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This is page is only for the first circle of necromancy. Other pages exist for [[Correlation]Correlation/LabyrinthCircleNecromancy and [[Correlation]Correlation/VoidCircleNecromancy.

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|[Spell Name|[FirstEdition|[SecondEdition|[Notes|| |[Banish Ghost|[BB&E.119|[BT.23|| |[Black Candle Visage|[BB&E.119|[BT.23|| |[Bless the Rapine Soul|[BB&E.120|[BT.24|| |[Blessed Dead Fools|[BB&E.120|[BT.24|| |[Blood Mirror Speech|[BB&E.120|[BT.24|| |[Bone Puppet Dance|[BB&E.121|[BT.25|| |[Bonfire Visions|[BB&E.121|[BT.25|| |[Death Flies Two Sails|[BB&E.121|[BT.25|| |[Death Inversion Loop|[BB&E.122|[BT.25|| |[Death Mask|[BB&E.122|[BT.26|| |[Door of the Dead|||[BT.27|| |[Drawing Blind Edge|[BB&E.123|[BT.27|| |[Dusk Eyes|[BB&E.123|[BT.27|| |[Easing the Forsaken Memory|[BB&E.123|[BT.27|| |[Emperor's Chains|[BB&E.124|[BT.27|| |[Faces of the Dead|[BB&E.124|[BT.28|| |[Field of Fell Dreams|[BB&E.124|[BT.28|| |[Five Gifts|[BB&E.124|[BT.28|| |[Flesh and Bone Winds|[BB&E.125|[BT.29|| |[Flesh-Sloughing Wave|[BB&E.126|[BT.29|| |[Gathering a Ghost's Strings|[BB&E.126|[BT.29|| |[Gentle Call of Lethe|[BB&E.127|[BT.29|| |[Hungry Creeping Shadow|[E:Ab.224|[BT.29|| |[Iron Countermagic|[E:Ab.224|[BT.30|| |[Master Puppeteer's Knife|[BB&E.127|[BT.30|| |[Midnight Shadow Sun|[BB&E.127|[BT.31|| |[Mother Darkness|[BB&E.128|[BT.31|| |[Piercing the Heel|[BB&E.128|[BT.31|| |[Piercing the Shroud|[E:Ab.225|[BT.31|| |[Raise the Skeletal Horde|[E:Ab.225|[BT.31|| |[Ringing Hun Rebuke|[BB&E.128|[BT.32|[name changed to Ringing Rebuke|| |[Rune of Sweet Passing|[E:Ab.225|[BT.32|| |[Seat of Deadly Splendors|[BB&E.129|[BT.32|| |[Shade Prison Amulet|[E:Ab.225|[BT.32|| |[Shattered Void Mirror|[BB&E.129|[BT.32|| |[Silent Master's Pollen|[BB&E.129|[BT.33|| |[Smoothing the Crease-Worn Mind|[BB&E.130|[BT.33|| |[Soul Brand|[E:Ab.225|[BT.34|| |[Stones Worn Smooth|[BB&E.130|[BT.34|| |[Summon Ghost|[E:Ab.226|[BT.34|| |[Trolling the Dark Water|[BB&E.130|[BT.35|| |[Walking War Machine|[E:Ab.226|[BT.35|| |[Without Pity, Without Scorn|[BB&E.130|[BT.35||


As far as I know, this list is now substantively complete. Please let me know if there's anything I missed. —JasonWhittle