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The Celestial Bureaucracy: Destiny, Heaven, Seasons, Humanity, Nature

The Bureau of Heaven

Under the nominal governance of the Unconquered Sun himself, the Commission on Abstract Matters and Celestial Concerns occupies itself with the oversight of abstract matters and with the government of the Celestial City. It is considered the most corrupt of the heavenly Bureaus.
Divinity Count: 62(63)

The Department of Abstract Matters

  • Taru-Han, Lady of Souls, Shogun of the Department of Abstract Matters
    • Bo-Du-Liang Goddess of Peace Nikink
      • Jewel of Prosperity, Goddess of Southern Peace (HotBG p87)
        • Misarand, Dove Spirit (HotBG p86)
    • Burning Feather, Lady of Intoxicants
      • Four Hundred Rabbits, God of Alcoholic Beverages and Drunkenness. (Sparrowhawk)
        • Harvest of Bliss and Ferment of Madness, Twin Overseers of Wine (AntiVehicleRocket}
          Harvest of Bliss and Ferment of Madness are the twin gods who govern wine and are nearly exact opposites of each other. Harvest governs the joyful aspects of wine, its pleasure and social power; he appears as a ruddy, burgundy-haired young man, hearty and full of good cheer for all. Ferment is his brother's twisted reflection, sickly and fevered-looking; his responsibility is wine's excesses and sicknesses, the illness and madness that it can bring. Despite their opposed portfolios and temperaments, they are fiercely protective of each other and work side by side to oversee celestial and mortal wine production.
      • Shibby-Wah, Queen of Tobacco, Hashish, and other smoked narcotics. (Sparrowhawk)
      • Bright Adamant Wind, Sheik of Hallucinogens. (Sparrowhawk)
    • Esharra, Queen of Battle, Daimyo of the Division of War (Quendalon)
    • E-Naluna, Goddess of War (HotBG p89)
      • Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle (see PowerCombat/Ahlat)
        • Clan Strife, Major Domo (HotBG p82)
        • Bloody Brush, Factotum (HotBG p84) (Secretly loyal to Saturn)
        • Horn of Ink, Overseer of Cattle (HotBG p84)
        • Sharp Edge, Dedicant of the Daiklave (HotBG p86)
        • Cunning Stratagem, Warleader (HotBG p89)
        • Broken Horn, Herald (HotBG p89)
      • Siakal, the Western God of Battle, Slaughter and Sharks (see PowerCombat/Siakal)
      • Sunipa, the Eastern God of War (see PowerCombat/Sunipa)
      • Nasamara, the Northern God of War (Scroll of Kings p60)
      • Voharun, The Northern God of War (Scroll of Kings p60)
        • Valravn, Servant of Voharun (Grimjaws) The Valravns serve Voharun as his eyes and ears across Creation. Their main responsibility is to oversee individual battles across the North and observe the outcome of other battles in other parts of Creation. They do this by using the arts of divination and observation to gather intelligence to influence the outcome of a battle. They do not neccessarily care which side wins, as long as the battle is fought competently. Valravns are able, but potentially frustrating, advisors. They prefer to hint at plans and have the commanding general figure it out. The other function of the Valravns are to make sure the dead stay so and do not appear as any type of undead. Some Valravns have decided to make this thier primary responsibility and actively oppose the Deathlords. In a bit of parallel creation, my spirit closely resembles the raven familiar mentioned in Scroll of Kings.
      • Tachi-Kun, the Central God of War (TheBlessedIsle p153)
      • Vishap-Laran, God of the Spear (Quendalon)
        Rank and file soldiers pray often to Vishap-Laran, for when they face a charge, only the massed spears of their brothers stand between them and death. Vishap-Laran appears as a donkey-headed youth clad in a buff jacket and a wicker hat. Salyaka, his spear, bleeds before every battle. Thunder rumbles across the sky when he answers a worshiper's prayer.
    • Gabril-Aman, Voice of the Unconquered Sun (Quendalon)
      Tall and golden, clad in robes of white feathers, Gabril-Aman bears the messages of the Unconquered Sun to his Chosen. He carries a horn cut from the brow of a Behemoth, and when he winds it the earth shakes and the heavens tremble. In these dark days, only rarely does Gabril-Aman bring his golden radiance to Creation, for his master cannot be troubled to convey his wishes to mortal men.
    • Hran-Tzu, God of Decay
      • Kel-Aina, God of the Deadened Circle
      • Sylvi, the Crone of Fire, God of the Frenzied Circle
      • The Nameless God of the Utter West, God of the Changing Circle
    • Ilithya-Lura, Daimyo of Birth (Quendalon)
      Swollen and screaming, the Daimyo of Birth dwells in an underground palace of blood, salt and bone. She is ever-pregnant, giving birth to all manner of God-Blooded mortals, beasts and monsters. She has been known to manifest and channel her power through the bodies of pregnant women or newborn children. When she deals with others, she requires the services of her aides to translate her terrible, wordless screams. She has secretly allied with certain gods of war, famine and pestilence, for she knows that such times of death and torment drive mortals to bring ever more new life into the world.
