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These are Lunar Charms.

Brotherhood in Wing and Tooth Dream - willows


((Prior entry, now rescinded: These are Arcanoi. These Charms belong to the Army-Crushing General Path, and they come into play during the battles between the armies of the dead. While many of these Charms are useful on the individual level, and may indeed serve in personal combat, they are intended for tactical, strategic and logistical purposes.))

Any takers? - Quendalon

I'm not really comfortable with Arcanoi; I was hoping someone else would start this off. - willows
That's fair; I'm not comfortable with Sidereal Charms either, so I tend to sit those out. ... I'll try and start something here later if no one else has any ideas, but not just now; got a Paranoia deadline at the end of the week. - Quendalon
I'm unclear as to whether these are supposed to be specifically for use with the mass combat rules from the Player's Guide (which I am less than fond of) or what... I'm also not really comfortable with an Arcanoi path that has army-leading as its theme. It just isn't ghostly to me (despite the fact that I saw Return of the King last night). The paths that we have are analogous to arcanoi in Wraith, which is how I tend to conceptualize them still... - szilard
I'm pretty sure that the Abyssals book explicitly states that there are wars in the Underworld. What with all the soldiers and generals and conquerors who die and rise in the Underworld as ghosts, I would expect a lot of battles there. And when the legions of the Mask of Winters (or the First and Forsaken Lion, etc) rise up, it's cool to give them some special tricks to make it interesting when you run their battles against the PCs. - Quendalon
I'm not disputing that there are wars in the underworld. Sure there are. Arcanoi, though, seem limited to a few different things: manipulation of corpus, manipulation of pandemonium/chaos, manipulation of emotional energy, manipulation of things in Creation, etc. If this was, say, a specialized offshoot of, for instance, the pandemonium stuffs... then I could see it. I just don't see "war" as being something as inherently relevant to ghosts as the other stuff that Arcanoi focus on. -szilard
What about Conquest? - Jarons20
Oh, god. We've bloody done Sidereal Charm relays, people. This exercise isn't about what you think can happen; it is about doing what the theme says does happen. Just stuff this "should war Arcanoi exist" crap and finish the relay, if the theme bothers you so much. Really. - willows
Eh. It was more of an explanation of why I was not contributing than anything else. I should note that I've been feeling contrary lately. ::shrug:: -szilard

Argh. Lunar Fair-folk cross-charm crazyness. Nice. -- Darloth

Thanks. I didn't see any reason to give Lunars native hallucination magic, so I thought of what a Fair Folk would do if he were hallucinating. And there we are! - willows

Umm...This relay has been silent for a number of weeks.

If no one posts a Charm within 24 hours, I'm archiving it and starting a new theme.