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Mechanical systems for playing Exalted in the World of Darkness using the Storytelling system. It is designed as an add-on, attempting to not alter the core Storytelling rules but to instead provide additional systems for handling Exalted characters in the setting. It does not attempt to explain how to fit Exalted into the setting, merely the mechanics for Exalted.



Terminology and general mechanical information regarding Exalted.


Information on what Disciplines are. Exact term for these may change.


Information on Paths and how they work.


Section detailing the specific information regarding Abyssal Exalted.


Section detailing the specific information regarding the Terrestrial Exalted.


Section detailing the specific information regarding Sidereal Exalted.


Section detailing the specific information regarding Solar Exalted.


Project started. I'm going to focus on writing everything about Solars first. Sections will be added as they're worked on.
Actually, on second thought, general mechanical information is probably more important at this point, so I will likely work on defining Paths and Disciplines first. Paths and Disciplines are modeled after Vampire: The Requiem's Disciplines and Covenant Rites. The reason for these existing is because a great number of effects were lost when I boiled the charms down to free-form dice adding and type specific abilities. By having type-exclusive Paths, the Eclipse and Moonshadow castes would be allowed to keep their charm stealing gimmicks.
I realized that the power level of an Exalted type is limited by three things: Essence pool size, dice adding limit, dice adding efficiency. Mostly in that order too. Anyway, I also did research on the mechanics of the Storytelling System, simplified some things, changed the costs according to my notes (to the best of my memory, the notes aren't on me at the moment). There are now only two base costs associated with buying bonus dice; turn-length buying and scene-length buying. If you want to comment, please do so constructively. If you think the costs are high, name an example charm so I can look at what you're driving at. Or if you think a particular mechanic is wonky or not right, give me an example in the books.
Joy... Okay, since I actually have the WoD rulebook in front of me now... I'm wrong about the Willpower, so I'll be mucking with the Essence pools for a bit. It seems odd to base your essence pool on Attributes, but I suppose they would use the finesse category of Attributes (Wits, Dexterity, Manipulation). Still puzzling that one out though...
Added a lot of stuff to the Solar section. I rewrote and added the basic anima effect, which is that Solar animas affect creatures that are affected by or are vulnerable to sunlight based on which facet of the sun they represent. Night caste don't affect such creatures at all because well... it's dark at night. I also put some notes as to what the other anima abilities will be, but nothing concrete. Rudimentary process for applying the Solar Exalted supernatural template to mortals was added. That should be it. -Darzoni


This area is provided so that discussions relating to this project are kept here, keeping the actual mechanics pages uncluttered and easy to read. When this section becomes too long, I will divide it up into subpages that indicate the general topic being discussed. The format for these will be <nowikiDarzoni/WoDExaltedDiscussion<Topic></nowiki>, where Topic is the subject being discussed.

Dude, where are these mote costs coming from? 4 motes per tn reduction? 3 motes per die added? That's spectacularly more expensive than anything. - willows

I haven't had a chance to do research into the cost structures yet to determine what would be equivalent. The mote costs will change as soon as I am able to do that. I only started putting ideas to words this week, and I'm not home to curl up with my books most of the week. - Darzoni

Yeah, I copy willows; the die-adding seems really overly high, especially given that Exalted appear to have smaller Essence pools than in the original setting. Is the idea to scale them down in power to match the WoD stuff? (If so, what's the point?) Also, on the Sidereals -- should they seriously be rolling to pick up Paradox every time they use one of their abilities? This seems like a huge, huge nerf. -- AntiVehicleRocket

(SNIPPED!- My inaccurate arguement about how Willpower = Morality and why the essence pools seem smaller. D'oh!) -Darzoni

So, um, howcome Paradox works differently in WodExalted but Resonance stays the same? That seems inconsistent. - willows

Because I haven't figured out a good themely alternative method of implementing Resonance yet. Think of it as a placeholder, though I'm thinking the whole black miracle vibe would be kind of cool if it were somehow made more subtle. I'm probably going to change Paradox again because I'm unhappy with it thematically. I'm trying to capture the feeling of "Oops, you've sort of twisted fate too far and now you've rewritten it in unpredictable ways", but I find my ability to describe such a system and come up with an elegant resolution for said system lacking. Especially since I'm striving to disinclude setting-specific bits. If you're unhappy with Resonance, feel free to suggest alternatives. -Darzoni

It's a nice thing to have this around, in the case of someone needing to make a quick rules check. However, there's something under the WoDExaltedGeneral section that caught my eye. It states it takes one day to heal from 1 lethal damage. Doesn't it take longer to heal depending on the severity of the wound, such as a -4 lethal wound takes longer to heal than a -2 wound? Just checking. -- Doorman

Are you talking about the Exalted ruleset or the Storytelling ruleset? -Darzoni
Was referring to the Exalted. Missed that little detail. Fah, no one's perfect. -- Doorman
It's okay. I was wondering if I had misread the Storytelling rules or glossed over something, which is why I asked which ruleset you were talking about. It's a good thing to point out since I have a bad habit of misreading or glossing over stuff. -Darzoni