      • Cybele, Patron of Motherly Love (Jiba)
        Cybele was the first child, Ilithya-Lura brought to life. Unlike her mistress, she is driven by compassion, caring for the beeings the Daimyo of Birth gives birth to and nurses and teaches them. She is able to translate Ilithya-Lura's painful screams to help other Gods to understand her. She manifests in bodies of young mothers or other female caretakers. She dislikes the alliances with the gods of pestilence, war and famine Ilithya-Lura formed, but she has not the power to do anything about it.
      • Zaci, Patron of Fatherly Care (Jiba)
        Second-born of Ilithya-Lura and brother to Cybele, Zaci is a more draconic person than Cybele and is the guardian of the palace of the Daimyo of Birth. He is also able to translate the wordless screams, but he seldom does so. In contrast to Cybele, Zaci punishes his servants, when they fail a task given by him. He manifests in young fathers or other men in the position of fartherly authority. He does not like the fact his mistress has made an alliance with the destructive gods, too and unlike the Patron of Motherly Love, he openly shows this.
    • Longinus, Goddess of Destructive Storms, Witness of Unrelenting Change. (deceased) (ArabianNinja)
      Also serving under the department of Seasons as the embodiment of the Season of Air, a powerful diety who took her own life rather than let her power fall to the wayside with the death of the Primodials. Her Essence lives on in a Weapon, whos power can still affect the domain she once held in more ways than one.
    • Division of Dreams
    • Lytek, the Right Hand of Power, Daimyo of the Division of Exaltation
      • The Golden Children, Bearers of the Divine Word (Quendalon)
        At the height of the First Age, the offspring of the Solar and Lunar Exalted shone brightly among the highest circles of society. Though not Exalted themselves, they partook of their parents’ miraculous power and celestial Essence. Then came the Usurpation, in which the Dragon-Blooded slaughtered Celestial Exalts and their children without distinction. But a few of these celestial-blooded received the Endowment of Essence that granted them godhood, and they survived in the interstices of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Now most of these Golden Children work for the Department of Exaltation. There they oversee the rebirth of the celestial shards of their own parents. It is their task to appear to the newly Exalted in the form of the appropriate Incarna, offering words of wisdom and support.
      • The Five Immaculate Dragons, Taimyos of the Dragon-Blooded Host (Patkin)
        Once aspects of the Five Elemental Dragons, the Five Immaculate Dragons have since grown in power on their own, thanks to the power of the Immaculate Philosophy. Each Dragon has the duty of awakening the spark of Terrestrial Exaltation with the blood of the Dragon-Blooded Host, as Lytek considers his time taken up enough with the Celestial Shards to deal with each new scion of the Dragons on an individual basis. Each Immaculate Dragon takes on the form of the legendary hero the Immaculate Texts speak of, and this has resulted in a chicken-or-egg question amonst the Bureau of whether the Five Immaculate Dragons actually existed once and ascended to godhood after the Usurption or if they are simply gods created by the Celestial Bureaucracy to take in the worship given to the Five Immaculate Dragons.
    • Madame Marthesine of the Lost, Daimyo of the Division of Lost Things
    • Shining Flower, the Bloody Goddess, the Mistress of Hearts and Knives (RoR p70)
    • Uryon-Sardath, God of Sardath That Was Lost, Daimyo of That Which Is No Longer (Quendalon)
      In the dawn times, when the Primordials ruled in Heaven, the gods built a city upon what is now called the Blessed Isle. That city is gone now, wiped away in the great War against the Primordials, but the city’s god remains. Uryon-Sardath now rules the memory of all things that no longer exist. Once he also ruled over cities, but this authority was stripped from him after the Usurpation; out of jealousy of the god Ameru, he supplied the Dragon-Blooded with the destructive weapons that they used to lay waste to the city of Meru. Uryon-Sardath still nurses an irrational hatred of all the city gods of the Blessed Isle. He appears as a great dragon formed from the misty colors of sunset. He wears a crown in the form of a city, inhabited by a race of animalcules bred by a forgotten Solar sorcerer in the First Age.
    • Hakazashi, the Patriot's Talon, Daimyo of the Division of Nations (_Ikselam)
      The fierce god of nationalism takes the form of a huge bald eagle, his talons clutching sceptres and lightning bolts. He has many contacts among the nation-gods of the Bureau of Humanity, and is notorious for encouraging conflicts between them; patriotic fervor is never greater than in times of war.
      • Rikki-Te, God of Revolution (_Ikselam)
      • Anevet, Mother of Dynasties, Goddess of Hereditary Rule (_Ikselam)
    • Uvanavu, The Chrysanthemum Shogun (Bastions of the North, pg. 20)

