs. Because of his spies there and his own powers over madness in all forms, Deimos is one of the few beings who knows of the Great Curse. Because he has no direct power over it, he hates it with a passion for it flaunts his authority.

The Lord of Madness rules over the Forgotten Prison of Insanity which contains the Splinter, the Claw, the Dagger, the Mirror and the Obelisk. His color is the orange and his symbols are broken mirrors, bloody eyes and burning flames. When he chooses to appear in human form, Deimos takes the guise of an handsome, red-haired man with empty eye sockets and broken shards of mirror driven into his flesh.