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This page lists various strategies, for use in particular situations (for storytellers as well as players)

For the Solar Exalted:

For the Lunar Exalted:

For the Dragon Blooded:

For the Abyssal Exalted:

For the Sidereal Exalted:

For Spirits:


Copied from an older page, which never bothered to link into the WikiContent page in any way. Integrated the links from it, and redirected the old page here. - Wordman

This page is devoted to simplify for STs out there, where you can have many cool Exalted battles in the future. Keep them short, but feel free to include fluffy stuff too! The importance here is to make a lot of strategies to choose from, originality is cool, but quantity is great here. Relative power has no limit here, just post lowly strategies as well as almost impenetrable procedures.

Also, try to make the strategies as detailed and simple as possible. This means avoiding disjunctions is preferable. I would prefer to write down several almost identical strategies, for ease of reading. If you have an idea that can be exploited in many ways, write them all down, from the least powerful to the most powerful with proper names. I have divided my Solar Ping idea into several, with the help of BrokenShade's improvements. More and easier is better than a complex strategy with a lot of variations. Check it out as a template. An ST does not want to have too many choices to make within each strategy, IMHO, just choose one, and stick to it. You might consider that not all Exalted are combat freaks, and many only possess one or two strategies.

The format changes suggested by BrokenShade has made me breaking up the page by type, as each strategy becomes easier to read, but the page gets too many long-scrolling.

I thank BrokenShade for the format improvements to this page.

- Clebo

Clebo, in trying to make sense of these, I've edited them (leaving things out I didn't like or understand) and added them to my own BrokenShade/CombatStrategiesILike page ... you're welcome to copy some of the formating across here if you think it would be useful (I've split it into attack and defence, and added comments). I haven't included credits on my page as (1) they are given here and (2) it makes things a little verbose. ^_^ -- BrokenShade

BrokenShade, I'd be happy to explain the strategies you don't understand, if I understand them. These strategies are copied from the WW where I have tried to get others to write down their strategies. However, most of them tried to come up with the ultimate technique that people cannot defeat at all or with great dificulty. I thought of these strategies, because Exalted is a very complex battle strategy game too, and the poor ST must think of so much when she is dealing with multiple Exalted battle. Now, one way of getting around this is to let the PC fight against one very powerful opponent. I'll comment further on your page. -Clebo