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The Dark Siren Exalts!

Greetings -- I am the Dark Siren Sally, not so new to Exalted any more (not that I don't still feel like a n00b!) Some know me better as Mieu, or Mieu Sedai, mostly those I communicate with through IRC.

I created this page mainly to showcase some of the Exalted characters I have designed for various campaigns and for my own amusement, because I've slowly but surely fallen in love with the setting and all its complexity, and love to write about it. Because I am a person who thrives on character interaction, dramatic scenes and the (okay, more than occasional) emotional moment, my writing tends to reflect those preferences.

This page is falling into disuse, as I have my own wiki and now and then use UnshapedWiki for the... one or two games I'm in that still use that.



  • Ember Days - Exalted 1st edition game. A game set in the Realm with the PCs are Dragon-Blooded Dynasts, facing increasing animosity between the Great Houses and the undercurrent of Sidereal infighting, culminating in what could very well be a Dynastic civil war. It's up to them to decide which side, if any, they will take, as they discover more and more about the truth of who truly runs the Realm... and who wishes the Dynasty to fall.
  • Soul Collectors - Exalted 2nd Edition game with an AU "what-if" type scenario, in which the Wheel of Souls has been broken and souls can no longer be reincarnated. The PCs are Soul Collectors hired by a united Celestial Bureaucracy, bringing the souls of the dead to the protection of Heaven before they can turn into undead. The Neverborn have fused into a single entity known as the Endless Void and the Underworld has become a highly structured, well-oiled military machine.


  • Black Calyx Salvation - Small Celestials game I may still run some day. A former priestess of Vesperna has been corrupted into an Abyssal Exalted, and an unusual group have been contracted to stop her and her undead hordes. But where does Black Calyx's salvation lie: in destruction, or in redemption?
  • UnderworldGame - ?!? Just like it says, an Underworld game idea. One of many I've made in which I try to completely write out the Deathlords, and replace them with... other stuff.
  • HeavenGame - Nothing to see here. o.O I long ago abandoned the idea of Sidereal Office Space, especially after finding out "Office Space" is actually in the test of Ex2 Sidereals. Ha!


Most, if not all of these are retired; you can find more of my characters here and here.


  • Ryshassa Krauser - A Twilight Solar healer and empath with high resistance to pain and injury. She is a gentle, self-sacrificing soul deeply in love with her Sidereal caretaker and husband, Alexsei. (Formerly played in GoldenCat's A Dance of Angels.)


  • Cynis Atmadja - Atmadja is Ryshassa's hot-blooded, willful younger sister, Exalted as a Fire Aspect Dragon-Blooded. Atma recently graduated from the Cloister and has since joined the Wyld Hunt, in the hopes of locating Ryshy and the sinister man who stole her away from the Realm a decade ago. (Never played.)
  • V'neef Jadira - A Wood Aspect, explorer at heart, bow-wielding ranger with nature-themed sorcery spells. Bright and cheerful, kind and caring to her friends, but ready and willing to oust her enemies by any means possible! (Formerly played in Kraken's *takes deep breath* Grand All-Creation Cross-Direction Quest.)


  • Melantha - Fae-Blooded courtesan/assassin with multiple personalities and a weighty obligation to her mother, Lady Crystal, once the loyal beloved of Master Sabati, Tower Artificier and Shaper of Worlds! An odd variant on the Dark Siren theme. (Formerly played in Greymane's Of Fire and Iron.)



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