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Lunar Charisma Charms

by haren

Bird Wing Movement</b>
<b>Cost: 6 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Charisma: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Fish Tail Technique, Flying Tiger Technique

While movement underwater may sometimes be of use, a far more useful technique is to take to the air. This Charm allows the Lunarto change their arms into wings capable of flight. The Lunar can fly at a speed of his Essence times 10 miles per hour, or twice their running speed per turn. This can be affected by charms that would increase running speed or the Full Moon anima effect.


Not sure how useful this one would be when a Lunar can just eat a bird and fly like that for less motes, but a nice idea, and the one you put after this is very good. This might want the same change in wording though, as Lunars cannot be changed by charms, although charms can allow them to change... - CorlanDashiva

You might as well say that the swimming and water-breathing Charms are useless because you could just eat a fish. This one would be more useful if you kept your arms, because then you could fly around and shoot arrows and stuff.\\ _Ikselam

That's kind of how I see those charms actually, but to each his (or her) own :-) The charm coming off of this one lets you keep your arms... - CorlanDashiva

I think the main thing which makes these Charms appealing is that you get to stay in human form, while gaining desirable characteristics of fish, fowl, &c. Fish and birds don't have arms, can't talk, generally have crummy Str/Sta, and so on.\\ _Ikselam

The reason I made it work like this, with one turning arms into wings, and then another to just make wings is this. There is no bird in nature that has 6 limbs (two wings, two arms, two legs). It takes some working to meld together something that does have 6 limbs with bird wings. Reminds me, maybe that one should require Startling Tentacle Attack? - haren

I'm not even sure it should require Fish Tail Technique to be honest, it has nothing to do with swimming and isn't that powerful really... - CorlanDashiva

The way I was looking at it, Fish Tail Technique is an alteration of the limbs, but to a far lesser degree. It adds some fins and webbing, but this is transforming the limbs to a much larger degree. And while not too useful, it does have a definate advantage. - haren

It's tough not to see this one as a speed bump charm unless the Lunar has extra arms or arm array in their DBT. As CorlanDashiva said you can fly for the cost of a bird heart. While I understand it from a setting perspective what is the game advantage of it? The Lunar could fly with armor on and hearth stones avaible. They could maintain their identity as they flew (perhpas usefull if they have allies). They could speak and talk at the same time which you can't do unless you eat the correct bird (parrot, raven, etc..)- Tyrrell