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You know the drill by now. The CircleRelay proceeds as follows:

  • The first person comes up with the theme for the group, ideally fairly broad. It's perfectly fine to leave the second person to fill in the small details. They don't need to be an actual Circle of Exalts, but can be defined in that way if desired.
  • The second person comes up with a character within that theme, usually defining it further in the process. The characters should roughly follow the template given below, but no statistics! This is fluff, not crunch. It's considered good form to finish your entry with a lead-in for the next one, giving a way in which the characters interact.
  • The third, fourth and fifth people follow suit, creating entries in a similar fashion.
  • The sixth person, on creating the sixth character, archives the present Relay and selects a theme for the next one.

Character Name -Contributor Name

Type of Exalted


Defining traits (strong stats, charms, etc.)

Weaknesses (social problems, enemies, etc.)


Drowning Sun - Paincake

Solar Exalt

Born of middling stock, middling wealth, and middling ability, Drowning Sun never felt exceptional. His parents worked, his friends were poorer or richer. His life was boring. His family lost their wealth, but not all of it, and his life was no more or less full for the loss of money. When he was 16 he woke one day, a day like any other, and realized the trappings of the world all around him, he saw the chains of the world. His heart filled to bursting with hate, then filled past bursting, filled beyond mortal capacity, to the ultimate pinnacle of being. His Exaltation left his town disorganized and easy pickings for the Realm's retaliation against his 'New Society.' Though Drowning Sun has been gifted with the voice of his patron deity and the strength of his rage is unrivaled, there is precious little thinker or tactician in him and he lost his small city within a few months of his exaltation. The Unconquered Sun has guided him to the borders of Creation to find his soul-mate, a Lunar somewhat more experienced with social experimentation...

Don't-Piss-If-You-Can't-See-Where-It'll-Land - Han'ya

Lunar Exalt
Changing Moon

Known across the breadth of the Silver Pact for the sheer, breathtaking depth of his cynicism, Don't-Piss-If-You-Can't-See-Where-It'll-Land has been very quiet for a Moonchild of his age (he recently did not celebrate his 206th birthday). As a perfectionist, he has taken great pains and moved very slowly to be absolutely sure of the integrity of his experiments in societal engineering. As the semi-mythical founder of the Sable Federation, a nation at the Eastern edge of Creation, he has moved very carefully over the past century and a half to engineer his chosen people. No other Thousand Streams River experiment within three thousand miles approaches its blatant amorality or its savagery in combat. Very few countries will sweep down from the mountains, take entire villages prisoner, and then send diplomatic convoys to return the meticulously mutilated bodies as a warning. Even fewer will be intimidating enough while doing so to terrify the nation in question into amicability. Don't-Piss-If-You-Can't-See-Where-It'll-Land does not socialize much with other Lunars, as he is thoroughly sick of hearing people criticize his vision. He is more concerned with creating a state that offers the Fair Folk and the Terrestrial spirit courts no foothold in mortal life than creating a happy palace of rainbows. Even that is only one part of his overarching plan for Creation, as he is currently nurturing other projects that will eventually be integrated or connected with the Sable Federation, the cornerstone of his ambitions. Don't-Piss-If-You-Can't-See-Where-It'll-Land hates the Fae, hates the shamelessly corrupt and divisive spirit courts, really just hates most of everything that exists, from his fellow Lunars (a bunch of stone-banging primitives who couldn't deserve their shards less) to nearly all humans outside of the Sable Confederacy (a rabble of muddy-headed, unfocused, pathetic livestock) to the returning Solars (what, you think you can solve all the world's problems with factory-cathedrals and Blazing Solar Bolt?). The Sable Federation is as much a refuge and a haven for him as it is a Thousand Streams River experiment. He is, to say the least, not enchanted by his Solar mate's idealistic visions for Creation, his personality, his impulsive rashness, or, quite frankly, his gender. He would much rather spend his time attending to the troubling yet fascinating obstacle to his plans self-identified as...

Summer Breeze Willow - TheHoverpope

Infernal Exalt

Summer Breeze Willow is a good man. Summer Breeze Willow is a kind man. He lived his life on the understanding that, as the master of an Immaculate-sponsored orphanage, he was doing everything he could to soften the blows that fate dealt to the afflicted in this sad vale of tears. He knew that the Immaculate Dragons had returned to whence they came, and that the empire was a hollow thing, a remnant of the good it used to do, but he still fought for good in his limited capacity for his whole life. He watched generations of children grow under his care, and knew that even though his efforts did not save the world, they were worthwhile for he could do no greater. Then he was given a chance to do greater. A young girl one day was attacked by a bully in the schoolyard, and, with a brilliant blaze of golden light, Exalted, punched him through a wall, and then immediately ran over and healed his wounds. She was pure and compassionate, and when the Wyld Hunt came for her one day later, Summer Breeze Willow did not hinder them. She died under the Hunt's horses' hooves. That was the moment when a luminata whispered in his ear of his bold future. He could tear down the corruption of the Realm. He could shatter the walls of the Pinnacle of the Hunt. He could rip the heart from the chest of every callous thing. He accepted Cecelyne's invitation without hesitation. Now, he walks the world, fulfilling his Malfean urge - destroy the Immaculate Order, tear its foundations asunder, cut the tongue from the Mouth of Peace, and poison the wine of the Dragons themselves. His kindness makes him repent for every transgression against goodness, but he is not strong enough to stand against his urge - yet. He lives for nothing but vengeance for his beloved pupil and his wasted life, and considers it a benevolent service. An old man now, he still wears the cloaks of his old order, but their inside is scrawled with prayers to his new mistress and his words of piety are poison to those who hear them, pure as his intent may be. He feels that Piss' Sable Confederation is a useful tool to his ends, not realising how closely he is being watched - not just by Don't-Piss-If-You-Can't-See-Where-It'll-Land, but also by...


Wow, hell yes! Great character Han'ya! - Paincake

Oh, hello now. "We're watching you watching us watching you..." This is getting fun! Nice one, Hoverpope. - Han'ya

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