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Name: Iselsi Hosil
Aspect: Fire
Concept: Doomed Prince of the Earth, Seeking to reclaim his family's heritage at any price
Nature: Martyr
Demeanor: Architect

Basic Background Sketch

Hosil was born in a small house near the Palace Sublime, one of the last scions of a dying House. His prospects poor, he was enrolled into an Immaculate run Primary school, and Exalted in his tenth year, during a scuffle with some schoolmates. Upon graduating, he enrolled in the Heptagram. Here, his passion and drive betrayed him; the teachers at the Heptagram decided he was too wild and undisciplined to be entrusted with a sorcerous initation. He was kicked out after only one year; far less time than most unpromising students are given, but he was Iselsi, and so of lesser concern. Following his disgraceful exit from his education, Hosil decided to take up a walking tour of the Threshhold.

He was kicked out seven years before the Empresses' disappearance. During his walking tour, he has served as a bodyguard, champion and leader for many River country kings and petty lords. And, from letters from home, has decided that Mnemnon will soon take the Throne and move the Palace Sublime to the Imperial City; or that anti-Iselsi sentiment will simply grow to a point that the family will be wiped out. Rather than see that happen, he has decided to found a new place for House Iselsi to grow and flourish- a new foundation, from which they will come to dominate first the Threshold's wealth- then using those resources, come back and claim the throne for the House.

But alone, he could not accomplish this- and certainly not fast enough. Time is off the essence, as any day, one of the Houses could decide to take a final crushing reprisal against House Iselsi. And so, he sought a faster way. He had a few friends of ill repute, and a far deeper and more ranging education than most simple cultists and their petty magics. He was a Prince of the Earth, a Chosen of Hesish, after all. Nothing could go wrong.

When no moon shone in the sky, he built great wards to capture even a mighty prince among demons. During the last Calibration, he called the thunder, when all the powers of Creation were at their wane. The demon he called was one of the second Circle. The bargined- Hosil wanted the power to save his House from the impending doom of the Realm, to establish it's Threshold Landing where they could grow to dominance in a semblance of safety. In exchange, Hosil would willingly walk into Malfaes on his death, and the demon would be loose upon Creation. The bargin was struck; Hosil was granted his power and given a gift of a blade forged of black and red Jade, Descendent Glory.

And he could feel the wane of his life. He was ill- and only the deaths of others, on the end of Descendent Glory, would stop the decay. So now, time is even briefer. He must forge his kingdom, and it will be forged in blood and war- only in these pursuit of death can he keep damnation away.



Hosil is a lithe but powerful figure, a man driven. His hair is a deep auburn, which shimmers faintly in dim light, as the coals of a banked fire. It is kept short, a close cropped haircut that emphasizes the general severity of his person. His face is narrow, dominated by large, brilliantly orange eyes, faintly resembling a cat in their luminosity. A left ear is half-gone, the reminant of some ancient battle, and a livid white scar draws up his right cheek, pulling the skin and giving him a seemingly perputal smirk. His skin is flushed red, but not unnaturally so; taken by itself, one would merely think Hosil was a man deep in drink, until the grace of his movements became obvious.

Wither the time is of war or peace, a long leather sheathe rests across his shoulder. Despite the obvious heft, he bears the burden without noticible effort- and protruding from one end is the ornate grip of a daiklaive, one of the weapons of the Exalted. On his arms, resting from wrist to forearm, are a pair of blue jade and steel bracers, with a benediction to the Five Dragons written in High Realm down them. A longbow lies in a quiver bustling with arrows, fine ash, presently unstrung, and a fine steel knife rests in a sheathe at his hip.

When dressed for war, he is the empitome of the soldier. His blade, Descendent Glory, is at the ready- a massive chopping blade, nearly eight feet long with only one sharp edge, crafted of black and red jade, steel and adamant and gilt with previous gems. In the hilt, an especially large stone rests, a brilliant five pointed star flame opal. There's almost no guard to speak off- this is a blade for death, and cares little for the bearer's life. He is also girded in a jade breastplate, one of purest white Jade with a fine chain mail beneath it, extending to cover his legs and upper arms. The armor is decorated on the front with the image of a dear, and on the back with abstract imagry of the elements. Bearing Descendent Glory with only one hand, he keeps his other hand free to bear a shield of thick oak, banded and rimmed with heavy steel. It is painted with the symbol for House Iselsi, and around the edge in High Realm, "We shall never cease"

When less martially dressed, he tends towards simplicity. Fine linens of black and red make up his shirts, while his jerkin is of quality leather. Were it not for his obvious aspect markings, he would be taken as the child of a wealthy merchant, or a lower ranking member of the aristocracy.



