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Stone Of The Savant's Icy Memory

Level 1, Air by BrilliantRain

This stone looks like a perfectly spherical crystal lattice of light blue ice. The stone assists it's owner's memory so that they will never forget anything they have read. Such perfect memory of text gives +1 die to any roll where book learning would be a major help.


You know depending on how good you are at coming up with explinations for things, that's a +2 bonus to all rolls ever. - Telgar

More to the point, it thus acts as a weird form of stunt bonus. Which, to me, is something in-theme for Exalted - you force the player to be 'cool' and descriptive, and they get bonuses. I think it's ok, as a result -- GregLink

No, being cool and descriptive gets a stunt. Twisting words to get another bonus is not being cool, its being abusive. My contention is that this is too losely defined and far too open to abuse. - Telgar

Rather suprisingly I agree with Telgar. Any idea how I can change the wording so that it covers similar territory as the Abstract Abacus Alchemical charm or the Careful Insight-Gathering Study charm from Ab:Air? My source material for this stone is the level 1 medical stone (for the number of dice) from the main book and the Savant's Icy Eye from Ab:Air. -- BrilliantRain
Well, you could be more specific about what the bonus is to. Mathematical calculations or maybe logistic puzzles? Just phrase the bonus so it applies more narrowly then "analytical thought". - Telgar

Ok, I couldn't figure out how to rephrase the benifit, so I redesigned the stone and lowered the bonus. Now, even if you can stunt it to get the bonus on many rolls, it's only 1 extra die and there are still some rolls where it really cannot help you, so I think it works. --BrilliantRain