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the Hidden Mouse Moon
As told by Ashande

The three chosen by the Eye and Seven Despairs compliment each other nicely; one might almost believe that the dead stars of the Underworld had chosen these three even before their Exaltations, to serve in this capacity.

Hidden Mouse Moon, exalted as a Day Caste, serves his master as assassin, informant, and occasionally entertainment as his singing voice echoes through portions of Cold House. The Hidden Mouse Moon was - once upon a time - the relatively unimportant and often mistreated slave-slash-squire of a Threshold mercenary camp, belonging first to the Yellow Azure Dragon company, and ultimately to Sesus Nagezzer. He had dreams of joining the company proper, but unfortunately was not strong enough to do the work that had to be done, and was thus relegated to cooking, cleaning, carrying, and the occasional entertainment - not all of which was as benign as that which he now practices.

All of that changed when the barbarians came. They were some form of assault from further south, though which tribe has yet to be determined. When they arrived, and began laying waste to the company's camp and the people within, Mouse - then called Tagino - couldn't just stand by and do nothing. Playing on his innate talents - being small, wiry, and quick - he snuck up behind several of the barbarians, slitting their throats or otherwise disposing of them. With his assistance, the tide was turned and the surviving barbarians were beaten back to wherever they had come from.

Not all went well for Tagino, however, as after the assault, the mercenary captain, Krothar, still didn't feel Tagino would be an asset. Dreading what might well happen, but unable to do anything else, he challenged Krothar for his right to help. Korthar, having spent years listening to Tagino prattle about becoming a mercenary, accepted, and declared the weapon of choice - greatswords.

Tagino couldn't even lift the sword as Krothar bore down on him. The first blow nearly finished it. Would have, if not for the unseen observer. The Eye and Seven Despairs gave Tagino the chance to turn the tide, and the camp was swept by the might of the newly Exalted Abyssal. Nothing remains of that place now but a burned out husk.