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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Sibling Rivalry

So long ago, back in the days before the Sun came and made me his own, I lived a relativly normal life of a child in the Dynasty. I say relativly normal because the number of twins that have occured in the Realm from Dragon Blooded parents can be counted on one hand, my brother and I make the fifth pair in recorded history. So you can understand how that put some pressure on us, well him mostly, because being male in the realm sort of puts him on the downspin to start, the fact that he possesed little natural talent for things that didn't pretain to violence didn't help him. Back then I was always covering for him, singing louder so as to hide his scratchy voice, giving him subtle hints on various verses he sould have known, but it only served to piss him off.

This particular story comes from the days before primary school, I'd been accepted to a specialty martial arts and history school, a pick of the litter school in the center of the Imperial Capital, and Sota had yet to recieve any offers, the family showing little intrest in "helping" him with his scores he seemed fated to end up in the Palace of the Tamed Storm. It was the night he had recieved the missive that he was traveling to the most infamous of schools, as if by sheer coincedence I had been throwing a private party for some childhood friends to celibrate the fact that next month we'ed all be in various schools.

We'd been playing a massive eight person game of gateway for nearly seventeen hours, all but Mnemon Basel had been sharing a pipe of rock cocain to stay up, Basel insisted that she stay pure, and as such she and I were nearly equal in the game, as the others were up, but this being their first time with the drug, they were not entirerly here. Having nearly exahsted the current topic, which happened to be female / female intercourse, I was about to suggest a new topic, when suddenly Sota burst into the room.

I could tell from his eyes, he was all strung out and hopped up, a wind fire wheel dripped blood upon the hard wood floor, what a maddening sound that must have been for the others, I stared at his eyes, pinned open so wide that I thought they might fall out, and knew that he wanted my life. He dove at me with all the force his drugged up form could must, powered by a hate burning with a passion only a child could muster, we flew across the room. Smashing into the gateway board temporarily seperated us, but Basil broke for the door, hoping to escape his wrath, but instead drew it. He charged her, but I was faster. Tackleing him and sending us both out of the second story window, I used his body as a cushon.

I watched his eyes glaze over and gave a sigh of relief as I rolled on to the grass outside of the manor. From there I heard family members and slave running to my aid. After some very short discussion it was decided, by the time Sota awoke he was already in that hell of a school.

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