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Crowned Sun, the Argumentative Eclipse

Also known as Brandon, neer-do-well and Floridian. Currently living in South Florida, in the wonderful 'city' of Cape Coral (near Fort Myers, if your familiar with the area). Aged 24, long-time Psychology Student (will he ever graduate?), and Exalted Storyteller. Founder and Op of WoDIRC, an IRC channel on for those familiar with IRC. Newbies welcome, and despite the name of the channel we primarily discuss Exalted these days.

Crowned Content

Links to Other Pages

  • Balthasar/TheKaishar Developed (Charms and much else) by my friend Joel, from a Concept (and Spell) had by me.

Crowned Chronicles

  • GossamerAndIce is my new Fair Folk game, which will be running on Thursdays on IRC. I'll be trying to do session summaries, but mostly this page will include various bits of setting information for the game.
    • GossamerAndIce/NPCs is my memory page for NPCs in Gossamer and Ice. I'll try to make this page player friendly!
  • CrownedSun/WyldWanderers is back in play, and so I'll relink the page. I need to do more summaries for the sessions, and will presumably do that while I'm running my DAF one-shot for the next few weeks. We're still in Chapter 2, but we've moved past the first story. Yay!
    • CrownedSun/WyldNPCs is my memory page for NPCs in Wyld Wanderers. Once again; information here will be mostly player friend.

Play Aids

Past Chronicles

  • CrownedSun/TimeOfTumult is my late and great game, which got the characters up to 300 and so xp -- of which about 100 was 'downtime XP', a trick that I am trying to avoid this time around. Despite the name, I never did run any of the adventures from the book of the same name.
  • CrownedSun/LunarChronicles was a fun Northern game, with a lot of links to various fun things.
  • CrownedSun/RohanCharacters are the characters from the (now on haitus) Rohan game, the sequel to Time Of Tumult. They might make good pregens:P It'd take too much effort to remove 'em.
  • CrownedSun/AbyssalGame has a small page made mostly by the players! Cool, eh? Also, check outCrownedSun/AbyssNPCs for the NPCs.

Friends of the Crowned One

  • Balthasar Joel! Home to ExMod, Kaishar stuff (see direct link above), Abyssal Charms (coming soon) and much more.
  • Telgar John! Format his page and make it pretty!!!:P
  • Ashande Kaine! Who likes making overly flawed characters, like Ashmere!
  • haren Bri! Who is very creative, and does a lot of nifty Abyssal stuff:0)
  • Special Thanks to Ikselam for his help in cleaning up the Dala Varia stories in my Stories subpage. If you haven't already, be sure to check out his own stories and his charms -- very good stuff. I love his Little Gods, too.

Favorite Exalts: Solar Exalted come in a steady first, with a big lead -- they are the most exciting and heroic of all the Splats, and have the coolest thematic. I love the Sun, too! After that, it's Dragon-Blooded (for dynastic coolness) and Sidereals (for secret agent-ness) in a nice round second place tie. Abyssals (servants of the dark) come in third, and Lunars (barbarian heroics and shapeshifting galore) are in last place.
Favorite Exalted Supplement: Games of Divinity probably takes the cake for me, even though the namesake of the book was slightly disappointing. I love the portrayal of Gods and Demons, and even the Elementals are fun (though the general stuff on them isn't nearly as good on the other two chpaters).
Favorite Exalted Setting: I'm growing fond of the North, though I've done a lot with it already. Snow, ice and frosty-dangers have always been something I've found interesting, so it's a cool setting. Many of my games end up in the South, though.
My Email:

Other Hobbies: Like many Roleplayers, I'm a geek. I have an extensive collection of computer games (favorite of which, at the moment, is Morrowind. I also play a lot of WC3, Age of Mythology, and even some Starcraft online. C&C:Generals is a favorite, but I've never played it online due to not knowing a lot of people with it. I enjoy college, and school -- soo much so that I've probably been there longer than I should:P
Roleplaying History: I've been roleplaying since I was 14, when I picked up a copy of the original Dungeons and Dragons, to play with my Cousin one summer, after a long experience with SSI's "Gold Box" computer games -- later updating to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. When I first checked out White Wolf, I didn't much like it -- it took Dark Ages to drag me from a D&D freak to the game table, and into the world of Horror. Ravenloft prepared me a bit, and my games were getting more and more story like. I still enjoy D&D a bit, but I've never enjoyed it as much once I started to get into skill based systems -- the tactical side can be cool, and some of the recent computer games have renewed my interest. None the less, once I got into Vampire: the Dark Ages, I quickly got dragged into the other games too. Wraith is still my favorite WW game, though I've played more Vampire than anything else. I dabbled with the Aeoniverse games for a long time, but once Exalted got published it was like I'd found my way home. I've always loved Fantasy, and Exalted seemed to me a 'D&D' that both had better themes and stories possible and cooler rules. It took me a while to get my players hooked, but now we're all Exalted addicts.
Other RPGs: I got my start on DnD, and played it for a while. Favorite campaign settings were Dark Sun, and later Birthright:) I've actually liked the Forgotten Realms stuff, but don't tell anyone. I play, currently, in addition to Exalted (my main game, and the one that I'm playing which I enjoy the most)...Nobilis, Unknown Armies, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, GURPS, Silver Age Sentinels, and Hero System (mostly for non-Exalted Fantasy). I'm currently (trying) to get an Unknown Armies game off the floor, and playing in a Lunar Pirates game. I've also got a great love of the entire Aeoniverse, and the Dark Ages lines from White Wolf.

Crowned Comments

You're right, I do love the "Treasures of Creation" section, especially the part about the South. As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to incorporate Fire Iron into my Sidereal game.. The characters are about to go on a hunt for exotic components, so they can have two suits of Crimson Armor made up. ;) --Dissolvegirl

Aah, schucks. Thanks:) I'm glad you like it. -- CrownedSun