Strength...3  Appearance....3  Intelligence..2
Dexterity..4  Charisma......2  Perception....2
Stamina....3  Manipulation..4  Wits..........3

Abilities (35 points; 9 BP)

Linguistics......3 (High Realm (native), Low Realm, Riverspeak, Flametongue)
(f) Occult.......4 (3, +1 BP)
* Demons.........2 (1 BP)
Melee............4 (2, +2 BP)
* Swords.........2 (1 BP) 
Presence.........3 (1, +2 BP) 
Socialize........3 (1, +2 BP)
(f) Burueacracy..3
(f) Performance..2 

Backgrounds (5 BP)

Connections......1 (The Guild) 
Connections......1 (Yozi Cults) (1 BP)
Connections......2 (Outlaws) (2 BP)
Connections......2 (Threshold Kingdoms) (2 BP)


Anima Abilities (5m; immune to fire damage and direct contact deals Essence L damage)
Threshold Warding Stance (1m; make a full dicepool Dodge even when restrained)
Hopping Firecracker Evasion (2m; move up to 8 meters on a successful dodge) 
Ox Body Technique (add 1 -1 and 1 -2 HL)
Stocking Bonfire Style (1m / 2d; add up to Melee + Speciality dice (6 for 3m with primary) to a Melee action)
Deadly Wildfire Legion (1m / 2d + 1m / subject; add up to Melee to allies Melee, effects no more than Essence targets, no more than double's Melee)
Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde (1m / 2d; add dice to an intimidation attempt, to a max of Presence (3 for 2m)).
Loquacious Courtier Technique (1m / 2d; add dice to all Socializee rolls for a scene, to a max of Socialize (3 for 2m)).

Virtues (3 BP)

Conviction..4 (3 BP)

Willpower: 6
Essence: 2
Personal Essence: 11 / 11
Peripheral Essence: 14 / 25 (5 for Daiklaive, 4 for Bracers, 2 for Breastplate)

Health Levels

-0  ()
-1  ()()()
-2  ()()()
-4  ()
Inc ()


Dying (2-pt Flaw; Check made Weekly, but may be delayed by killing people with Descendent Glory; delays 1 week per kill)
Dark Fate (3 pt Flaw; Personal Damnation)
Enemy (3 pt Enemy; the summoned Demon of the Second Circle)
Secrets (3-pt Flaw; See Enemy)


Mark of Infernal Favor (3 pt Merit)
Lucky 5 (5 pt Merit)

17 Freebies (15 + 2 Unspent Flaw Points)

Equipment (Artifact 3: 1 3ooo, 3 ooo in 1s and 2s; Manse 1: one level 1 or 2 Hearthstone)

Jade Reaper Daiklaive, Descendent Glory (ooo)
Spd: +10, Acc: +3, Dmg: +9L, Def: +0, Rate: 4
* No magical effect may ever make Hosil forget about Descendent Glory, and he may (as a reflexive action) learn approximately where and how far it is from him.
Jade Hearthstone Bracers, Armguards of Manoton (oo)
Adds 3 to Initative, Adds 3 to Dodge
Jade Breastplate, Heartguard (o)
Soak: 6L / 4B, Mobility: -0, Fatigue 0
Gem of Deception (Custom Water Level 1; Manse located in the River Kingdoms, regenerate +1 Mote per hour, adds 3 dice to any Socialize attempts to lie to someone)

Combat Block

Fist..............Spd: 10, Atk: 6, Dmg: +3B, Def: 7, Rate: 5
Kick..............Spd: 7, Atk: 6, Dmg: +6B, Def: 2, Rate: 3
Clinch............Spd: 4, Atk: 5, Dmg, +3B, Def: 5, Rate: 1
Knife.............Spd: 10, Atk: 9, Dmg: +5L, Def: 6, Rate: 4
Descendent Glory..Spd: 17, Atk: 13, Dmg: +12L, Def: 10, Rate: 4
Long Bow..........Atk: 7, Dmg: +5L, Rate: 3
(with 10 broadhead arrows)
Long Bow..........Atk: 7, Dmg: +3L, Rate: 3, halves target's Armor soak
(with 5 target arrows)
If using his target shield, subtract 1 from all above, add 1 to difficulty of hitting with melee or ranged attacks
Dodge: 12
Soak: 3B / 1L Natural, 7B / 7L with armor