The Department of Celestial Concerns

  • Ryzala, Lady of Bureaucracy and Paperwork, Shogun of the Department of Celestial Concerns
    • Atonga-Sesha, Patroness of Landowners, Daimyo of the Division of Celestial Real Estate (Quendalon)
      Her skin the color of red earth, her dark hair crowned with stars, this goddess bears herself with an air of immortal authority. Her aerial palace oversees the whole of Yu-Shan. She has the power to evict all but the mightiest gods from their palaces, and her taste for extortion is renowned throughout the heavenly city.
      • Visvakarma, Architect of Heaven (Quendalon)
        • Ichamaji, Painter of the Roof of Heaven (Patkin)
        • Seventh Sage, Cartographer of the Celestial City (Quendalon)
    • Ayizan, Goddess of Markets, Daimyo of the Division of Celestial Trade and Commerce (Quendalon)
    • Hadarach, Guardian of the Sixty-One Gates, Daimyo of the Division of Celestial Travel and Transport (Quendalon)
      • Atra-Hasi, Goddess of the Quicksilver Canals (Quendalon)
        • Nehalennia, Warden of the Celestial Gondolas (Quendalon)
      • Shakhali, Lord of the Three Winged Legions, Director of Aerial Traffic (Quendalon)
        • Ikaru-Thiaz, Steersman of the Golden Barque, God of the Airships of Heaven (Quendalon)
    • Parsai, Psychopomp of Prayer, Daimyo of the Division of Resource Management and Quintessence Distribution (Quendalon)
      • Somnio, God of New Gods, Seneschal of Rising Divinity (DS)
        Somnio is a god little known beyond a few savants, and appears as a twelve foot tall giant, crafted of red and white jade. Oh his forehead is the mark of Parsai, for it is his duty to welcome divinities new to Heaven, to help aquint them with Yu-Shan's myriad districts, and in general to help them adjust to their new lifestyle. His job is not a busy one, for few new gods arise- usually, when a new job opening happens, it gets filled internally.
    • Ringan, God of Guardians (HandofOmega)
      • Radiant Narasin, Legate of the Jade Pleasure Dome, Daimyo of the Division of Enforcement of Celestial Law (Quendalon)
        Radiant Narasin once walked the streets of Meru among the Celestial Exalted, directing the enforcement of law in that greatest of all earthly cities. Now he commands his fellow celestial lions in Yu-Shan. As incorruptible as any of his kind, he watches the return of the Solars with caution. He fears their ambition, and will pursue evidence of illegal activity on their part at any cost, even that of his own destruction.
    • Wong Bongerok, Celestial Censor of the South (HotBG p87)
  • Dota, Herald to the Incarna (HandofOmega)
    Dota holds an unofficial position in the Celestial Bureaucracy.

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