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Campaign Info

When I run an Exalted game, I tend to stick very close to canon. This means that with the exception of the house rules above, don't expect me to divert too much from the established setting/rules before the game starts. I'm also kinda strict on charm creation, but I do allow it. I'm a bit more lenient with spell creation because of the amount of effort involved and the scope of sorcery/necromancy in general. My games lately tend to focus around a single region (sometimes 2).

Ruins of Rathess (Finished): A campaign focusing on the exploration, liberation, & protection of Rathess and the Dragon Kings who dwelled within. The players had to defend Rathess from all kinds of threats, including the threat of the Yozi within their own ranks. PCs included 3 former Solars (one a ghost, and 2 infernal), 1 Lunar, & 1 Sidereal (Gold Faction). This game ended well.

The City of A Million Lice: A game focusing primarily on Nexus and the surrounding areas. Current PCs are 5 Solars.

Children of the Machine God: A small campaign based around Autochthon. Current characters are 2 Alchemical Exalted & 1 Mountain Folk.