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This is a page for SJE's game about the Gem City Watch, not a general wikipage. You may be thinking of the ContactBoard.

This page acts as the Chalk Board in the Granite Tower, on which the Gem City Watch record the progress of their investigations. It will be updated regularly to reflect their findings and arrests. It is not a communal project unless you with to use a seperate table to record your own 'Homicide' style investigations for your games.

Granite Tower Watch House RY 768

Open Cases

|| Name || Victim || Crime || Suspect || Status|| ||Worrisome Situation of the Prisoner Below|| Everyone || Being an Abyssal ||Lord of Silent Repose || Open || || The Anathaema Menace || Gem || Moral Subversion & Random Violence || Unknown Solar Demon || Open. Wyld Hunt mustering || ||First Contact ||Creation || Excessionary Invasion || The Autochtonian Culture || Open ||

Closed Cases

|| Name || Victim || Crime || Suspect || Status|| ||Case of the Eviscerated Proletariat|| Drunken Horse|| Murder || Sewer Demon || Monster killed resisting arrest. Closed || ||Mystery of the Combusted Procurer||Weyoun the Procurer/ Jade Eyes/ Autumn Breeze ||Murder || Unconquered Sun || Golden Dreamstone made safe. Case Closed || ||Enquiry of the Missing Immaculate Texts|| Immaculate Temple || Theft|| Cult of Ssseth || Returned anonymously to Immaculates. Case Closed. || ||Search for the Missing Dreamer|| Joaqim the Dreamer|| Missing Person || Unconquered Sun || Case Closed || || The Threat of the Carnival of Unearthly Delights || Floating Summer Orchid & Gem || Wyld Incursion || The Ringmaster & Fae || Fae & Chimera slain. Case Closed || || Hunt for the Venal Nemessary || Achmed/ Wali/ Djion/ Haran || Murder & Possession || Yigor the Nemessary || Yigor spiritually immolated. Case Closed || || Puzzle of the Thrice Locked Box || Unknown || Catastrophe || Idle hands || Prototype Jade Prison opened. Case Closed || || The Shadow Under Gem || Ali al'Mazarin || Murder || Hungry Ghost/the Dead || Shadowland crushed. Case Closed || || Noisy Neighbours || Prophetic Voice || Civil dispute || Venerable Otaki || Otaki deaf, doctors help sought. Case Closed || || Case of the Errant Explosives || Despot || Coup d'etat/ Illegal Stockpiling of Firedust || Obsidian Thieves Guild || Case Closed || ||The Terror from Beyond Creation || Old Tam & McMurty/Desert Goat || Murder || Solitary Lethal Hunter || Case Closed. || || The Hunt for Quiet Fox || Honest Citizens of Gem || Attempted Coup || Quiet Fox || Closed. Fox given to the Despot || || The Perilous Recovery of the Ryku Shipment || Auntie Rankar || Banditry || Bandits || Closed || || The Day the Captain Lost His Mojo|| The Captain || Soul-stealing || Son of Crows || Closed, Abyssal slain, Exaltation restored || || The Perfidous Paragonese Assault || Gem || Affray. Loitering with Intent|| Paragonese Army || Closed- Army has retreated || || The Adventure of the Grey Child|| Lucita the Orphan || Demonology || Artom Thule || Demon Invasion defeated, Lucita slain || || The Black Mouse Theft || Al'Amarah Family/Despot || Theft/ B&E || The Black Mouse || Closed- Black Mouse arrested & goods returned ||

Inspiration for the original |Board

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I need helping with formatting info. Ideally I'd like an Excel Spreadsheet with the column labels integrated into the table with their own colour. Also knowing how to program different colour text would be great- Red for Unsolved and Blue or something for Closed? Can anyone advise? Thx. SJE

To be honest, I'm not sure that you can do colored text with this wiki. I've had a look around on google, briefly, but didn't come up with anything that worked. Start petitioning for colored text! -ipsi {Note to self: Do not try to save wiki page}
P.S. Though you could try bold and italics, if you're desperate... Say bold for outstanding cases?

Hey SJE, would you mind relocating this to a subpage of your UserPage? It's not a big deal if you don't, but I was thinking this top-level page would make a good alias for the ContactBoard, especially since it's so generic-sounding. Also, it's really not obvious that this is your page on RecentChanges, nor is it entirely obvious that it's not a CommunalProject, and there might be confusion. Have you read BestPractices?
~ Shataina

Hi Shaitana- If you dont mind, I'll keep it here as I've given links to it to people outside the site. I have tried to make it clear that it isnt a communal project, unless people wish to add their own 'Chalkboards' below mine. I apologise if it isnt in accordance with all best practices, but would like to continue using it. Regards, SJE.

Okay. I edited it a bit to try and make it clearer; let me know if I stepped on your toes. Incidentally, it's Shataina. :)
~ Shataina