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=== [[/Chpt05 | Part 5]], by [[EJGRgunner]]. ===
=== [[/Chpt05 | Part 5]], by [[EJGRgunner]]. ===
*<nowiki>CoT</nowiki> and D&I pronounce sentence on Jasper
*<nowiki>CoT</nowiki> and D&I pronounce sentence on Jasper
*Jasper and <nowiki>CoT</nowiki>[[/Allandra]] experience flashbacks to the FA
*Jasper and <nowiki>CoT</nowiki>[[ChasingTheSun/Plot/Allandra]] experience flashbacks to the FA
*<nowiki>CoT</nowiki> and Mahi-Sura fight, MS is wounded
*<nowiki>CoT</nowiki> and Mahi-Sura fight, MS is wounded
*Warden of Jade arrives and hands D&I a notice of audit, and paralyzes <nowiki>CoT</nowiki>
*Warden of Jade arrives and hands D&I a notice of audit, and paralyzes <nowiki>CoT</nowiki>

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Plot Breakdown for Chasing the Sun

Crib sheet for developments in each chapter.

Part 1, by Ikselam.

  • Nightingale Jasper, a down-on-his-luck Solar scavenger living in Great Forks, has a dream about his past life. He has a feeling that today is the day he will find what he has been searching for, ever since his Exaltation.
  • He visits the outlying settlement of Scavenger's Rise, as is his habit. There, he encounters the Dragon-Blooded scavenger lord Dellano Rift, who has just returned from an expedition.
  • Jasper recognizes one of the artifacts Dellano recovered. Dellano, predictably enough, refuses to tell him where it came from.
  • Dellano speculates on the nature of Jasper's obsession. He thinks it has to do with a woman named Calia, who died three years ago, along with everyone else on her scavenger team except for Jasper.
  • Jasper visits his old friend Mahi-Sura, a Diamondback-Totem Lunar herbalist who used to be part of his scavenger crew, and who saved his life three years ago, shortly after he Exalted. He wants her help following Dellano back to his find; she refuses, saying that his quest is self-destructive.
  • The next day, Jasper is frustrated to learn that Dellano used magic to cover his tracks. Luckily, Mahi-Sura has had a change of heart, and arrives to help him find the right path. The two set off for what Jasper hopes will be a rendezvous with destiny.

Part 2, by EndlessChase.

  • Jasper, with the aid of Mahi-Sura, manages to track down Dellano and his crew.
  • Before a confrontation between Dellano and Jasper could take place, Dellano and his men were accosted by the Fair Folk. One of Dellano's men fell victim to their wiles, and was put down to spare him.
  • Jasper intercedes, making a three way deal that he sanctifies between the Noble, Dellano, and himself, tricking both the Fair Folk and Dellano.
  • Jasper lets the Fair Folk leave with a corpse for its payment in the bargain, and he receives both the spear and Dellano as a guide to the place where it was found.
  • After the chaos has subsided, the three Exalts sit and discuss breifly. Dellano reveals that he was a member of the Immaculate Order for a time, though he left for moral reasons.

Part 3, by FourWillowsWeeping.

  • The three Exalted go to where Dellano & Co. found the spear.
  • Dellano thought it was a tomb; Mahi-Sura surmises that it is a weapons cache, and is currently in use, by someone called the Chronicler of Thunders.
  • Meanwhile, a Sidereal, Dirt and Iron, has an upsetting encounter with someone who claimed to be one of his brethren.
  • Mahi-Sura and Jasper set a trap, to lure the Chronicler.
  • Dirt and Iron is scolded for flubbing the Warden meeting, and gets a new job to do.

Part 4, by Dim.

  • Jasper buys a house, begins to live in the present a little
  • Dirt and Iron reports back to Chronicler of Thunders
  • CoT is a Solar in the employ of the Sidereals, acting as a hit man for them in payment for their shielding her from the Ursurpation
  • CoT is upset at the desecration of her tomb and is eager to hunt her next target; Jasper
  • Jasper admits his feelings for Mahi, citing actually thinking about the situation
  • Chronicler of Thunders bursts in, heralding herself such is her eagerness
  • Jasper recognizes CoT as Allandra

Part 5, by EJGRgunner.

  • CoT and D&I pronounce sentence on Jasper
  • Jasper and CoTChasingTheSun/Plot/Allandra experience flashbacks to the FA
  • CoT and Mahi-Sura fight, MS is wounded
  • Warden of Jade arrives and hands D&I a notice of audit, and paralyzes CoT
  • D&I appears for a general audit in Yu-Shan
  • Detectives assigned to the case discover that Jasper is involved, but has already fled with Dellano Rift and a woman (MS)

Part 6, by Ikselam.

  • Jasper has a disturbing, emotional dream. His past incarnation proposed to Allandra, was rejected, and took it poorly.
  • Jasper wakes up in Dellano's camp. While walking off his nightmare, he encounters Mahi.
  • Mahi and Jasper observe the new moon, and have a discussion. Jasper apparently said some mean things to her in the aftermath of the previous chapter; it is decided that the non-Platonic aspect of their relationship is going to go on the backburner until he gets his head screwed on straight.
  • Meanwhile, in Heaven, Chronicler of Thunders is being detained. This deeply troubles her.
  • Jasper and Mahi talk with Dellano. It is revealed that Warden of Jade supplied Dellano with a map, and a generous cash incentive to investigate said map; later, the Warden also prevailed upon Dellano to make Jasper and Mahi part of his expedition.
  • The three Exalted exchange information about Warden and Allandra. Dellano decides not to abandon Jasper and Mahi to their fate, but does insist that they follow his rules while they are part of his team. He expects Jasper to work especially hard.
  • In an offhand comment, Dellano reveals his belief that Jasper and Mahi are sleeping together.
  • In Heaven, Warden of Jade visits Allandra's holding place (contemporaneous with the previous Yu-Shan scene). He plants the suggestion in her mind that she is in a cage. This is apparently something he feels is necessary but unpalatable.
  • Warden has a dream which hints very obliquely at his motivations.