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Immaculate Prayer Beads

This string of beads features one bead of each of the five colors of jade. Each jade bead bears the kanji of its corresponding element. By taking a turn to chant a sutra from the Immaculate Texts and spending 1 mote, the wearer of Immaculate prayer beads may add +2B/+2L soak against one elemental type for the scene. These are commonly given to monks who show particular devotion to their Dragon, or rarely, as thank-you gifts to Dynasts who make particularly large tithes to the Immaculate Order.


Random observation: I don't like the "kanji" bit. Realm writing is phonetic, not ideographic, and adding kanji to these beads seems a little Fourth-Wall-break-y to me. The actual effect seems fine, though. -- AntiVehicleRocket

Just use the Caste Mark (conveniently printed on page 29 of Exalted) or the Symbol of the Immaculate Dragon (showcased on page 51). What's the Resources value (it's too weak/limited to be even a 1 dot Artifact, really), is the bonus stackable with itself, and what's the action type for 'chanting a sutra from the Immaculate Texts'? Arafelis

Yeah, the Caste Mark or Immaculate Symbol works more than fine here. I would assume chanting a sutra is a simple action, but I might be wrong. As for Resources cost, I would recommend 3 or 4, but I'm not BurgerSlave, so YMMV. -- AntiVehicleRocket
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