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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Birth of Gently Weeping Mother Who Walks the Path of Betrayal

A lone figure sat in her throne. A single glowing orb in the center of the room gave light to this testament to greed, from humble beginings the figure smirked. Her vision crossed the room, every single inch of it walls covered in gemstones, a chandelere of diamonds hanging from the celing reflected the orbs light a thousand fold, the marble floor and mirrored celing, complementing the rooms beauty. Sitting on her throne carved from a single piece of obsidion was The Gently Weeping Mother who walks the path of Betrayal.

Born in Whitewall, to a poor family, what was a pretty girl to do? Whore herself out. Growing up wasn't easy but she did it, running errands, stealing, doing whatever whoever she needed to. Then that all changed when she was seventeen years old, a man a ugly toad of a man found her and fell in love with her there's a sucker born every minute . She went from dirt poor, to filthy rich compairativly in an instant.

She lived a life of luxury. Having a daughter she really didn't want a dadys girl anyways , living with a man she hated but who loved her more than life itself, she began to cheat on him incessently that brat probably wasn't his kid anyway . She had it all, money, any man she wanted, it was her dream come true.

Then she fell off the travelers road, as if it was fate. She was captured by the fey, was this how she was going to end? Her dreams of greed about to be devoured by the fair folk, all she wanted was to live like a queen, and she would and did give anything to hold on. The accursed fey ran from the black nimbus that surrounded her, she began to follow the painful echoing chorus of voices within her mind, leading her north.

to be continued

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