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I apologize for this chapter's terseness. I was running dry of inspiration, so I figured I'd put my chapter down, make what arrangements I wanted to, and let the story go about its business.

ChasingTheSun/Chpt07 notes


  • Jasper has dreams. Reveal, obliquely, the names of the rest of his Circle. Just because. This consists of mainly nonsensical, but revealing, snippets.
    • learning Charms
    • weird supernatural stuff
    • name hhatay, usmed, sarai.
  • A forest-travelling scene.
    • Time has passed.
    • Insert Image X. Be sure this is the only strong image of setting in this scene.
  • Dream scene, triggered by Image X. This one is clear and connected. Depict the dervish, Hhatay. This dream somehow gives Jasper renewed energy.
  • Mahi-Sura and Dellano time. Good point to discuss WoJ's plans further, and perhaps to examine his map. MS should know the area.
  • Why is WoJ trying to break Allandra, or to bring her memories back? There is shadiness going on here, and WoJ's motives need to be brought out of the murk without introducing more characters. Maybe this is a good time to consult with Khentkheti again.
  • Elizabeth's Allandra scene here.
  • Jasper & company scene here, maybe Jasper and MS are feeling relationship tension.


  • Steed-Sustaining Method is overcosted and overrequed for what it does. I am assuming that Jasper is either a virtuosic rider, or that the Charm is easier to obtain.
  • Involve Kh...he is cool! Don't need to do WoJ exposition, really.