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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Thoughts on the Hero's of Chaos

Disasters draw hero's. Its that simple, how else is one supposed to make a difference if there isn't a danger to a community, and some disasters draw a specific type of hero. That town was a perfect example, them moment my niece told me about the town and its predicament, I knew that it would draw allies of the calabur I needed, powerful people with no masters that simply wanted to help people. Thats what I need people willing to save the world. Thats how I met this group.

Kaiju is a barbarion from the farthest north, driven out by the undead, only to have his people snached up by the Guild, then, as if his life wasn't bad enough, he met gills the braggart. With out the stucture of society Kaiju speaks his mind always, weather good or bad, I doubt that he could lie if he wanted to. But he has a good heart, willing to lay everything on the line fore the good of his family, I can empithis with him there. If only he would loosen up a bit, there are too many people pent up undualy, perhaps the relief of finding the rest of his tribe will help him relax.

Jasala is the reasonable person of the core three I met in that town. Being the other Dynast in the group, she is one of the few people who I can trust to leave alone for long periods of time with out fear of trouble. Having her family slaughtered by the Bull of the North, whom I shall have to meet one day, then through cicumstances I don't really know about ended up on the morons boat, she has had her share of unfortunate events to be sure. At least she's loosening up a bit.

Jennerin formerly of Whitewall is one of those people who opens her mouth and silk falls out, both a blessing and a curse. Like the cleverest Dynast nobles I have to analize her every word just to believe what she says, even then I can't be sure. Even if she were to tell me of her past I'm not sure I would believe her, yet for now she is the only other Solar I've met, and I've yet to be impressed. For a person with her talents she is nearly as up-tight as Kaiju, she seems to shun every pleasure life has to offer.

Lastly, there's Mako.

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