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Charm Relay

The Thirty-eighth Theme is Economancy

These are Solar Charms which allow you to shape the wealth of a society like a craftsman shapes stone.

Demesne of the Golden Omphalos - Kukla

Cost: 3m, 1 wp
Simple (Dramatic Action), Indefinite
Keywords: Obvious
Minima: Bureaucracy 4, Essence 2
Prerequisite Charms: Insightful Buyer Technique

When the sun smiles upon the works of men, they prosper and grow wealthy. This charm blesses a marketplace, defined as any physical place or emotional context with the explicit purpose of facilititating trade. This blessing reduces any external penalties to mercantile action in that marketplace by 1. In lieu of committing essence to this charm indefinitely, the Exalt may erect a golden shrine or monument, the Golden Omphalos, valued at Resources 4. So long as the omphalos stands, the Exalt does not need to commit the 3m to power this charm. Should the omphalos be desecrated or destroyed, the Exalt must immediately re-commit 3m to power the charm until a new omphalos is created or placed.

Domain of Gleeful Destitution - DeathBySurfeit

Cost: 8m, 1 wp
Simple, Indefinite
Keywords: Illusion, Social, Mandate of Heaven
Minima: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 2
Prerequisite Charms: Demesne of the Golden Omphalos

Such is the beauty of the sun's domain, that men can find mortal craft pale by comparison. This charm blesses and curses a settlement (no larger than the Exalt's Essence in Magnitude under Mandate of Heaven rules); under the auspices of this Charm the sun's light casts architecture, nature and people in a flattering light. Crafted goods and luxuries seem pale by comparison - under its purview, people will not purchase or trade for anything other than basic necessities. This is a compulsion that Essence-channellers can spend 1 Willpower to resist for a day.

The Charm remains in effect for as long as the Essence remains committed; during this time, under Mandate of Heaven rules, that dominion applies the Exalt's Essence as an internal penalty to any attempt to change its Culture attribute.

Fortunate Net of the Market - Kukla

Cost: 10m, 2 wp
Simple (Dramatic Action), Instant
Keywords: Social
Minima: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 3
Prerequisite Charms: Demesne of the Golden Omphalos

With a beckoning hand the Lawgivers call forth all the works of men. This charm is an attempt to import a commodity to a marketplace which has been blessed by Demesne of the Golden Omphalos. For the purposes of this charm, a commodity is defined as anything which is freely (not necessarily legally) traded at any marketplace within the bounds of Creation or Yu Shan. It is freely available for purchase at that marketplace before the sun has crossed the horizon twenty-five times. If the Lawgiver does not commit the essence until the commodity arrives, then only the initial shipment is assured of arrival. If the Lawgiver commits the essence until the goods arrive, the charm will create a permanent, non-magical trade relationship that ensures the supply of the commodity until conditions change, negating all external penalties to actions to procure that commodity.)

(While Insightful Buyer Technique allows you to ignore/reduce unfavorable conditions, this allows you to destroy them.)

Glorification of the Raffia Donkey - DeathBySurfeit

Cost: 10m, 1 wp
Simple, Indefinite
Keywords: Illusion, Social
Minima: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 4
Prerequisite Charms: Domain of Gleeful Destitution, Fortunate Net of the Market

Markets work as an extension of mortal desire - and with the Lawgivers' prodigal ability to sculpt desire, so can they shape the ebb and flow of the economies that surround them. When invoking this Charm, the Exalt selects a settlement (of Magnitude no higher than her Essence), and names an object. Within this settlement, nothing is so coveted! Everyone experiences a bizarre compulsion to seek to obtain as many as possible (costing 1 Willpower to resist for a day), which drives up its cost by one Resources dot. Already priceless objects can become a fitting cause for civil wars.

Erecting a vast golden plaque (Resources 4) in a prominent place about town allows the Exalt to sustain this effect indefinately, without committal of Essence. The plaque's text must glorify the object in question using bold and enthusiastic language, which sustains the compulsion for any who read it.


Set the relay, Kukla. It's part of finishing one. - Telgar

Or you could be nice and do it yourself. - LeumasWhite

Sorry. I'm new at this; I'll do better in the future, I'm sure. - Kukla

Fortunate Net seems more like a Sidereal charm than anything. Solars don't often have charms that can affect things other than what they're directly interacting with, though that initial effect can spread, so this could work with a bit of fluff-changing. - LeumasWhite

Also: 'The Scarlet Empress' and 'The Mantle of Brigid' are two perfectly legitimate applications for the Charm, as it stands...DeathBySurfeit
I would hesitate to define either of those things as commodities, but I'll definitely tweak and clarify the charm - though, in the morning. Kukla

Eh, there's another. One left, now. To be honest, I'm rather stretched to think of interesting things you can do with social wealth...DeathBySurfeit

Well, I think you've both done a neat job so far!
-- Darloth

I diagnose a clear case of theme death. Archiving and setting a new theme - these delicious Relays are the main reason I visit...DeathBySurfeit