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The twentieth theme is Dragon-Tracks.

These are TerrestrialCharms.

Dragon-Spying Sight (Moxiane)

 Cost: 3 motes
 Type: Simple
 Duration: One scene
 Min. Occult: 3
 Min. Essence: 2
 Prerequisites: Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique

Dragon-tracks are the paths that Essence takes as it rushes across the land, swirling along rivers, slithering through forests. They take the character of the land that they pass through, and to a Terrestrial Exalted with this Charm they become great dragons, running over the land as a great scaly body. At the points where they cross swirls of Essence are visible, signalling potential Demesnes in the process of formation. An Exalted with Dragon-Spying Sight active gains extra dice up to his Occult (but no more than the relevant Ability) for all rolls related to geomancy.

Inestimable Dragon-Riding Movement (Quendalon)

 Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type: Simple
 Duration: One journey
 Min. Athletics: 5
 Min. Essence: 4
 Prerequisites: Dancing Ember Stride, Dragon-Track Whispering

One who has mastered the dragon-lines may ride their power as a dandelion seed rides the wind. A character with this Charm may only activate it inside a Manse or Demesne to which she is attuned. She then lifts into the air as the Charm bears her along a dragon-line towards another Manse or Demesne to which she is attuned. The character moves at a speed of (Essence x 10) miles every hour, and she must concentrate to maintain the Charm.

When the character activates the Inestimable Dragon-Riding Movement, if she is under the effects of a Charm that allows protection from, or passage through, any of the five elements, the effects of the other Charm persist for the duration of the journey. This prolongs the duration of the other Charm at no cost.

Dragon-Track Whispering (TedPro)

 Cost: 3 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type: Simple
 Duration: One scene
 Min. Occult: 3
 Min. Essence: 2
 Prerequisites: Dragon-Spying Sight

The Dynast creates a conduit of thought along Dragon Tracks, connecting two Manses. This Charm can only be used within the heart of a Manse. The Dynast can establish communication with the heart of any other Manse he has visited, so long as that Manse is within (Essence x 100) miles. For the remainder of the scene, anything whispered in the heart of one Manse is heard in the other as well. Other sounds, including any speech above a whisper, is not transmitted. This can be used to spy on another Manse without the knowledge of those present, but since only whispers are heard, it's a fairly unreliable method.

Dragon-Scale Pattern Shield

Thousand League Dragon-March (Moxiane)

 Cost: 5+ motes, 2 Willpower
 Type: Simple
 Duration: 1 day
 Min. Athletics: 5
 Min. Essence: 5
 Prerequisites: Inestimable Dragon-Riding Movement

The Dragon-blooded are soldiers, first and foremost. They were the footsoldiers in the Primordial War, during the Usurpation and during the massive Wyld incursions following the Great Contagion. But all of a soldier's skill and prowess is worthless if he cannot be where he is needed. The Thousand-League Dragon March allows a soldier to be at battle fresh and alert, having marched a distance in a day that would kill normally.

In order for the Dragon-blood to be able to use this Charm he, and the men he wishes to take with him must be within the path of a dragon line (Charms such as Dragon-Spying Sight make this determination simple). For every 5 motes that the Exalted spends he can take up to 10 * his permanent Essence in men (mortals) along with him, and the magic of the Charm together with the energy of the dragon-track will keep them moving at five times their normal pace without tiring for the duration of the Charm (this renders the Exalted and anyone with him immune to Fatigue checks caused by long-distance marching). The Charm also keeps everyone affected by it aware of the dragon-track, to prevent any accidental straying.


"Dragon tracks"? Could you elaborate more on what you're looking for please? Dreaming Nymph

Dragon tracks, ley lines, lines of mystical energy that run underground from holy site to holy site. In Exalted, it just refers to ground-based essence flows. It's very broad. - Telgar

Inestimable Dragon-Riding Movement will probably change its prerequisite from this tree when something more appropriate than Dragon-Spying Sight comes up. - Quendalon

Wow. Awesome Charms, guys. - willows

Oooh - I'm liking Dragon-Scale Pattern Shield a lot. - Moxiane

Changed Charm name a tiny tiny bit. - w

Hi Willows, I like DSPS a lot, but the logic behind the specific vulnerabilities eludes me. Could you elaborate? (And while you're at it, could you define 'elemental attacks' more precisely? I doubt that you intend for it to be vulnerable to swords (Earth) and staves (Wood)... - Quendalon
Sure thing! Air's vulnerability is basically unmotivated, but it's intended to be weak against things like Dragon's Suspire. Earth is too grounded to defend against attacks from the air. There are darknesses that Fire cannot illuminate. Water deflects, but it does not do a good job of interposing. Wood's energy is defeated by yet more lively things. - willows

P.S. I think the last Charm name should be of the form "Something Something Dragon-Something", because we seem to have a pattern going here, and that's the remaining four-word option.

Really cool guys! I was fearing something as odd as Dragon-Tracks would stall out, but it has not! Yay!
Why though does TedPro's charm requrire a WP? It isn't that powerful to need one. - Telgar

I made it cost a Willpower because, with only Essence cost, it could basically turn a Manse into a hugh switchboard and spy center for every other Manse in the area. Imagine if someone used it in the middle of the Imperial City will ill intent. It gets bizarre if used twenty times concurrently. --TedPro

An alternative might be to drop the Willpower cost but limit it to Manses to which the Exalt is attuned. - szilard

Posting some Charm ideas because I'm bored: (says willows)

  • Eternally Sustaining long as you walk along a dragon line, you can use those dorky earth charms (Endurance "Unverbing Earth Meditations) for free.
  • Inestimable Value Dragon-Hoard allows you to see the specific dragonlines that lead to deposits of the FiveMagicalMaterials.
  • Irresistible Appearance Dragon-Nesting: prereqs, movement and whispering. while the charm is in effect, you are literally present at all the manses you're communicating with