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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Dreams of Swords and Sorcery

Note: this is a narrative rather than an entry since it hasn't happened yet

They'ed been on the sea for a week, and she hasn't slept in that time. The daunting feeling of impending doom that sizzeled on her mind, the word echoed in her mind "SoulMirror". She was out of drugs, nothing to drown out the droning of her essence, a vauge feeling of anticipation of something kept her awake, like a child waiting for a gift, her heart raced and her mind fogged. She tried to focus through meditation, she tried to exaust herself in study, she nearly asked Kaiju to pummel her into sleep. To no avail, she was awake again, the moon had begun its descent into the ocean and all she wanted was to sleep as well. Then it came, like a herd of yeddem stampeding, the glorious blessing of slumber hit her as she finished her daily reading of the White Treatise, the book falling to the floor as she lay in her cot.

Standing up, she looked around. She was in a northern plain, a castle hovered in the air to the north, a single twilight stood on the hill to the south. The arrow of heaven's crimson cloak billowed in the wind as the noonday sun shone through her sword of ice, there she stood defiently, alone, against a castle. The castles main gate open and out stepped a single man, wearing full orichalcum plate, his right hand held a grand daiklave, his left clutched a black sphere. Then they both began to chant, Chahailis recognized the spell, Death of Obsidion Butterfly's. The spells set off at the exact same time, and as they flew the copper spiders spell broke through damaging the castles gate. The man growled leaping from his floating fortress he dove at the Twilight, who was already begining to chant. Chahailis watched with anticipation as the womans chanting took longer and longer until the man was nearly upon her, then her spell erupted, sheathing her in what appeared to be iron. A furious battle ensued as the two faught, but in the end the unpredicability of the womans enchanted body proved to much, finally the man cried in desperation and the orb in his hand opened ever so slightly revealing an eye. Darkness, the blue sword the woman weilded floated in front of Chahailis, as she reached to grab it the weapon slit down the middle one part flying easy the other west were to?

Chahailis opened her eyes to see the hot desert, the burning winds pushed the dunes around, she watched in wonder as a pavilion rose from the ground, built from the purest ivory it was swathed in flowers, with a fountain in the center. "Are you ready for the next step?" a voice asked Chahailis spun on her heel to see the Twilight, "I think you are, I think you've already figured out the secret to the Celestial sorcery, I think your ready to move into the big leauges. I've given you the examples, have fun." the Solar walked into the sun vanishing after a couple of steps. Chahailis sighed, and started walkingand as she took her first step all was black. They floated there, twin blades, one made of ice, one made of souls, one perfect, one flawed, two faces appeared one belonging to the arrow of heaven, the other a pale woman wearing many veils, both bearing the same message "Find my sword...". Then it began the ages flashing by the many people the blades had slain, the blood of men, women, and children, of hero's and cowards, of strong men and old women, single duels and the massacres of legions, a torrent of horror sped through her mind. Then both blades flew into her chest.

Cynis Chahailis sat straight up in her cot and let loose a blood curdling scream of terror and pain.

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